Chapter 1555 - Tenth Eye

The flame, universe, and pellet formed into a triangle that flew towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

Although they weren’t flying too swiftly, it was determined that they would land on the enemy, as if it was predestined.

In their path, there wasn’t any fluctuation or commotion. But it was this calm scene that caused the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s face to change for once with deep fear in his eyes.

Evidently, he did not expect that the three of them would reach this level.

After Mu Chen executed his move, his face turned slightly pale. However, he swiftly recovered since he had the Endless Radiance Body, which could provide him with an endless flow of Spiritual Energy to recover. So even if he executed such a powerful move, he could swiftly recover.

Everyone watched as the three attacks flew towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch. After a brief pondering, the Mu Chen suddenly stomped his foot and a massive spatial crack opened up.

A world vaguely appeared through the crack. It was a ruined Lower Plane, without any life.

That crack was akin to an enormous mouth as it devoured Mu Chen, the Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, and the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

Mu Chen knew that if the destructive power spreads out, not only would the Spirit Demon...

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