Chapter 1558 - The Ultimate Battle

A spiritual radiance engulfed the entire Great Thousand World as Mu Chen’s figure became unspeakably majestic. His every single movement would trigger a boundless power within the world.

“Congratulations, Ruler Mu, in becoming a Ruler!” The Spirit Demon Continent burst out in cheers that rumbled throughout the heavens and earth.

The Great Thousand World previously felt despair because of the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s tenth eye, but who could have expected that the situation would turn around as they welcomed their first Ruler in the Great Thousand World, one who has managed to leave his entire name on the Firmament Board!

Everyone practically went insane from the joy as they yelled out Mu Chen’s name.

As the cheers resounded across the Great Thousand World, the Firmament Board started to disappear, which the radiance around Mu Chen disappearing as well. At this moment, he was akin to an ordinary person, and it was so much so that there wasn’t any Spiritual Energy fluctuation on his body.

As he descended before the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, he cupped his hands together. “This Junior took a step first, so please don’t hold it against me.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor casually smiled. “The Great Thousand World is of utmost importance, and since you can stand out to obstruct the Heavenly Evil Monarch, the two of us owe you a favor instead.”

What Mu Chen said was the truth, since he initially speculated that he would require nearly a hundred years of accumulation to reach this step. However, he never expected that the sudden changes within the Great...

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