Chapter 1542 - Northern Heavens Chaos

The Northern Heavens Continent

The flourishing atmosphere here was no more as marks of war were left on the ground, covering this entire continent in holes.

The demonic calamity has also descended on the Northern Heavens Continent.

Facing the demonic calamity, the forces in the Northern Heavens Continent were constantly in defeat. In the end, they managed to join together and formed a few focus points to resist the calamity.

However, the calamity on the Northern Heavens Continent was severe, since the Fiend Clans were more powerful. So even if the various forces have joined together, it still wasn’t optimistic.

And the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was one of those focus points.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

A massive Spiritual Array was formed that engulfed the entire academy in a barrier that permeated a powerful light, making others feel a sense of security.

There was a commotion in the...

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