Chapter 1552 - Third Ranker

That voice resounded with a mysterious power to every corner of the Great Thousand World.

At the same time, everyone in the Great Thousand World raised their heads and looked at the lofty screen with shock.

That screen was both mysterious and ancient, bringing along an indescribable pressure. It was akin to the weight of the world.

At the Spirit Demon Continent, everyone from the Great Thousand World trembled. They knew what the Firmament Board represented.

That meant that aside from the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, their Great Thousand World shall have another ranker, and it was a piece of good news for their Great Thousand World.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were gratified at this scene, since Mu Chen finally appeared at the crucial moment. Furthermore, the morale of the Great Thousand World also rose.

“The Firmament Board?!” When the Firmament Board’s appearance expelled the endless darkness, the Heavenly...

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