Chapter 1538 - Demon’s Traces and Eighth Eye

Three years have passed since the Great Thousand World attacked the demonic territories.

Over the past three years, the Great Thousand Alliance annihilated eight of the thirty-two Major Clans and over a dozen Minor Clans. In general, they managed to weaken the Fiend Clans’ forces by a quarter.

However, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor did not rejoice because of their victory; instead, their faces grew more solemn as time passed.

That’s because they couldn’t find any traces of the Heavenly Evil Monarch for the past three years, and they could vaguely sense a powerful pressure taking form. Evidently, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was hiding somewhere to recover swiftly…

They could only imagine how the Fiend Clans would launch a violent counterattack when the Heavenly Evil Monarch recovered to his ninth eye form and pay the Great Thousand World back a million times for what they did over the past three years.

At that time, it would definitely sweep the Great Thousand World in a storm of blood.

In a demonic territory that was located on a desolate continent, spiritual flickers enveloped the entire sky, giving some vitality to this continent. Those silhouettes were naturally the Great Thousand Alliance’s army.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood on the towering mountain with their eyes closed as their perception bolted through space to detect Lower Planes that were permeating with peculiar fluctuations.

That process lasted for half a day, but there wasn’t any outcome. It seemed like the Fiend Clans have retreated further away.

Suddenly, just when the two of them were about to dispel their search, their hearts suddenly trembled when they retracted their perception and locked onto a coordinate.

At that moment, they vaguely sensed a familiar fluctuation. It belonged to the Heavenly Evil Monarch!

“Found you!” At this moment, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor couldn’t help feeling waves in their hearts despite their composure. They immediately sent out majestic power to tear that spatial coordinate apart.

A massive black hole appeared in the sky before two majestic Spiritual Energies that contained the will of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor descended from the sky.

At their level, they could swiftly send out their attacks as long as it’s within the range of their perception.

The two powerful Spiritual Energies charged into the black hole and locked onto a palace that was floating within the darkness. Outside the darkness, they saw the Saint Sky Monarch, who wore a grim expression.

However, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor did not bother about the Saint Sky Monarch, but directed their focus towards a depths of it, which they could sense a terrifying fluctuation brewing up.

“Heavenly Evil Monarch!” The two majestic Spiritual Energies unleashed a rumbling roar as they whistled over.

The darkness was overbearingly torn apart and a seated demonic figure was seen. It was the Heavenly Evil Monarch, and he also sensed the incoming attacks, so he slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were pitch-black, as if they could devour any light.

“The two of you are truly bothersome…” The Heavenly Evil Monarch indifferently looked at the two massive Spiritual Energies with a ridiculing smile rising on his lips.

“But the two of you are too late!” When the Heavenly Evil Monarch finished talking, aside from his two eyes and the three on his forehead, the eyes on his palms and chest were open.

Eight eyes!

When the eight evil eyes opened, a boundless demonic aura spread throughout the entire region that created smoke before gathering to form an enormous wheel that tore through the heavens in its path.

When the wheel clashed with the Spiritual Energy that was descending from the heavens, the entire Lower Plane trembled and was on the verge of collapsing.

“The two of you are trying to fight with the eight-eyed me with two descending Spiritual Energies? What a fat dream!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch laughed as the wheel sped up. The entire Lower Plane was torn apart, and at the same time, the two majestic Spiritual Energies were also crushed.

After destroying the two majestic surges of Spiritual Energy, the wheel did not dissipate but caught onto something and disappeared.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor opened their eyes and their countenance turned grave. Raising their heads, they saw an enormous demonic wheel tearing through the skies as it descended. It’s as if it was trying to split the entire continent in half.

The sudden attack had instantly attracted everyone’s attention from the Great Thousand Alliance and their faces changed when they felt the terrifying power that was contained within the wheel.

The Flame Emperor’s face was cold as his hands joined together. His robe trembled as blazing Emperor Flames surged out and turned into a dragon before clashing with the demonic wheel.

When the two clashed, the flaming dragon was torn apart, but the demonic wheel also dimmed a bit.

The Martial Ancestor threw out a fist from afar, which caused space to crumble in the path and shattered the demonic wheel.

“Not bad, not bad. The two of you have also improved over the last few years, but this isn’t the time for us to meet yet. Wait, wait till my ninth eye has recovered before I face the two of you.

“Haha, you guys have been wantonly killing my Fiend Clans over the past few years, so when the time comes, I will pay you guys back a hundredfold!”

When the demonic wheel crumbled, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s laughter echoed out across the horizon.

Everyone from the Great Thousand World wore an unsightly expression as fear and rage surged within their eyes.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look on the mountain and they could see through the solemnness in each other’s eyes. In that brief confrontation, they had already sensed the surge in the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s strength.

Even though they gained a slight advantage in the past and could still find the weakness in the Heavenly Evil Monarch, they no longer had that advantage, even if they joined hands together.

They weren’t slacking for the past few years, and their strength has also increased. However, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was growing stronger at a faster pace.

Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and all the Saint Heavenly Sovereigns appeared behind the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with grave expressions. “Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, have you guys found the traces of the Heavenly Evil Monarch?”

Nodding their heads, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor replied, “We’ve found it, but I’m afraid that the Heavenly Evil Monarch has already shifted his location by now. That demon is too cautious, and it seems that before he recovers to his peak, he has no intention of fighting the two of us.”

“From the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s previous words, he has already recovered his eighth eye.” Qin Tian’s expression was ugly.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor also sighed at those words.

“Then what should we do now? Should we continue our pursuit?” The True Dragon Emperor asked.

Shaking their heads, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor replied, “Prepare to retreat. Our army has been exhausted for the past three years, and it’s inevitable for the Heavenly Evil Monarch to recover. Since that’s the case, then we won’t make any futile efforts.”

Furthermore, they couldn’t pose any more of a threat to the Heavenly Evil Monarch, even if they managed to find the latter. Who knows, they might even be dragged into a long battle, and the Great Thousand Alliance might suffer a counterattack from the Fiend Clans.

Everyone fell into silence after hearing their words. For the past three years, aside from eliminating some of the Fiend Clans, they did not manage to complete their final objective since the Heavenly Evil Monarch was just a step from the ninth eye form.

But there was nothing they could do except wait for that day to come.

“You don’t have to be worried, everyone. Senior Undying Lord just sent news that Mu Chen has successfully reached the Three God Realm, and he’s currently cultivating the Endless Radiance Body and Great Spirit Sage Body. If he succeeds, there will be a high chance for him to become the third Ranker. At that time, we might be able to fight with the nine-eyed form of the Heavenly Evil Monarch.” Seeing everyone’s uneasiness, the Flame Emperor consoled.

Hearing his words, everyone’s expressions loosened up with hopeful eyes.

“Spread the orders for everyone to retreat.” Everyone cupped their hands and acknowledged before they flew out. Swiftly, countless beams flew out and the Great Thousand Alliance started to retreat from the demonic region.

Standing on the mountain, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor sighed as they looked at everyone’s leaving silhouettes. Their expression turned grave, since they knew that the tribulation was coming soon.

If they were careless at that time, the entire Great Thousand World might be annihilated…

“At this moment, we can only entrust our hope onto Mu Chen…”

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