Chapter 1531 - Emperor and Ancestor VS Heavenly Evil Monarch [3]

A demonic diagram unfolded, covering the sky. The surging demonic aura echoed with the roars of a myriad demon.

As the diagram unfolded, five evil pupils could be seen gradually opening, which was filled with violence.

Looking at the five eyes, all the Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave felt a chill down their spines. Even the Spiritual Energy in their bodies showed signs of going rampant, causing them to shift their eyes away from it.

When the demonic diagram unfolded, the gigantic lotus whistled over and unfolded with dazzling colours spreading out between the heavens and earth with a destructive fluctuation.

As the lotus spun, it drew a long dazzling streak in the horizon. Facing the diagram, the lotus showed no signs of hesitation and clashed.

When the two connected, endless flames erupted from the lotus, like a volcano.

As earth-shattering noises echoed out, the entire North Desolate Grave trembled with a blazing heat wave. Even from a distance away, everyone felt their skin burning.

Spiritual Energy and demonic aura surged as the faction from both sides resisted the terrifying temperature.

As the lotus blossomed, a destructive pressure engulfed the demonic diagram. At the same time, the diagram also started its retaliation as the five evil eyes exploded with countless demonic runes.

Those runes were engraved with a sinister power that would have even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign’s Spiritual Energy contaminated upon being touched, and their body would collapse from the overbearing poison.

As countless demonic runes gathered, it clashed with the dazzling flames…

Under the corrosion, space was riddled with holes.

As the two powerful energy clashed, the third energy joined the battle. The eight runes streaked over and clashed with the demonic diagram…

Blooming fireworks exploded as the two energy confronted one another. Even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns and Sky Monarchs did not dare to look at it and shifted their eyes away.

Along with a series of explosions echoing throughout space, every single fluctuation permeated from it made the experts from the two factions feel their scalps going numb.

That energy could decide the fate of a world.

After ten-odd minutes, the lingering fluctuations gradually faded.

It was practically in an instant that the two factions looked at the confrontation. Both parties weren’t holding back from the previous encounter. They had circulated their strength to the limit.

It was a power that can even destroy an entire continent.

This confrontation represented the pinnacle powerhouses from two factions, and the stronger one would undoubtedly hold an advantage in the war. 

As everyone focused on it, the storm started to dissipate and everything cleared up… The massive lotus of fire and destructive energies had already disappeared. There was only a demonic diagram that pridefully stood in the sky with five eyes flickering.

“The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s union attack couldn’t destroy the demonic diagram?” Watching this scene, all the Heavenly Sovereigns wore grave expressions and turned pale.

In the direction of the Fiend Clans, many Sky Monarchs had joy on their faces. But only the Saint Sky Monarch and Shadow Sky Monarch’s brows were lightly locked together.

“Something doesn’t seem right.” Mu Chen muttered.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood in the sky without any ripples on their faces. Their cold pupils looked at the demonic diagram before flicking their fingers.

A strand of fire flew out and landed on the demonic diagram.

It was akin to a spark of fire that was placed in a sea of cotton and the demonic diagram started to burn. The five evil eyes emanated a sharp howl before it exploded…

When the five pupils exploded, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body trembled and he wore a grim expression. His five pupils were leaking with black blood, making him seem like a demon.

Evidently, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor held a trace of an advantage from the previous battle, and they even injured the Heavenly Evil Monarch, inflicting injuries to his evil pupils.

Within the North Desolate Grave, the Heavenly Sovereigns watched this scene in stunned silence before they burst out in cheers.

“The heavens are truly blessing my Great Thousand World to have the rise of the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor!” The Undying Lord trembled with excitement.

It was initially the Great Thousand World’s doom with the appearance of the Heavenly Evil Monarch. But who would’ve expected that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor would rise to the Immortal Emperor’s height?

Qin Tian and company also nodded their head and sighed, “It’s truly a blessing of the heavens. With the Heavenly Evil Monarch being stronger than he was in the past, if we didn’t have the Martial Ancestor or Flame Emperor, a lacking of either one of them wouldn’t be able to confront the Heavenly Evil Monarch.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch was too powerful to the point that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had to work together.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch wore a grim expression while hovering in the sky and wiped the black blood leaking from his eyes before looking at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “From your strength alone, any one of you is even more outstanding than the Immortal Emperor. I never expected that the Great Thousand World would have such talents.”

The Flame Emperor smiled. “You’re also powerful, but the two of us could only take advantage of numbers to defeat you for the Great Thousand World.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch showed a peculiar smile. He had no ripples in his tone for his previous failure. “It seems like you guys are so determined that you’re winning.”

The Martial Ancestor’s deep voice resounded, “At least you’re not able to fulfil your ambition of invading my Great Thousand World.

“Although the two of us only obtained an advantage today, we will be able to leave our full name on the Firmament Board within a hundred years. At that time, one of us will be sufficient to kill you.”

The Martial Ancestor’s voice was raging with killing intent. The moment they managed to leave their full name on the Firmament Board, they would reach such a whole new height that the two of them were confident about easily killing the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

Narrowing his eyes, the Heavenly Evil Monarch did not refute those words, but asked, “I’m truly unable to do anything to the two of you if you guys have reached that height. But…”

Tilting his head, he looked at the two of them with a cold smile. “Do you think that I will give you that time?”

The Flame Emperor narrowed his eyes with a cold expression. “What can you even do to us?”

A smile rose on the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s lips as he went into a brief silence before saying, “Don’t you guys find it weird? In ancient times, my strength was clearly stronger than the Immortal Emperor, so why did I allow him to seal me?

“It’s simple, because I was willing to be sealed by him.”

His words instantly caused all the Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces to change with shock in their eyes. It was so much so that even the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had squinted their eyes.

Back then, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was willing to be sealed by the Immortal Emperor?

“What complete nonsense!” The Flame Emperor coldly snorted. “That seal was only one step away from killing you, so why would you even want to take such a great risk?”

After a brief silence, the Heavenly Evil Monarch sighed and looked around. “Do you know what’s known as World Suppression?”

His words instantly made the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor narrow their eyes.

“The so-called ‘World Suppression’ is when a powerful existence enters into a world, he will be rejected by the world itself. It’s just like how our Fiend Clans coming to the Great Thousand World couldn’t unleash our true strength.

“The stronger that individual, the stronger the suppression would be.

“By allowing myself to be sealed by the Immortal Emperor for 49,000 years, the Immortal Emperor’s seal contaminated my own aura. So, as long as I manage to break through the seal, I will be able to fool the world itself and stop it from suppressing me. By removing the seal, I will be able to truly rule this entire world without any rejection from the World Intent and take the Great Thousand World as the camp of my Fiend Clans.”

Smiling in the direction of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Heavenly Evil Monarch continued, “Did you think that five pupils are the limit of my strength? I have to say; you guys are too naïve.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s voice was cold, causing all the Heavenly Sovereigns to feel a chill down their spines. Even the joy they felt from the Flame Emperor, and Martial Ancestor’s victory has disappeared…

“Don’t you know that a long time ago… I was called…

“The Nine-Eyed Evil Monarch…”

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