Chapter 1529 - Emperor and Ancestor VS Heavenly Evil Monarch [1]

After the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s surnames were on the Firmament Board, the board gradually dissipated. In just a few breaths, it had disappeared entirely.

Only the lingering pressure remained in the heavens and earth, allowing everyone to understand what just happened…

Within the North Desolate Grave, countless blazing gazes with revere stopped at the two robust figures. At this moment, the pressure permeated from the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor was much stronger than before.

“Since the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor managed to leave behind their surnames, they succeeded halfway. In terms of strength, they’re not any weaker than the Immortal Emperor!”

“Looks like my Great Thousand World is not fated for doom. In ancient times, the Immortal Emperor stood up to danger. Today, we have the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.”

“With the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, my Great Thousand World finally has someone that can face the Heavenly Evil Monarch!”


The Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave had joy written on their faces. They felt too much pressure from the Heavenly Evil Monarch. After all, the latter was too powerful and could suppress any Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign in the Great Thousand World.

But now, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor left their surnames on the Firmament Board. Although they only accomplished half, they had started to grasp the mysterious world’s energy.

The two’s existences no longer made them feel despair about the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

They finally welcomed dawn amidst the despair and darkness.

While the Heavenly Sovereigns of the North Desolate Grave cheered, the Heavenly Evil Monarch and the other Sky Monarchs’ countenances were unsightly.

Especially the Heavenly Evil Monarch. His gaze was grim as he looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. Evidently, this scene has exceeded his expectations.

He expected that after the death of the Immortal Emperor, no one would be able to stop him in the Great Thousand World. But at this moment, two people managed to leave their surnames on the Firmament Board…

“Damn it!” The Saint Sky Monarch gnashed his teeth with rage in his eyes. This situation has exceeded their plans. They initially thought that the Great Thousand World would fall under their mercy with the appearance of the Heavenly Evil Monarch. But with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor leaving their names on the Firmament Board, the current Great Thousand World’s strength was stronger than it was during ancient times.

After all, the Great Thousand World only had one Ranker that managed to leave his name on the Firmament Board, the Immortal Emperor. But at this moment, they had two Rankers!

Under the various gazes, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor raised their heads. They looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch with their calm voices echoing out, “Looks like your Fiend Clans’ scheme of occupying our Great Thousand World is a failure.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s eyes flickered with a dangerous light as he responded, “The two of you only managed to complete half of it. So how are you so confident to speak those words to me?”

“Since that’s the case… then we’ll seek advice from the Heavenly Evil Monarch.” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor did not talk much, but indifferently smiled. Soon after, their gazes turned cold. This Heavenly Evil Monarch was the leader of the Fiend Clans, and as long as they managed to suppress the latter, the Fiend Clans’ scheme would fail.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Evil Monarch had just broken out of the seal and was in his weakest point. So when were they going to act if they didn’t suppress him now?

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor weren’t inflexible people, but they wouldn’t give the Heavenly Evil Monarch the time to recover. As the two of them took a step forth, boundless Spiritual Energy instantly gathered over.

As the Flame Emperor made a grabbing gesture, a black ruler appeared in his hand and it slashed down. Instantly, sizzling Emperor Flames gushed out that turned into a myriad feet of radiance as it shot forth.

In the path of that ruler, space was torn apart.

The Martial Ancestor clenched his fist and threw a jab forth. A draconic roar echoed out and an azure fist streaked across the horizon.

As the azure dragon roared, eight energies gathered in its mouth and looked like it could destroy the heavens and earth.

At this moment, when the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor launched their attacks, the commotion was stronger than before. Even the pressure that permeated from them caused even the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s countenance to turn grave.

“Hmph, I’ll see how capable you two Rankers are!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch snorted as the evil eye at the centre of his brows flickered with torrential demonic aura gushing out.

“World-Devouring Beast!” A demonic beam shot out of that evil eye and swiftly expanded with a sharp roar that turned into a gigantic beast of darkness.

That beast had a sinister radiance circulating about it with its eyes filled with violence, as if it could destroy and devour anything in the world.

When that beast appeared, the ruler flew over.

As the beast roared, its claw brandished towards the ruler with a force that could easily kill any Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns and erase their existence.

When the ruler flew over, the beast of darkness’ figure froze before a sharp roar resounded in the next moment with a claw slashing down.

The azure dragon had also flown over and opened its mouth, unleashing a rainbow draconic breath at the gigantic beast.

As the beast violently roared, it flew out, and the sinister radiance on its body had dimmed down. Evidently, it had suffered substantial injuries.

In the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was at a disadvantageous position. Evidently, even the Heavenly Evil Monarch wasn’t comparable to two Rankers.

Within the North Desolate Grave, a cheer burst out and all the Heavenly Sovereigns rejoiced.

On the other hand, the Fiend Clan’s party was silent, with the Sky Monarchs all wearing grim expressions.

“Are you bullying me in my weakest state?” The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s grim eyes looked at the gigantic beast that was being defeated with a rampant light flashing in his eyes. When he turned his head, he flung his sleeve and a demonic aura swept out towards the countless demonic beings behind him.

In the path of the demonic aura, countless demonic beings were torn apart. The Heavenly Evil Monarch was devouring them.

This sudden scene had caused the countenance of the powerhouses of the Fiend Clan’s to be drained of colour as they yelled. But no matter how they tried to flee, they were devoured by the demonic aura.

Evidently, the Heavenly Evil Monarch had resorted to such means to recover his strength.

When the Saint Sky Monarch and other Sky Monarchs saw this scene, they squinted their eyes. However, they did not obstruct, since they knew that once the Heavenly Evil Monarch recovered his strength, only then can the latter have the strength to deal with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

“All the other small clans heed my orders. All clans are to provide one Monarch to be consumed!” The Saint Sky Monarch’s cold voice resounded, causing many demonic beings of the Fiend Clan’s faces to drastically change.

For those small clans, losing a Monarch meant shaking their foundation.

But facing the cruelty of the Major Clans’ patriarchs, they didn’t have the qualifications to object. Hence, one demonic being after another flew into the sky after a brief commotion.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch nodded his head at this scene then flung his sleeve. Demonic aura roared and engulfed those Monarchs.

“Don’t worry. After we invade the Great Thousand World, I will make it up for all of your contributions.” The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s cold voice resounded as he took a deep breath and devoured the Blood Essences lingering in the air.

As he devoured the Blood Essences, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s eyes radiated with halos of demonic aura appearing behind his head. Even the demonic aura around him was climbing at a shocking speed.

In just a few breaths, the demonic pressure formed by the demonic aura caused the entire North Desolate Grave to violently tremble.

In the North Desolate Grave, the joy on the Heavenly Sovereigns retracted. Even the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor have squinted their eyes with grave expressions.

As the torrential demonic aura spread out, it vaguely resisted the Spiritual Energy pressure coming from the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

Along with the demonic aura within the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body becoming even more terrifying, Mu Chen and the rest were shocked to see the two closed eyes on the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s forehead tremble before they gradually opened.

When the five sinister pupils opened up, the boundless demonic aura struck fear in everyone’s hearts.

“Five open pupils…” The Undying Lord looked at this scene and his hoarse voice resounded, “In ancient times, this Heavenly Evil Monarch only used four pupils…”

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Didn’t that mean that this Heavenly Evil Monarch was stronger than back then?

Under everyone’s eyes, the Heavenly Evil Monarch slowly pushed his hands out and the destructive energy within his body made him show a satisfied expression.

Lowering his head, his five pupils looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

At the same time, his voice that was filled with violence resounded.

“The two of you can die without regrets after forcing me to use my five pupils!”

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