Chapter 1535 - Accepting the Inheritance

A few days after the battle in the North Desolate Grave, the news swept the entire Great Thousand World like a storm, which caused the whole of the Great Thousand World to tremble.

The ancient battle was too far away for everyone in the Great Thousand World, so most people were unfamiliar with the terror of the Fiend Clans.

But when the unfamiliarity was torn apart, the horror recorded in history was gradually felt by the Great Thousand World…

That was a terrifying power that could enslave the entire Great Thousand World.

The battle that took place in the North Desolate Grave could make everyone understand the strength of the Fiend Clans. Even if the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor made a move, they could only force the legendary Heavenly Evil Monarch to retreat.

Not to mention that five years from now, the Heavenly Evil Monarch will come back even more powerful. At that...

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