Chapter 1538 - Demon’s Traces and Eighth Eye

Three years have passed since the Great Thousand World attacked the demonic territories.

Over the past three years, the Great Thousand Alliance annihilated eight of the thirty-two Major Clans and over a dozen Minor Clans. In general, they managed to weaken the Fiend Clans’ forces by a quarter.

However, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor did not rejoice because of their victory; instead, their faces grew more solemn as time passed.

That’s because they couldn’t find any traces of the Heavenly Evil Monarch for the past three years, and they could vaguely sense a powerful pressure taking form. Evidently, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was hiding somewhere to recover swiftly…

They could only imagine how the Fiend Clans would launch a violent counterattack when the Heavenly Evil Monarch recovered to his ninth eye form and pay the Great Thousand World back a million times for what they did over the...

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