Chapter 1540 - Swords, Blades, Blood, and Fire

When the Fiend Clans appeared in the view of the Great Thousand World, a war descended and lit a fire in the defences of the Great Thousand World…

Blood and fire, it disrupted the peace in the Great Thousand World for the past 49,000 years.

It was as if they were trying to vent the anger previously brought by the suppression of the Great Thousand World. The invasion of the Fiend Clans came ferociously with demonic beings being akin to locusts that flew across the horizon, engulfed in demonic aura…

Facing the invading Fiend Clans, the Great Thousand World had also exploded with intense retaliation after a brief silence.

Battles started breaking out in the long line of defences as they unfolded a brilliant light of fireworks.

However, those fireworks were created with blood.

Beyond the layer of defences stood a majestic city with spiritual radiance spreading out and enveloping the line of defence within it....

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