Chapter 1551 - My Name

In the location where the two factions fought, the ground was damaged with the sky dark. It was so much so that even space was unstable. There would occasionally be cracks spreading out…

In the half-year, both sides have used this location as the battlefield, and both sides suffered a huge sacrifice. It was so much so that the ground was dyed in red, to state its brutality.

Because this continent was an important battlefield between the Great Thousand World and the Fiend Clans, it was known as the Spirit Demon Continent.

There was an endless abyss that stretched out on this continent that seemed like the jaws of a demon. Within the abyss, there was a massive current that surged and crashed against the rocks that emitted an ear-deafening sound.

One side of the Spirit Demon Continent was the demonic territory, while the other side was the Great Thousand World.

Over the past half-year, the battle on the Spirit Demon Continent never rested. But today, there...

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