Chapter 1533 - The Third Ranker

The Great Thousand Palace

Within the palace, everyone seated here were famous figures in the Great Thousand World. With all of them keeping silence, there was a pressure spreading throughout the atmosphere.

Everyone was focused on the two silhouettes standing at the centre of the palace.

“Everyone, we’re now facing the destruction of the Great Thousand World.” The Flame Emperor raised his head and looked at everyone.

Everyone fell into silence. Despite all of them being Heavenly Sovereigns, they couldn’t help feeling fearful.

“Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor… can the two of you really fight with that Heavenly Evil Monarch?” Qin Tian locked his brows together with a wry smile.

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look, they sighed, “If the Heavenly Evil Monarch only has five eyes, the two of us weren’t afraid of him. But if he really possesses nine eyes, then we won’t be able to fight him.”

The Martial Ancestor’s gaze was sharp as he continued, “Unless… one of us can leave our full name on the Firmament Board. In this manner, we will be able to use the World Power to kill the Heavenly Evil Monarch.”

The Azure Sword Saint looked at the two of them with hopeful eyes. “If we gather all the resources in the Great Thousand World, I wonder if the two of you can leave your full name on the Firmament Board.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor both shook their heads. “The numbers and brushes don’t factor into the Firmament Board. They’re mainly split into two portions, one being the surname and second, being the given name… If we want to leave our full name, we will require a massive power that can only be obtained through accumulation. The two of us are confident in leaving our full names, but we need decades to do that.”

Everyone fell into silence once again. Decades might not be a big problem, but the Heavenly Evil Monarch was only giving them five years before he comes back, and that would be the doomsday of the Great Thousand World…

Time was what they lacked now.

“Could it be that there’s no other method?” The Undying Lord’s harsh voice resounded. His aged face became even more grey with a declining aura.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were speechless. The suppressed atmosphere in the hall increased.

Looking at all the Heavenly Sovereigns keeping their silence, Mu Chen suddenly said, “If we’re not able to help the two seniors leave their full name on the Firmament Board, then can we gather all the resources and create another Ranker? With three Rankers, will we be able to fight with the Heavenly Evil Monarch?”

His words instantly caused the atmosphere in the hall to freeze. All the Heavenly Sovereigns had their eyes beaming with joy on their faces.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor also briefly froze before they looked at Mu Chen in admiration. “This idea is feasible. If another Ranker appears, even if he has only managed to leave behind his surname, the three of us might not be able to defeat the Heavenly Evil Monarch, but we can still threaten him to risk a victory for the Great Thousand World.”

Everyone in the hall grasped onto that chance and started to discuss. The depressing atmosphere from before had also been wiped out.

“But the question is, who will be the third Ranker?” The Flame Emperor swept his eyes over.

The atmosphere quieted down a little as everyone exchanged a look. However, no one dared to open their mouth. Everyone who’s gathered here represented the pinnacle of the Great Thousand World, but even someone as powerful as they were fearful of the mysterious Firmament Board.

Some gazes started to be directed at Qin Tian and the other Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns. Aside from the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, they were the strongest, and they might have a chance at it…

Facing everyone’s gaze, Qin Tian and the rest showed bitter expressions. Even if they’re in the Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm and only appeared to be a step away from the Firmament Board, they knew that it’s impossible for them to even trigger the Firmament Board. So they weren’t confident that they could reach the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s height within five years.

Looking at their expressions, all the Heavenly Sovereigns calmed down and they joy written on their faces receded…

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a glance, they helplessly sighed. They knew that Qin Tian and the rest couldn’t be blamed, since they knew how difficult it was.

When they swept their gazes over, they suddenly paused on Mu Chen. They saw that the latter was hesitating with his words.

“Mu Chen, speak what’s on your mind. The Great Thousand World is being threatened right now, and as long as there’s hope, we won’t give up.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

Everyone in the Great Thousand Palace instantly looked at Mu Chen.

Facing everyone’s gazes, Mu Chen helplessly smiled. After a brief hesitation, his eyes gradually turned sharp as he looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “I want to try and become the third Ranker.”

The palace instantly went into an uproar as everyone looked at Mu Chen in shock. Although he has some fame, he’s cultivation was just in the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Not even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realms were confident, so what gives?

“Hmph, you’re only at the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm. How are you qualified to speak those words?” Maha Tian snorted. He didn’t like Mu Chen from the beginning. Since there’s an opportunity now, he naturally grasped it.

Although the other Heavenly Sovereigns did not speak, but the doubt in their eyes was clear. After all, this matter was too important, and they couldn’t see any hope on Mu Chen.

After a brief hesitation, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor asked, “Why are you confident?”

The two of them have always been supporters of Mu Chen, and since it concerned the future of the Great Thousand World, they did not dare to treat this matter lightly.

Under all the doubtful gazes, Mu Chen’s expression turned casual as he replied, “Although I’m not a Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, I’m confident in training my Three Pures into the Three God Realm.”

Back then, when he fought with Jian Ya, he had already gained some comprehension of the legendary Three God Realm.

“Three Pures? Three God Realm?” All the Heavenly Sovereigns exchanged a look, since they weren’t familiar with it. After all, not even the Heavenly Emperor achieved it back then.

“The Three Pures might be one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities of the Great Thousand World, but I’m afraid it’s useless for the Firmament Board.” Maha Tian sneered.

Glancing at Maha Tian, Mu Chen said, “It’s useless with just the Three Pures.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “The so-called ‘Three God Realm’ is where my clones stand as individual existences and live in the world. At that time, my clones will be able to cultivate two other Primal Celestial Bodies, and by combining the three into one; I can use three Primal Celestial Bodies. I believe that at that time, I will have nothing to be afraid of, even when facing a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“At that time, if all the resources are combined onto me and help me break through to the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm within five years, I believe that I can give an attempt at the Firmament Board.”

Mu Chen’s words instantly caused everyone to widen their mouths in silence as they gave him dumbfounded looks.

Evidently, they were shocked by Mu Chen’s words.

“Your… your clones can also cultivate Sovereign Immortal Bodies?” A Heavenly Sovereign stuttered as he said. “And other Primal Celestial Bodies?!”

Although Mu Chen has performed the Three Pures earlier, his clones only managed to share one Sovereign Immortal Body with his main body and couldn’t cultivate individual ones.

Without any fluctuation in his eyes, Mu Chen calmly replied, “The Three God Realm can truly achieve that.”

Everyone was speechless, since no one has succeeded in the Three God Realm.

When the Flame Emperor and Marital Ancestor heard those words, they briefly pondered before asking for a confirmation, “Mu Chen, are you speaking the truth?”

Mu Chen smiled. “Is there a meaning in lying? If I’m spouting nonsense at this moment, I’m simply courting death.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor nodded their heads and looked at everyone else. “What does everyone think?”

All the other Heavenly Sovereigns wore complicated expressions.

After a brief silence, Qin Tian said, “Do we still have another choice?”

Everyone bitterly smiled. Not even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns were confident, and aside from Mu Chen’s method, they had no other alternative.

“Since that’s the case… we can only give it a try.” Qin Tian gnashed his teeth.

The Undying Lord, True Dragon Emperor and the rest nodded their heads as well.

Maha Tian’s gaze was flickering with uncertain as he muttered, “Insane!”

Seeing that everyone agreed, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor took a deep breath before looking at Mu Chen. “Since that’s the case, we will put the hope of the Great Thousand World onto you…”

Mu Chen’s expression turned solemn as he replied, “I will do my best, but I hope that my conditions can be fulfilled.

“I need two other Primal Celestial Bodies…

“Furthermore, I need all the resources poured onto me to achieve the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm within five years…”

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