Chapter 1539 - The Imminent War

Nearly four years after the Great Thousand Alliance’s expedition, they returned to the Great Thousand World. They did not cover up what happened, but announced the news truthfully.

Although they managed to weaken the Fiend Clans, they did not manage to prevent the Heavenly Evil Monarch from recovering. In the coming future, the Fiend Clans will launch their invasion once the Heavenly Evil Monarch recovers to his peak.

This news has undoubtedly caused a tremor in the Great Thousand World with everyone living in fear. After all, the fear brought by the Heavenly Evil Monarch was too high.

To appease everyone, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stationed the Great Thousand Alliance at the borders of the Great Thousand World and the Demonic Territories to form a defensive line to guard against the invasion of the Fiend Clans

Under this guard, half a year swiftly ...

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