Chapter 1556 - Last Trump Card

“Tenth eye!” The entire world was silent. Everyone was practically dumbfounded as they looked at that demonic figure. At this moment, the nine eyes on the Heavenly Evil Monarch have disappeared, even his two normal eyes were replaced with hollows. There was only an evil eye on his forehead.

That evil eye looked incredibly dark, as if it could taint the world with its wickedness.

A faint demonic pressure slowly exploded from the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body, along with a demonic pressure that made this Lower Plane start to tremble and collapse.

It was so much so that there was even a fine demonic pressure that escaped the Lower Plane and caused the Spirit Demon Continent to crack.

The entire Great Thousand World started to slightly tremble at this moment.

“Tenth eye… so the ninth-eyed state wasn’t his limit.” The faces of Qin Tian and the other powerhouses of the Great Thousand World were drained of all color. Under the ninth eye state, the Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, and Lord Mu had to work together. So how were they going to fight the tenth-eyed state?

As everyone exchanged a look, they saw the despair in each other’s eyes.

“Is my Great Thousand World really doomed?” Someone...

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