Chapter 1537 - Three God Realm

The violent Spiritual Energy formed into a lightning dragon that howled between the heavens and earth, causing the entire North Desolate Grave to tremble.

At the heart of the Spiritual Energy tornado, Mu Chen’s clothes fluttered from the wind as a spiritual radiance permeated from his entire body with waves of powerful pressure emanating out.

That was the pressure of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign!

Sensing the surging Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen wore an excited expression, before gradually calming down his face. He knew that reaching the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm was only the first step, and the Three God Realm was his ultimate goal.

Taking a deep breath, his hands joined together. “Three Pures!”

As two beams flew out of his body, they descended beside the Immortal Emperor. Then, the three...

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