Chapter 1532 - Nine-eyed Evil Monarch

“Nine-Eyed Evil Monarch!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s voice resounded, striking the entire North Desolate Grave in silence. All the Heavenly Sovereigns wore pale expressions and felt a chill down their spines.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch was already so powerful at five eyes… and if he really possessed nine eyes at his peak, how terrifying would he be?

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor abruptly narrowed their eyes, and their faces turned cold. They were looking at the Heavenly Evil Monarch, trying to determine if the latter was speaking the truth.

“Why? You don’t believe me?” Seeing the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s eyes, the Heavenly Evil Monarch smiled and his body trembled. His upper clothes were reduced to dust and revealed his robust figure. As his chest shook, everyone was shocked to see a closed eye on his chest.

There was also an eye that emerged on his naval.

At the same time, he spread his hands apart with an eye at each palm.

Although the four eyes were closed, the terrifying fluctuation permeating from them caused the entire world to tremble.

Everyone had disbelief written on their faces as they looked at the four eyes.

In the deathly silence, all noise had disappeared under the nine eyes as an incredible pressure slowly permeated. It was deep and unfathomable, akin to the abyss.

“Is the Great Thousand World… really going to be doomed…?” The Heavenly Sovereigns resounded in despair. Facing the nine-eyed state of the Heavenly Evil Monarch, they couldn’t even muster the courage to resist.

Looking at the despair shrouding the North Desolate Grave, the Heavenly Evil Emperor looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with a smile. “If the two of you are smart, then submit to my Fiend Clans. I will guarantee the safety of those around you and even allow you guys to rule the Great Thousand World.”

Disdain rose on the Flame Emperor’s lips. “You dare to keep the two of us? You’ll be doomed the moment we leave our full name on the Firmament Board.”

The smile on the Heavenly Evil Monarch briefly froze before he nodded his head with a sigh, “Indeed, the two of you are too threatening… So I should get rid of the two of you.”

Looking at the Heavenly Evil Monarch, the Martial Ancestor coldly said, “You’re still not capable of using your nine eyes yet!”

Although the four other eyes of the Heavenly Evil Monarch were emanating terrifying fluctuations, the Martial Ancestor could vaguely sense that the Heavenly Evil Monarch still wasn’t capable of opening them.

Otherwise, why would that fellow talk to them when he could suppress them?

Narrowing his eyes, the Heavenly Evil Monarch smiled. “What keen perception… Indeed, I’m still unable to open all of my eyes. After all, I’ve just broken free of the seal, and I will require a massive amount of energy to restore my nine eyes. According to my estimation, I would need roughly five years.

“So you guys can rejoice that you still have five years left.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch smiled as his eyes flickered with brutality.

“Five years from now, I will descend once again and have the Great Thousand World beneath my feet, enslaving everyone.”

The Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave were pale. Five years was just the blink of an eye to them, and even with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s aptitude, they would require at least fifty years to leave their full name on the Firmament Board, which far exceeded the five years.

So there wouldn’t be any changes in those five years, but when the Heavenly Evil Monarch returns, it would be the doomsday of the Great Thousand World.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor briefly knitted their brows before killing intent exploded from their eyes. They looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch and coldly said, “Since that’s the case, then we won’t let you leave no matter what price we have to pay.”

Evidently, the Heavenly Evil Monarch required five years to recover, but they can make him stay for eternity now!

“Make me stay behind? You guys are still not capable of that.” The Heavenly Evil Monarch responded. Since he could reveal that information, he naturally wasn’t afraid of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor trying to stop him.

“Then the two of us will give it a try!” Coldness circulated within the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s eyes.

The Martial Ancestor was the first to make a move. Eight ancient runes condensed in his hand before fusing together, forming into an ancient alms bowl with eight different elements flowing on it.

“Eight Ancestral Glass Alms Bowl!” The Martial Ancestor roared. The alms bowl soared into the sky and turned into a massive cover that enveloped towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

“Emperor Flame Demon Binding Rope!” Flame Emperor rubbed his hands together and formed a dazzling rope of flames. If it binds it’s target, even the Heavenly Evil Monarch would have to suffer.

At this moment, neither the Flame Emperor nor Martial Ancestor dared to underestimate their opponent. Thus, they weren’t holding back when they attacked.

Looking at the two attacks coming in his direction, the Heavenly Evil Monarch narrowed his eyes. He knew that he couldn’t be trapped here, since he had no idea if the two of them were as insane as the Immortal Emperor to sacrifice their lives to fight with him.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch tore his skin and black blood flowed down. He wiped the closed eye located on his chest and left behind a talisman.

As a black radiance blossomed, the sixth eye started to move and slowly opened…

Although it only opened a little, the torrential demonic aura within the Heavenly Evil Monarch surged at this moment. He then brandished his hands in the next moment with a demonic howl.

“Boundary Separation Demonic Beam!” A pitch-black demonic beam shot out from the head of the Heavenly Evil Monarch and expanded. It was boundless in size as it streaked across and separated the entire world into two.

One side was the North Desolate Grave, while the other side was the army of the Fiend Clans.

As the alms bowl and flaming rope flew over, it was stopped by the boundary and couldn’t enter. It was if they were stopped outside another boundary.

The eye located at the chest of the Heavenly Evil Monarch closed once again and the surging demonic aura swiftly died down.

Evidently, he had paid a considerable price by opening his sixth eye through a secret art.

At this moment, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was weakened.

Although they knew that this was the best chance for them to kill the Heavenly Evil Monarch, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor couldn’t do anything about him, since that demonic beam separated the world into two and even they couldn’t break through.

“His strength was already so terrifying at the sixth eye. If he regains all nine eyes, how horrifying will he be?” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look. They could see the worry and fear in each other’s eyes.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor and indifferently said, “I will repay what you guys did five years from now. At that time, the Great Thousand World will be covered in blood with all lifeforms annihilated.”

Waving his hand, his cold voice resounded within the ears of all the Fiend Clans, “Retreat!”

With his order, the torrential demonic aura surged as the Fiend Clans threw themselves into the spatial rift…

The Heavenly Evil Monarch and Sky Monarchs left last and looked at the helpless Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World with ridicule.

In just barely an incense’s time, the demonic beings had disappeared along with the torrential demonic aura.

Looking at their retreated army, the Sky Monarchs dove into the spatial rift, only the Heavenly Evil Monarch was still standing. He glanced at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “Enjoy your last moments. This can be considered my last mercy for your Great Thousand World.”

With a gentle smile, he stepped into the spatial rift and waved his hand, causing the rift to close behind him.

Along with the departure of the Heavenly Evil Monarch, the separated boundary gradually disappeared. When the alms bowl and rope flew over, they failed to capture anything…

Looking at the fluctuating space, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor wore grim expressions. The Heavenly Evil Monarch was too dangerous!”

Exchanging a look, they could see the helpless expression in each other’s eyes. In this battle, they had done their best, but they never expected that the Heavenly Evil Monarch would have hidden so deep…

As they descended, they entered into the atmosphere of the North Desolate Grave.

Qin Tian and the other Saint Heavenly Sovereigns came up with pale expressions. All of their eyes were flickering with anxiety. “Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor… what should we do?”

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look, they sighed before saying, “Gather the Heavenly Sovereigns. We will gather our minds together and seek a solution for the doomsday five years from now…”

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