Chapter 1547 - Killing Demon with a Flick

When Mu Chen took out a step, he instantly appeared before the Sky Corpse Demonic Asura with a calm expression and a disdainful smile spreading from the corner of his lips.

“You’re courting death. Since I could chase you like a dog back then, I can also crush you to death!” Seeming to notice Mu Chen’s sneer, the Sky Corpse Demonic Asura roared with torrential killing intent that caused space to tremble.

At this moment, the Black Corpse Sky Monarch was enraged as the ant he considered back then has become his greatest regret.

As boundless demonic aura soared, the asura that stood in the sky radiated a cold gleam out of its eyes before its hands joined together and formed a bizarre seal. Instantly, a demonic aura gathered over and developed into countless sinister runes that permeated with power that could cause an ordinary Saint Heavenly Sovereign to be fearful.

“Sky Corpse...

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