Chapter 1536 - Sweeping and Cultivation

In the demonic region that was shrouded in darkness. The air was filled with an eerie aura with corrosion on the ground.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood on the mountain with their hands behind their backs as they looked at the surroundings with their brows locked together. At the end of the horizon, they could see the countless flickering lights. They were the army of the Great Thousand Alliance, and they were searching for traces of the Fiend Clans.

Since the start of the war, half a year has passed.

In just half a year, the battle did not go as they expected. When the Great Thousand Alliance’s army came, the entire demonic region was empty.

“Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor… we got information from some remnants of the Fiend Clans that they’ve practically retreated to the various Lower Planes…” Qin Tian appeared beside the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

“So, they really did hide.” The Flame Emperor sighed. The Heavenly...

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