Chapter 1545 - Have you asked

As boundless demonic aura surged, a demonic being appeared on the throne. His grey pupils held no emotions. There was a terrifying demonic pressure that slowly permeated, causing the heavens and earth to turn dark and gold.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, many gazes looked at the Black Corpse Sky Monarch in horror. Although they had no idea who the latter was, they could tell from the terrifying pressure that this Monarch wasn’t comparable to the others…

This was a genuine demon!

“Sky Monarch…” The Northern Sea Dragon’s face was drained of color as his body trembled. He could sense that the demonic being on the throne was a genuine Sky Monarch, and he was definitely amongst the elite of the Sky Monarchs.

That was an existence comparable to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

Whether it was in the Fiend Clans or Great Thousand World, they stood at the top of the pyramid.

They never imagined that the calamity of the Northern Heavens Continent would attract such a terrifying existence.

Up in the sky, Luo Li, Xiao...

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