Chapter 1530 - Emperor and Ancestor VS Heavenly Evil Monarch [2]

“Five pupils…” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at the demonic being with grave gazes. Under this state, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was extremely powerful. Even the two of them felt a trace of pressure.

“This demon is truly deep and unfathomable.” The Flame Emperor sighed.

“But no matter how powerful he is, he must die today!” The Martial Ancestor spoke with coldness gathering in his eyes. He was naturally filled with hatred for the Fiend Clans.

“My thoughts, as well.” The Flame Emperor smiled as a fire blazed in his eyes.

Their two bodies suddenly trembled, and in the next moment, boundless Spiritual Energy gathered over that formed into an endless oceans of Spiritual Energy behind them.

As the oceans surged, a clear flow resounded, showing that the Spiritual Energy wasn’t fake. It was because of the density that they formed into two oceans.

From that, everyone could see that the two of them have reached such a terrifying height and can control the Spiritual Energy of the heavens and earth.

As the Flame Emperor flung his sleeve, countless beams shot out from the ocean and swiftly condensed into lotuses. Every single one of those lotuses contained a destructive fluctuation.

Behind the Martial Ancestor, the Spiritual Energy ocean was covered in various elements that flew out. Those energies would occasionally fuse and separate, making it hard to defend against.

When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor made a move, they weren’t holding back. Even the Saint Sky Monarch and other Sky Monarchs had their faces changed as they retreated.

Only the Heavenly Evil Monarch stood unmoving as his five pupils flickered with a sinister radiance and a torrential demonic aura that brought along a terrifying might.

Raising his head, his indifferent voice resounded, “Demonic Waterfall.”

The boundless demonic aura swept into the sky and descended from the horizon like a black waterfall.

The black waterfall contained a terrifying power and the space below collapsed.

The lotuses flew, soaring into the waterfall of darkness. After that, a violent explosion spread out and shattered the waterfall.

Before the black waterfall could recover, lightning, ice, fire, and various other elemental energies flew over.

After those energies burrowed into the black curtain, a violent impact resounded and the black waterfall was entirely destroyed.

As the two forces gradually disappeared, only a collapsed space was left behind.

The three cold gazes connected with sparks flying across space.

The Flame Emperor held onto a black ruler, before turning into a streak of fire as he flew towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

“Ancient Heavenly Flame Ruler!” A roar resounded with sizzling flames gathering before him into a massive ruler that permeated terrifying flames.

The ruler in the Flame Emperor’s hand was akin to a sword in a scabbard as the two connected and emanated a horrifying fluctuation.

“Lightning Emperor Sceptre!” Lightning covered the Martial Ancestor’s hand as a sceptre appeared. Holding onto the sceptre, lightning flickered beneath his feet and pierced through space, towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

The fire ruler descended and even tore the heavens and earth apart with blazing fluctuation.

The Lightning Emperor Sceptre brandished and the lightning dragon coiling around it raged with every afterimage bringing destructive prowess.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor made a move at the same time and the momentum was earth-shaking.

Facing the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor working together, not even Heavenly Evil Monarch dared to underestimate them. With a grim expression, he clenched his hand and a demonic radiance gathered over, forming into a black spear.

The demonic spear was engraved with countless faces with sharp howls. The sound wave could cause anyone’s Spiritual Energy to go out of control.

The spear in the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s hand flew out with demonic aura fluctuating. In the next moment, the speartip trembled and the spear turned into a demonic dragon that pounced forth and clashed with the flaming ruler.

As a metallic collision resounded, an impact at the level of a storm constantly caused space to collapse from the visible shock wave. It was so much so that even the spatial fragments couldn’t bear the shock wave and shattered.

When Mu Chen and the other Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be shocked. Even the shock wave of a battle at this level wasn’t something that Saint Heavenly Sovereigns could bear.

In the sky of the North Desolate Grave, the clashes of the three Sovereigns were naked to the eyes as they fought with a flaming ruler, lightning sceptre, and demonic spear that would bring along destructive fluctuations with every clash.

In just a few minutes, the three silhouettes had clashed over a thousand rounds.

Mu Chen’s eyes were glued to the space before him as light gathered in his eyes. However, he could only briefly sense the three silhouettes and couldn’t catch up with their speed.

“This level… is too powerful.” Mu Chen clenched his fists with his blood boiling. That level was a true supreme powerhouse.

The Saint Sky Monarch and other Sky Monarchs were also looking at this scene. A brief moment later, the Saint Sky Monarch commented with a grim expression, “That Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor aren’t simple.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s cooperation was so terrifying that even the Heavenly Evil Monarch couldn’t do anything to the two of them.

“Do we need to make a move?” The Shadow Sky Monarch asked.

Glancing at the North Desolate Grave, the Saint Sky Monarch sighed and shook his head. “Even if we dealt with all those people there, there’s nothing we can do to the Great Thousand World as long as the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor are here.”

“Right now, we can only hope that the deity can kill the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.”

The demonic spear roared as it exploded with a myriad feet of demonic radiance that clashed with the flaming spear and lightning sceptre. As ripples exploded, the three of them were blown apart.

The three of them swiftly stabilised their figures with their expressions turning grave.

“The two of you aren’t weaker than the Immortal Emperor back then. The Great Thousand World is truly blessed with luck.” The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s demonic spear trembled as he spoke.

The Martial Ancestor’s face was cold, but he did not have the intention to talk to the Heavenly Evil Monarch. He only looked at the Flame Emperor and said, “This demon is too powerful, and we can’t hold back.”

Letting out a deep breath, the Flame Emperor gently nodded and closed his eyes. A brief moment later, he abruptly opened his eyes with Emperor Flames blazing in his eyes.

Emperor Flames soon gushed out and engulfed the Flame Emperor’s physique as the boundless ocean of Spiritual Energy behind the Flame Emperor started to burn.

In the depths of the ocean, everyone could see a myriad foot lotus slowly rising into the sky.

That lotus was dazzling with various colours. Every single colour represented a Heavenly Flame that permeated with terrifying might.

An indescribable pressure emanated from the lotus that caused everyone’s faces to change.

At the same time, the Martial Ancestor had also made a move and his hands joined together before slowly being pulled apart. As boundless radiance gathered over, eight different colours surrounded his body and eight ancient runes could be vaguely seen.

“So, you guys are going all-out… but do you think that I’m afraid of the two of you?!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch narrowed his eyes as he formed seals and caused the demonic aura to fluctuate.

Facing the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Heavenly Evil Monarch did not dare to look down despite opening five eyes.

Under all the astonished gazes, everyone could see the massive lotus rising in the sky and hovered about the Flame Emperor.

The eight runes spun rapidly around the Martial Ancestor and attracted the world’s energy to descend.

Boundless demonic aura gathered above the Heavenly Evil Monarch with a surging evil aura.

At this moment, regardless of the Heavenly Sovereigns from the Great Thousand World or the Sky Monarchs of the Fiend Clans, all of their faces changed as they started to retreat.

Anyone could tell that the two parties have roused their killing intent. They’re starting to bring out their killing moves to end the battle.

The confrontation lasted briefly before three hollers abruptly resounded.

“Buddha’s Fury Emperor Flame Lotus!” The Flame Emperor hollered as the lotus shot out and blossomed, permeating a destructive fluctuation.

“Eight Talisman Nirvana!” The Martial Ancestor tapped his fingers and the eight ancient runes fused, triggering the world’s energy, and turning into a destructive beam that shot towards the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

“Five Pupils God-Killing Diagram!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch joined his hands together and formed seals. In the sky, a diagram appeared from the torrential demonic aura and unfolded.

Countless lines streaked across the heavens and earth as their bodies trembled. The outcome of this clash would determine the Great Thousand World’s fate…

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