Chapter 1531 - Emperor and Ancestor VS Heavenly Evil Monarch [3]

A demonic diagram unfolded, covering the sky. The surging demonic aura echoed with the roars of a myriad demon.

As the diagram unfolded, five evil pupils could be seen gradually opening, which was filled with violence.

Looking at the five eyes, all the Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave felt a chill down their spines. Even the Spiritual Energy in their bodies showed signs of going rampant, causing them to shift their eyes away from it.

When the demonic diagram unfolded, the gigantic lotus whistled over and unfolded with dazzling colours spreading out between the heavens and earth with a destructive fluctuation.

As the lotus spun, it drew a long dazzling streak in the horizon. Facing the diagram, the lotus showed no signs of hesitation and clashed.

When the two connected, endless flames erupted from the lotus, like a volcano.

As earth-shattering noises echoed out,...

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