Chapter 1537 - Three God Realm

The violent Spiritual Energy formed into a lightning dragon that howled between the heavens and earth, causing the entire North Desolate Grave to tremble.

At the heart of the Spiritual Energy tornado, Mu Chen’s clothes fluttered from the wind as a spiritual radiance permeated from his entire body with waves of powerful pressure emanating out.

That was the pressure of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign!

Sensing the surging Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen wore an excited expression, before gradually calming down his face. He knew that reaching the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm was only the first step, and the Three God Realm was his ultimate goal.

Taking a deep breath, his hands joined together. “Three Pures!”

As two beams flew out of his body, they descended beside the Immortal Emperor. Then, the three of them formed into a triangle formation and stretched their hands out towards the latter’s body.

What followed after was a powerful suction force.

As thunder rumbled, boundless Spiritual Energy started to pour into his clones, causing his bodies to tremble as they violently absorbed the Spiritual Energy.

Absorbed by the three figures at the same time, the efficiency was unquestionably faster than before.

Mu Chen had no expression on his face, but he could sense that with the swift strengthening of the Spiritual Energy within his two clones, the difficulty of controlling them would be tougher.

However, Mu Chen did not stop. On the contrary, he quickened the absorption rate instead.

Glancing at his clones, he waited for them to reach their limit, which took a total of 6 months.

Half a year later, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his two clones. At this moment, his two clones were engulfed in a terrifying spiritual radiance, with their eyes permeating with pressure.

Under his intent, the Spiritual Energy permeating from his clones became slightly stronger than his main body, and under this situation, Mu Chen could sense that the control he had over his two clones has turned weaker.

However, Mu Chen still maintained a calm expression, as if he wasn’t bothered by that.

“A little more.” Mu Chen muttered. His hands then suddenly joined together. The Primordial Immortal Body emerged and dove into his body. “Human-body Union!”

At this moment, Mu Chen was already in the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so when he used the Human-body Union, it was much smoother than a few years ago.

As a dazzling radiance permeated from his body, his two clones were also dazzling as their Spiritual Energy surged once again.

Their bodies were fluctuating with flickers in their eyes, as if something bizarre was occurring.

Sensing the subtle changes, Mu Chen’s eyes beamed out. At this moment, the link he had to his two clones became even more vague.

When the Undying Lord saw his scene, his face couldn’t help changing. “What is he doing? If his clones become too powerful, isn’t he afraid of them going out of his control?”

Mu Chen’s eyes were like a deep pool as he looked at his two clones. He could vaguely sense that despite the link between them becoming vaguer, there was still a subtle connection. After all, his two clones weren’t created with objects, but were separated from his body.

“The first two realms of the Three Pures created the clones, but they were still inferior to the main body, and they’re ultimately connected in this manner. So if the main body dies, the clones will dissipate. That’s because that isn’t the ultimate realm of the Three Pures.”

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered with comprehension as he continued to mutter, “To reach the legendary Three God Realm, I will need to eliminate this connection so that all three bodies can stand as individual existences…”

Looking at his clones, a smile rose on his lips as he gently raised his palm that a contained mysterious radiance.

“From today onwards, we’re all one. If anyone wants to kill me, they would have to destroy all three of my bodies.” That meant that if anyone wanted to kill Mu Chen, killing his clones alone wouldn’t spell his death, unless all three of them were eliminated at the same time. 

As Mu Chen’s hands gently slashed down, the black-robed Mu Chen’s body trembled before a familiar smile rose on the latter’s lips, which was the same smile as his main body.

As Mu Chen smiled, he swung his hand again in a bizarre trajectory.

As lights beamed from the white-robed Mu Chen’s eyes, a smile was plastered on his face. “This… is the Three God Realm.”

Mu Chen also smiled as he sensed that he had lost control over his two clones. But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t control his clones at all. The three of them were the same person, and there was no longer a need to be in control.

As Mu Chen’s raised his hand once more, his countenance suddenly changed with an ineffable feeling rising up within his chest that made him enter a comprehensive state, which lasted for half a day with the black and white-robed Mu Chens standing by his side.

A long-time later, Mu Chen slowly raised his head and looked at the two clones, which they nodded their heads in his direction.

Hence, Mu Chen’s brandished his hand twice more.

As he brandished his hand down, his body suddenly trembled and two golden beams shot out from his forehead that swiftly charged out of the North Desolate Grave.

After looking at the two golden beams, Mu Chen was only able to recover a long time later.

The Undying Lord flew over and looked at the three Mu Chens. Even he couldn’t help wearing a shocked expression on his face. He couldn’t differentiate between the main body and clones. The Undying Lord knew that it’s impossible to even fight with Mu Chen under this state.

To a certain extent, Mu Chen’s fighting capability has already reached on the same level as the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

The Undying Lord suddenly waved his hand and two beams descended before them.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked a the two stone lotuses with two bodies in them that permeated with ancient fluctuations.

One of those figures was emanating a divine radiance that felt as if he wouldn’t be destroyed even if the entire world crumbled.

The other figure emanated boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations that left even Mu Chen astonished.

“This is the legendary Endless Radiance Body that possesses unparalleled defenses and the Great Spirit Sage Body that possesses boundless Spiritual Energy?” Mu Chen looked at the two figures that permeated with ancient fluctuations. He couldn’t help having ripples in his eyes as his eyes blazed.

The Undying Lord also sighed as he looked at the two Primal Celestial Bodies. There were only five Primal Celestial Bodies in the Great Thousand World, and three of them were here. If this news got out, who knows how great of a tremor it would cause in the Great Thousand World.

If it wasn’t for the Great Thousand World facing the threat of annihilation, it’s impossible to gather the three Primal Celestial Bodies together.

Pondering if Mu Chen could succeed in cultivating the three Primal Celestial Bodies, even the Undying Lord couldn’t help sighing. The Endless Radiance Body excelled in defense, while the Great Spirit Sage Body possessed endless Spiritual Energy. Paired with the immortality of the Primordial Immortal Body, there was truly a great possibility that Mu Chen could become the third Ranker.

“King Mu, the Endless Radiance Body and Great Spirit Sage Body are being handed over to you. Now, we will all depend on you.” The Undying Lord said.

“I will definitely do my best!” Mu Chen wore a grave expression. The Great Thousand World has bestowed him a rare opportunity to become the third Ranker, and he naturally had to shoulder a great burden.

When he looked at the two clones, the two of them also wore grave expressions and nodded in his direction.

In the next moment, the two of them soared into the sky and landed on the lotus platforms before approaching the two Primal Celestial Bodies until they were in contact with them.

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