Chapter 1533 - The Third Ranker

The Great Thousand Palace

Within the palace, everyone seated here were famous figures in the Great Thousand World. With all of them keeping silence, there was a pressure spreading throughout the atmosphere.

Everyone was focused on the two silhouettes standing at the centre of the palace.

“Everyone, we’re now facing the destruction of the Great Thousand World.” The Flame Emperor raised his head and looked at everyone.

Everyone fell into silence. Despite all of them being Heavenly Sovereigns, they couldn’t help feeling fearful.

“Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor… can the two of you really fight with that Heavenly Evil Monarch?” Qin Tian locked his brows together with a wry smile.

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look, they sighed, “If the Heavenly Evil Monarch only has five eyes, the two of us weren’t afraid of him. But if he really possesses nine eyes, then we won’t be able to fight him.”

The Martial Ancestor’s...

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