Chapter 1536 - Sweeping and Cultivation

In the demonic region that was shrouded in darkness. The air was filled with an eerie aura with corrosion on the ground.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood on the mountain with their hands behind their backs as they looked at the surroundings with their brows locked together. At the end of the horizon, they could see the countless flickering lights. They were the army of the Great Thousand Alliance, and they were searching for traces of the Fiend Clans.

Since the start of the war, half a year has passed.

In just half a year, the battle did not go as they expected. When the Great Thousand Alliance’s army came, the entire demonic region was empty.

“Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor… we got information from some remnants of the Fiend Clans that they’ve practically retreated to the various Lower Planes…” Qin Tian appeared beside the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

“So, they really did hide.” The Flame Emperor sighed. The Heavenly Evil Monarch couldn’t make a move since he had to recover, so the two of them didn’t have anything to worry about. Between the two factions, the Great Thousand Alliance was undoubtedly holding the advantage.

It was precisely so; the Fiend Clan has decided to hide.

“Since they are hiding, then we will dig them out inch-by-inch!” The Martial Ancestor’s grave voice coldly resounded. The Fiend Clans were powerful, and even if they hid in the Lower Planes, they would still be giving out a peculiar fluctuation. So with precise detection, it’s possible to find them.

Regardless of anything, they could not allow the Fiend Clan to remain calm and let the Heavenly Evil Monarch recover in peace.

“Alright!” Qin Tian nodded his head with killing intent flickering in his eyes before turning around. The army from the Great Thousand Alliance all had heightened courage, and they initially thought that they would experience a great battle. But no one expected that they would encounter no one.

Along with Qin Tian’s departure, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look. They could see the solemn in each other’s eyes. They knew that if the Heavenly Evil Monarch really wanted to hide, then it’ll be hard for them to find the latter through the countless Lower Planes.

With every passing day, the Heavenly Evil Monarch would grow stronger till he recovered to his full height.

“I wonder how’s Mu Chen doing.” They turned to look at the direction of the Great Thousand World with grave expressions.

“Let’s hope that he can succeed. Otherwise, the Great Thousand World won’t have any chance five years from now…”

As a powerful tornado of Spiritual Energy swept from the far end with every single expansion causing the North Desolate Grave to tear apart…

At the heart of the tornado, two silhouettes sat face-to-face that were akin to boulders.

Their hands were joined together. The Immortal Emperor’s Spiritual Energy endlessly flowed out and roared within Mu Chen’s body, tearing his body apart as it continuously repaired itself.

As blood flowed out, there wasn’t any fluctuation on Mu Chen’s face. That’s because he was already used to this pain for the past six months.

Since he has already gotten used to it, he was naturally numb.

The Undying Lord sat on the pillar and looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette. “Late Phase Immortal Sovereign Realm already…”

He could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation permeating from Mu Chen’s body has already reached the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“This speed is still a little slow…” The Undying Lord muttered. Perhaps in the eyes of others, it was swift for anyone to reach Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm within six months. But Mu Chen was accepting the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor, and this speed cannot be calculated normally.

Furthermore, the Undying Lord could sense that as he has reached the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, the strengthening of Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy has slowed down.

It wasn’t because he was suffering from insufficient Spiritual Energy, but Mu Chen was purposely slowing it down.

“The later generations truly surpass us with time to come. No wonder he received the Primordial Immortal Body’s acknowledgement at such a young age.” The Undying Lord muttered. He finally knew what Mu Chen was intending.

Mu Chen was suppressing the strengthening of his own Spiritual Energy, since his foundation would be unsteady if he became stronger too quickly, even if the Immortal Emperor’s Spiritual Energy has lost its will and was easier to absorb.

But the power was too powerful, and if he fearlessly absorbed it, it would shake his foundation.

Hence, he could only suppress the absorption and get used to his strength. But in this manner, he would have to suffer more pain…

Facing the opportunity to become stronger faster, Mu Chen maintained a calm mind and practised a restraint that even made the Undying Lord look at him in admiration.

It’s no wonder why both the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had such a good opinion of him.

But although Mu Chen’s cultivation has risen, he still hasn’t trained in the so-called “Three God Realm” of the Three Pures, which made the Undying Lord somewhat worried. After all, Mu Chen had to rely on it to become a Ranker. Although, with Mu Chen’s talent, he could become a Ranker with a hundred years of foundation.

But at this moment, he did not have the luxury of time.

So once Mu Chen completed the Three God Realm, he would possess that sort of qualification.

On the other hand, this opportunity was nothing, even if Mu Chen has stepped into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As time gradually flowed, one year and six months have passed.

That also meant that it has been two years since the war in the North Desolate Grave.

A Lower Plane was being destroyed that caused that plane itself to crack as countless streaks of light flew out and clashed with the demonic beings.

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood in the sky, they stretched their hands out to stabilise this Lower Plane. After all, the Lower Plane was at risk of collapsing with so many experts inside.

That Lower Plane was being occupied by one of the thirty-two Major Clans, the Blade Demon Clan. They were initially hiding here, but they were discovered by the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, and the Great Thousand Alliance’s army charged in.

In the distance, a sharp blade tore apart the heavens and earth. Even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to be careless.

An ear-piercing sound echoed out as space steadily collapsed. An azure beam streaked and appeared before that demonic being, causing that demonic being to freeze.

As that azure beam gathered, the Azure Sword Saint appeared with a long azure sword in his hand.

Behind him, a robust demonic figure was slowly being torn apart. He was the Blade Demon Clan’s Patriarch, Heaven-Splitting Sky Monarch. But at this moment, he looked at the Great Thousand Alliance and viciously hollered, “When the deity returns, your Great Thousand World will welcome destruction!”

His body exploded with a torrential demonic aura that violently swept towards the Great Thousand World’s experts.

But at this moment, a flame descended from the sky and incinerated the torrential demonic aura.

The one that made a move was the Flame Emperor. He looked at the defeated Blade Demon Clan without any ripples in his eyes since he knew that, starting from today, the thirty-two Major Clans have been decreased to twenty-six.

This was the sixth Major Clan they wiped out in the past one and a half years.

But they still haven’t discovered any traces of the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at the sky with their eyes turning sharp.

Heavenly Evil Monarch, just where are you hiding… Even this much couldn’t force you out?

This was a space of darkness where no light seeped in.

It was a demonic palace that hovered between the heavens and earth. Within the palace, the Saint Sky Monarch suddenly opened his eyes and he looked at the palace. A demonic tablet shattered, which represented the life of the Heaven-Splitting Sky Monarch.

With this tablet shattering, that meant that the Heaven-Splitting Sky Monarch has died.

“The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor are truly ruthless.” The Saint Sky Monarch indifferently muttered, but there wasn’t pity in his eyes. They retreated for the moment so that they would retaliate more ferociously.

When the Saint Sky Monarch raised his head, he looked at the depths of this world. There was a torrential demonic aura in that direction, as if it was brewing something horrifying.

With a gentle smile, his eyes flickered with ferocity.

“Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, don’t be too anxious. Soon, soon… at that time, everyone close to you will be slaughtered before your eyes…”

A terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure suddenly swept out and spread throughout every corner of the North Desolate Grave.

Sitting on a pillar, the Undying Lord opened his eyes as he looked at the altar. The powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation exploding from Mu Chen’s body at this moment has reached the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

On the altar, Mu Chen’s eyes, which had been closed for two years, finally opened. He had sensed the robust Spiritual Energy within his body. A beam of light also shot out of his eyes.

It was at this moment, he took a deep breath and calmed his heart. It was the best opportunity for him to break through to the Three God Realm!

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