Chapter 1550 - The Approaching Battle

Luo Li’s body was covered in sweat as she laid on Mu Chen’s body, permeating an unimaginable charm with her eyelashes blinking.

Looking at the girl in his embrace, Mu Chen caressed her back and felt her tender skin, sensing how she clung onto him and felt tender feelings in his heart.

Luo Li blinked her pupils and bashfully looked at Mu Chen.

“You bad egg! We had an agreement to wait until after our marriage…” Luo Li bit her lips and couldn’t help pinching Mu Chen.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen smiled as he embraced the girl on his chest tighter.

Luo Li also burrowed her face into his chest as she stroked her belly and tenderly looked at Mu Chen before she suddenly asked, “Do you want a boy or girl?”

Her question left Mu Chen briefly stunned before he smiled. “A girl because she will grow up to be...

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