Chapter 1530 - Emperor and Ancestor VS Heavenly Evil Monarch [2]

“Five pupils…” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at the demonic being with grave gazes. Under this state, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was extremely powerful. Even the two of them felt a trace of pressure.

“This demon is truly deep and unfathomable.” The Flame Emperor sighed.

“But no matter how powerful he is, he must die today!” The Martial Ancestor spoke with coldness gathering in his eyes. He was naturally filled with hatred for the Fiend Clans.

“My thoughts, as well.” The Flame Emperor smiled as a fire blazed in his eyes.

Their two bodies suddenly trembled, and in the next moment, boundless Spiritual Energy gathered over that formed into an endless oceans of Spiritual Energy behind them.

As the oceans surged, a clear flow resounded, showing that the Spiritual Energy wasn’t fake. It was because of the density that they formed into two oceans.

From that, everyone could see that the two of them have...

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