Chapter 1553 - Fighting the Heavenly Evil Monarch again

As a dazzling spiritual radiance permeated from the Firmament Board, the three Mu Chens stood together and a mysterious rune was formed on the center of their brows.

That rune had formed into three Magatamas that slowly revolved and permeated with a bizarre fluctuation and a mysterious pressure.

That’s because those runes could only be possessed by those that left their name on the Firmament Board.

Amidst the cheers, the radiance on the Firmament Board lasted for a brief moment before it gradually receded and ultimately disappeared.

“Success…” Qin Tian and the other Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns were excited at this scene. At this moment, the pressure permeated from Mu Chen’s bodies weren’t any weaker than the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, they rejoiced because Mu Chen wasn’t alone, he represented three people!

All three Mu Chens’ strengths were the same, and he represented three people!

That meant that their Great Thousand World had a...

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