Chapter 1535 - Accepting the Inheritance

A few days after the battle in the North Desolate Grave, the news swept the entire Great Thousand World like a storm, which caused the whole of the Great Thousand World to tremble.

The ancient battle was too far away for everyone in the Great Thousand World, so most people were unfamiliar with the terror of the Fiend Clans.

But when the unfamiliarity was torn apart, the horror recorded in history was gradually felt by the Great Thousand World…

That was a terrifying power that could enslave the entire Great Thousand World.

The battle that took place in the North Desolate Grave could make everyone understand the strength of the Fiend Clans. Even if the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor made a move, they could only force the legendary Heavenly Evil Monarch to retreat.

Not to mention that five years from now, the Heavenly Evil Monarch will come back even more powerful. At that time, there’s a possibility that the Great Thousand World might be destroyed.

Thinking about the coming of that day, everyone in the Great Thousand World trembled.

The entire Great Thousand World was shrouded in horror by this matter.

However, the fluctuations did not last for a long time before they got suppressed. That’s because, with the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm representing the entire Great Thousand World, they joined together and established the Great Thousand Alliance.

The Great Thousand Alliance summoned everyone above the Earth Sovereign Realm to gather by the borders of the Great Thousand World to launch their attacks and defend the Great Thousand World.

As everyone started to move towards the border, the horror that would come in five years gradually started to stimulate the courage within everyone. After all, they couldn’t do anything and wait for death. Hence, they would rather take the initiative, which they might be able to win a trace of life for the Great Thousand World.

If they were fated to die, then they would want some worth in their death.

Holding this thought, multitudes of people gathered at the borders of the Great Thousand World in less than a month and had formed into armies with Spiritual Energy fluctuations wreaking havoc a million miles away.

Under the large formation, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor appeared, instilling confidence in everyone. At this moment, the two of them were undoubtedly the leaders of the Great Thousand Alliance.

Looking at the demonic territory that was engulfed in demonic aura, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor waved their hands and their voices resounded, “Attack.”


While the Great Thousand Alliance’s army attacked the demonic territory, Mu Chen was led by the Undying Lord to the depths of the North Desolate Grave.

At the abyss, he saw massive shackles with runes covering them.

But today, they were all broken, as if a ferocious beast had barged through them.

“This is where the Heavenly Evil Monarch was sealed.” Looking at the chains, the Undying Lord’s face twitched with reluctance. After all, their Grave Guardians have spent 49,000 years guarding this seal, and the Heavenly Evil Monarch broke out when they were on the brink of success.

Mu Chen was speechless against those words. They could only blame the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s scheming heart. Back then, he had probably expected everything and made preparations to escape the seal.

The Undying Lord knew that there wasn’t any use in their speech; he showed a wry smile before taking a step forth and entered the abyss before reaching the end of it.

There was a flight of stairs that stretched down to their feet.

Looking at the stairs, the Undying Lord wore a grave expression before he started walking down with revere on his face, with Mu Chen following behind.

There were a total of 9990 steps.

When they reached the last step, an altar appeared before Mu Chen’s sight. He gathered his gaze to the center of it.

There was a platform that was flickering with spiritual radiance and a white-robed silhouette was quietly seated on the mat.

He had a skinny and slender frame with his long hair spreading out. His features were filled with charm, but it was a pity that both of his eyes were closed. Those eyes must have been as dazzling as a starry sky.

An incredible pressure permeated that was similar to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

This was the first Ranker of the Great Thousand World — the Immortal Emperor.

The Undying Lord wore a respectful expression as he knelt before the Immortal Emperor and gave a kowtow as if he was showing respect to his ancestors.

Looking at the Immortal Emperor, Mu Chen wore a grave expression as well before bowing in respect. Regardless of the Immortal Emperor’s strength or his sacrifice for the Great Thousand World, it was worthy of his respect.

“Truly the Immortal Physique. Even after so many years, there still isn’t any damage to it.” Staring at the Immortal Emperor, Mu Chen sighed. In his perception, not even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign could move it with a full-strength blow.

Most importantly, he knew that this physique contained boundless Spiritual Energy that was filled with immortality. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have remained after so many years.

“King Mu, get prepared.” The Undying Lord stood up and looked at the Immortal Emperor’s physique.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen appeared before the Immortal Emperor and sat down. With both of his hands raised, a guiding power permeated as the Immortal Emperor’s hands slowly raised.

“Senior, I’m sorry if I’m offending you.” Mu Chen took a deep breath as his face turned grave. That’s because it wasn’t easy for him to receive the Immortal Emperor’s Spiritual Energy. The latter’s Spiritual Energy was too powerful. Not to mention for an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign like him, but even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to absorb such powerful Spiritual Energy.

The slightest carelessness would immediately kill him.

But at this time, Mu Chen couldn’t be afraid because he had to take advantage of this opportunity if he wanted to be a Ranker within five years.

If he wanted to gain something, he would have to fork the equivalent amount of hard work. If he didn't even dare to try, then he would have to give up on this opportunity.

With this thought ransacking through his mind, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and stretched his hand out before coming in contact with the Immortal Emperor’s palms.

In that instant of contact, Mu Chen’s pupils narrowed. He could sense a massive surge of Spiritual Energy pouring into his body at this moment.

In that instant, the skin on his arms tore apart with blood dripping out. His flesh was violently trembling as he started to absorb the Spiritual Energy.

That Spiritual Energy had gradually lost its intent after tens of thousands of years and became pure. But at the same time, it was also lingering with immortal aura. If an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign wanted to absorb this Spiritual Energy, the only possibility would be assimilating with the Spiritual Energy completely. But those Heavenly Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to utilise the Spiritual Energy within his body, or he would be attacked by it…

But fortunately, Mu Chen has cultivated the Primordial Immortal Body, and the nature of his Spiritual Energy was similar to the Immortal Emperor.

Hence, he was able to absorb the boundless Spiritual Energy directly.

The rumbling thunder consistently resounded from Mu Chen’s body. In just a dozen seconds, Mu Chen has been dyed with blood, looking extremely miserable. His body was practically torn apart by the violent Spiritual Energy.

But fortunately, he possessed the Saint Physique, which had a powerful regeneration effect to repair his body swiftly.

Despite the pain, it didn’t shake Mu Chen’s firm will.

Gritting his teeth, he calmed his mind and allowed himself to be lost in the massive Spiritual Energy pressure.

On the altar, the Undying Lord’s body would often be struck by the shock waves and he would continuously retreat. In the end, he had to flee out of the altar’s range.

Looking at the altar with a grave expression, there was a tornado of Spiritual Energy that formed and enveloped Mu Chen and the Immortal Emperor’s body.

The Spiritual Energy explosion from his body was something that even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to face.

Squinting his eyes, the Undying Lord looked at Mu Chen’s trembling body. He could only imagine what Mu Chen was going through at this moment.

But under the pain, the Undying Lord could clearly sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from Mu Chen’s body was gradually strengthening.

As long as he could persevere through this pain, it’s not impossible for him to reach the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. “King Mu, you have to succeed. Five years from now, the Great Thousand World’s life and death will be in your hands…”

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