Chapter 1541 - Demonic Calamity

The flames of war blazed, bringing along a dispute as life and death broke out on the various lines of defense.

In just a month, the border of the Great Thousand World has turned into a meat grinder with experts from two sides pouncing forth like a swarm of locusts, even Heavenly Sovereigns seemed weak under this battle’s scale. Heavenly Sovereigns and Monarchs were falling on a daily basis from the war…

That was the brutality of war.

But both sides had no intention to stop, since the two factions couldn’t live in harmony. One wanted to take over the entire Great Thousand World, while the other side wanted to protect their homes.

Since that’s the case, they determined that only one side could survive the war.

Amidst the intense battle, not even the inner territories of the Great Thousand World were spared from it.

In the sky of a continent in the Great Thousand World. Space was suddenly torn apart as a demonic aura swept out like a cloud of smoke, along with a howl that resounded throughout the heavens and earth with countless demonic...

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