Chapter 1528 - Firmament Board

When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s voices echoed throughout the region, a massive radiant screen descended and tore the demonic aura apart.

Mu Chen and the other Heavenly Sovereigns raised their heads in shock. The surging Spiritual Energy circulating between the heavens and earth had reached a terrifying level.

It was at a level that even Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would be fearful of.

Furthermore, there was also an incredible energy that was contained within that Spiritual Energy. The pressure was akin to that of the world.

The Heavenly Evil Emperor’s face was solemn as he looked at the Spiritual Energy. His pupils that were akin to abysses gradually turned cold.

Raising his head, he could sense a tremendous force descending at this moment.

As clouds of spiritual radiance sprinkled down, the entire area trembled and gradually gathered. Everyone could soon see a large screen appearing above the North Desolate Grave.

“What’s that?” Qin Tian and other Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns looked at the screen. It was giving...

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