Chapter 1548 - Meeting again from the pinnacle

As the ear-deafening cheers resounded across the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, all the students had their faces flushed with excitement as they looked at the silhouette in the sky. Their hearts were filled with indescribable respect.

During this period, they were constantly living in uneasiness under the threat of the Fiend Clans. However, who could’ve imagined that the entire situation would turn around at such a critical moment?

The invincible Black Corpse Sky Monarch in their eyes was as weak as an ant in before their Senior Brother, who erased it with a flick of a finger…

Everyone felt their blood boiling. After all, didn’t they cultivate so that they could protect those close to them? Wasn’t it so that they could stand out at such a crucial moment and receive everyone's respect?

“See that?! See that?! Didn’t I tell all of you that as long as Senior Brother Mu Chen is here, that Black Corpse Sky Monarch will be finished?!” Sun’er...

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