Chapter 1528 - Firmament Board

When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s voices echoed throughout the region, a massive radiant screen descended and tore the demonic aura apart.

Mu Chen and the other Heavenly Sovereigns raised their heads in shock. The surging Spiritual Energy circulating between the heavens and earth had reached a terrifying level.

It was at a level that even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would be fearful of.

Furthermore, there was also an incredible energy that was contained within that Spiritual Energy. The pressure was akin to that of the world.

The Heavenly Evil Emperor’s face was solemn as he looked at the Spiritual Energy. His pupils that were akin to abysses gradually turned cold.

Raising his head, he could sense a tremendous force descending at this moment.

As clouds of spiritual radiance sprinkled down, the entire area trembled and gradually gathered. Everyone could soon see a large screen appearing above the North Desolate Grave.

“What’s that?” Qin Tian and other Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns looked at the screen. It was giving out a mysterious aura and seemed to be engraved with landscape and starry skies.

A terrifying pressure permeated from it and everyone’s hearts trembled with fear from the energy.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at the mysterious screen with a solemn expression. “This is the Great Thousand World’s World Intent.”

“The Great Thousand World’s World Intent?” Everyone’s hearts trembled. This is the legendary opportunity that can allow them to exceed the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm?

“The first to sense the World Intent in the Great Thousand World was the Immortal Emperor.” The Flame Emperor looked at the mysterious screen as he exclaimed, “And thus, he named this World Intent the…”

“Firmament Board!”

“Firmament Board?” The Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces changed when they heard the name. It was as if an incredible power was engraved in the depths of their hearts, making them look with expectation.

“The world as a board… and as long as anyone can leave their name on it, they will receive the acknowledgment of the Great Thousand World and possess the world’s energy.” The Martial Ancestor explained.

Everyone raised their heads as they looked at the mysterious screen, which was the Firmament Board, with revere in their eyes.

The Firmament Board was mysterious and profound. When everyone directed their eyes over, they all saw an ancient word on the screen… Ye!

“Ye?! What does that mean?” Qin Tian and the rest squinted their eyes.

“Ye… is the surname of the Immortal Emperor.” The Undying Lord’s voice trembled.

“Indeed, that’s the Immortal Emperor’s surname. In ancient times, he managed to sense the World Intent of the Great Thousand World and triggered the Firmament Board, leaving his surname in the process.”

Nodding his head, the Flame Emperor continued, “But it’s a pity that the Immortal Emperor failed to leave his entire name on the Firmament Board. He’s only able to leave his surname. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to sacrifice his life to seal the Heavenly Evil Monarch.”

Everyone exclaimed as they finally understood. So it turned out that the so-called “realm above the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm” would be sensing the World Intent and summon the Firmament Board. By leaving their name on it, they would gain control of the world’s energy and exceed the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm…

“Even the Immortal Emperor only managed to leave his surname behind…” Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Even someone as powerful as the Immortal Emperor did not manage to leave behind his full name, so they could tell how tough it was to leave their name on it.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch looked at the Firmament Board without any expression before looking at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “I never expected that the two of you would manage to summon the Great Thousand World’s World Intent…

“But it’s useless to just sense it. If you’re not able to leave your name behind, it’s a futile effort.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look before they smiled. Their smiles were filled with confidence as they laughed, “Since the Immortal Emperor managed to achieve it, then as his Juniors, we will naturally not fall behind our predecessors.”

As their laughter echoed out, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor soared into the sky.

Dazzling flames swept out from the Flame Emperor’s body and emanated profundities. It was actually permeating a ruler’s aura, as if it was the emperor of all flames.

That’s the Emperor Flame, the legendary Emperor of all Flames!

When the Emperor Flame appeared, all of the heavens and earth’s temperatures climbed like a cauldron with signs of melting.

“Today, I, Xiao Yan, will leave a name behind on the Firmament Board!” The Flame Emperor laughed as blazing flames gathered and formed into a brush made of flames. As the Flame Emperor hugged it, the brush descended towards the Firmament Board.

When the brush appeared, there was a mysterious mist on the board. Although the mist seemed thin, it was mysterious, as if it could obstruct everything.

The Martial Ancestor had also made his move and a dazzling radiance exploded from his body. However, there was a total of eight different colors in that radiance, and every single color represented an element, with a total of eight types of Spiritual Energies that were perfectly fused together.

The eight radiances distorted and formed a huge finger. That finger pierced through space, as if it contained boundless energy as it descended towards the Firmament Board.

“Get lost!” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor bellowed, their voices causing space to fluctuate.

The mysterious mist around the Firmament Board rippled, as if it was preventing anything from approaching. But with the Spiritual Energy around the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor growing stronger, that obstruction was torn apart.

The flame brush and eight-colored finger tore through the mist and landed on the Firmament Board under all the Heavenly Sovereigns’ shocked gazes.

An incredible pressure descended from the Firmament Board and spread out between the heavens and earth.

Under the pressure, all the Heavenly Sovereigns, even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns like Qin Tian, had their faces drastically changed. Under this pressure, they realised that they couldn’t even move their fingers…

Only the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor maintained a calm expression as they brandished their hands.

Everyone glued their eyes on the Firmament Board. Along with the brush and finger descending. The Firmament Board trembled and a rumbling noise resounded throughout the Great Thousand World.

At this moment, every single life form in the Great Thousand World sensed it and they raised their heads to look in the direction of the North Desolate Grave.

The brush and finger descended and left marks on the Firmament Board…

The Spiritual Energy in the entire region trembled under everyone’s view. As the Firmament Board flickered like fireworks, everyone could tell how difficult it was.

After all, even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to budge under the Firmament Board’s pressure, not to mention that the resistance made it harder to leave a name behind.

As spiritual light flickered, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s countenances turned grave. Their hands were trembling as they gasped for breath while squeezing out the last strand of energy in their bodies…

The radiance on the Firmament Board grew denser and everyone could see two ancient words gradually taking form.



When the two words were completed, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor froze as beads of sweat could be seen on their foreheads.

They narrowed their eyes as they looked at the two surnames on the Firmament Board. But not only did their expressions not loosen up, their countenances turned more serious.

That’s because when they finished the last strokes, they could sense an incredible pressure enveloping them. The pressure made them feel unbearable.

At this moment, they finally understood why the Immortal Emperor did not manage to leave his full name back then…

So the latter part was too difficult.

They could sense that if they continued with their strokes, the brush and finger would shatter from the world’s energy…

The two of them stood in the sky for a long time before letting out a sigh. Waving their hands, the brush and finger disappeared.

Everyone couldn’t help looking at them with pity. If they managed to complete the last step, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor would become the unprecedented powerhouses in the Great Thousand World who managed to leave their complete names.

This would be something that exceeded the Immortal Emperor’s achievement.

But what they achieved at the moment was already not easy. From their achievements, they were comparable to the Immortal Emperor!

Along with their actions, the mysterious Firmament Board resounded with a booming noise and a mysterious aura spread out that enveloped the two surnames…

At this moment, the Heavenly Sovereigns could sense something as they looked in the direction of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. Mysterious energy descended and engulfed the two of them.

Looking at the two of them, Qin Tian and the other Saint Heavenly Sovereigns felt revere rising in their hearts.

The mysterious radiance gathered at the center of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s brows.

It left a fire rune on the center of the Flame Emperor’s brows, while an ancient talisman rune was on the Martial Ancestor’s forehead.

The two runes were akin to the imprint of the world, making the two of them look incredibly noble.

As the two of them swept their gazes over, an unspeakable pressure permeated. It’s as if they were the rulers of this world, and a tremendous force would accompany every single one of their actions. It was at a level that exceeded the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Qin Tian, Undying Lord, and the other Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns looked at this scene with heat and expectation in their eyes.

They initially thought that they had reached the limit of their cultivation. But at this moment, they realised that they had yet to reach the end…

“This is the Firmament Board…” Mu Chen raised his head at the board, and his body couldn’t help trembling. He could sense his blood surging as his hands gently clenched together with his firm voice resounding out, “My wish for this lifetime is to leave my name on the board.”

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