Chapter 1549 - Reward

Along with the Black Corpse Sky Monarch’s fall, the calamity that engulfed the Northern Heavens Continent disappeared and peace returned once more. However, the marks left on the ground needed time to recover.

For the next two days, Mu Chen brought Luo Li, Lin Jing, and Xiao Xiao throughout the Great Thousand World and they quenched the calamities that were happening all around.

Along with Mu Chen’s assistance, the calamities were no longer a threat, and in their path, the demonic calamities were swiftly suppressed and couldn’t cause any commotion.

Under this efficiency, calm returned to the Great Thousand World in just two days.

The Northern Heavens Continent, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

Through the battle, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was in a terrible state, but many things were waiting to be done.

Although the academy...

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