Chapter 1544 - Black Corpse

“Luo Li?!” Looking at that gorgeous lady, everyone that knew her exclaimed with disbelief in their eyes.

“Luo Li?” The students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were somewhat unfamiliar with that name. Still, they couldn’t help being shocked, since that silhouette has killed three Monarchs upon her appearance, and her strength was simply terrifying.

“But she’s… beautiful!” Many youths had their eyes turning red, boys and girls alike since the lady standing in the sky was too outstanding. Her appearance and bearing were simply too shocking.

Compared to them, the other princesses in the academy paled when compared to her.

“It’s… actually Senior Sister Luo Li.” Sun’er had joy on her face as she muttered with excitement.

“Big Sister Sun’er, who’s she?” The surrounding members of the Goddess Luo Association couldn’t help asking. They were already prepared to enter the Teleportation Spiritual Array, but all of them were looking at that gorgeous silhouette. For some reason, they...

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