Chapter 1527 - World Intent

Outside the North Desolate Grave, two silhouettes stood with their hands behind their backs. When they appeared, the demonic pressure that enveloped this land had been reduced.

“The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor!” Looking at those two silhouettes, Qin Tian and company rejoiced. Although in the eyes of many, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor weren’t any different from them, since they’re both Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns, only they knew how deep and unfathomable those two were.

Hence, the situation had slightly calmed down after those two’s appearance.

“Haha, sorry for being late. Please don’t hold it against us. The Fiend Clans spent some tricks to hold the two of us back, which is why we’re only here now.” The Flame Emperor turned around and smiled. His calm smile allowed everyone to feel relieved.

“We dare not.” Qin Tian shook his head with a guilty expression. “I had a problem, which made the situation so tricky.”

Letting out a sigh, the Flame Emperor said, “As for the Demon Heart Seed, you are not to be blamed. Although I sensed it back then, I couldn’t look deeper into it, so I didn’t dare to be certain. In the end, I could only leave a flame seed on you.”

Nodding his head, the Martial Ancestor said, “Right now, the important matter is to deal with this tribulation.”

Raising his head, the Martial Ancestor coldly looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch as if his gaze could pierce through the latter.

“Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor… I sent six Patriarchs of the 32 Major Clans, but I never expected that they couldn’t stop the two of you!” The Saint Sky Monarch calmed the shock on his face as he looked at the two of them.

Exchanging a look, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor smiled.

“Are you talking about them?” As the two of them raised their palms, the Spiritual Energy from their palms turned into a sphere and three demonic beings were howling in each of the spheres. But no matter how they attacked, they couldn’t shake the spheres.

Looking at the six silhouettes, the Saint Sky Monarch narrowed his eyes. The other Patriarchs of the various clans also couldn’t help changing their expressions. Those six demonic beings were six Patriarchs amongst the 32 Major Clans!

One must know that every single one of them was at the pinnacle of the Sky Monarch Realm, and they’re not weaker than a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign. But right now, all of them were captured by the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor?!

“Six Sky Monarchs wanted to invade the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm? You guys are underestimating us a little too much.” The Martial Ancestor’s voice resounded with endless prestige.

As the Saint Sky Monarch’s countenance twitched, violence surged in his eyes as he coldly said, “You guys are not going to let them go? Otherwise, your Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm will be wiped from the surface of the earth!”

Hearing his threat, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor squinted their eyes with a bone-piercing chill in their eyes.

After that, they had acted in their response. Their hands clenched and a terrifying power surged into the spheres in their hands. As a power exploded, the six demonic beings couldn’t even yell out and were crushed…

Six pinnacle Sky Monarchs died just like that.

Looking at this scene, the Saint Sky Monarch and the other Sky Monarchs’ faces drastically changed and their gazes turned cold.

“Haha, interesting…” Standing before the Sky Monarchs, the Heavenly Evil Monarch watched this scene with interest as his gaze fell on the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “The two of you are much stronger than those fellows.”

Although the Saint Sky Monarch and other Sky Monarchs couldn’t tell the level of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Heavenly Evil Monarch could sense their strength. The two of them were much stronger than the likes of Qin Tian.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were also looking at the Heavenly Evil Monarch. Facing this person, even the two’s faces had turned solemn.

“I believe you must be that Heavenly Evil Monarch that the Immortal Emperor has sacrificed his life to seal.” The Flame Emperor said.

With a smile, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s pupils seemed like they could devour anything. “I have underestimated that Immortal Emperor back then, since I did not expect that there would be someone as powerful as him in the Great Thousand World.”

The Martial Ancestor’s body looked akin to a towering pillar as he replied, “Our Great Thousand World is blessed with countless talents. Since we had the Immortal Emperor stopping you back then, then there’s naturally someone to subdue you today.”

“Oh?” The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s eyes were raised as he looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with a smile. “Then I will see who can stop me after the Immortal Emperor.”

The Flame Emperor smiled. “You’re underestimating my Great Thousand World because you think that there’s no one in the Great Thousand World that can reach that realm.”

As the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s pupils squinted, there was a change for the first time as he looked at the Flame Emperor. “You guys know that realm?”

“Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm is the pinnacle of my Great Thousand World, but there’s a whole new world beyond that.” The Flame Emperor replied.

Hearing those words, Qin Tian and the rest trembled, but they did not dare to be distracted. They imprinted the words of the Flame Emperor deep into their hearts, since they knew that the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm wasn’t the limit. But no matter how they cultivated, they couldn’t reach that limit…

They still couldn’t touch the realm that exceeded the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“That realm beyond the Saint Heavenly Sovereign isn’t that mysterious. Simple putting it, cultivators just require an opportunity.” The Flame Emperor smiled. “That opportunity is…”

“The World Intent.”

This time, it was the Martial Ancestor that spoke out. When his calm voice resounded, Qin Tian and the rest could sense the entire Great Thousand World trembling and the Spiritual Energy vaguely grew more powerful.

“World Intent?” Qin Tian and the rest muttered those words. Despite the comprehension in their hearts, they still couldn’t come in contact with that level. They couldn’t describe the depth.

“World Intent?” Mu Chen raised his head as he looked at the two silhouettes facing the Heavenly Evil Monarch. With a tremor in his heart, his eyes flickered with radiance and he had an insight in his heart.

“In the path of cultivation, different routes arrive at the same destination in the end. Heavenly Sovereigns can trigger the world’s energy to strengthen themselves…”

“The Great Thousand World has an intent, and only by sensing that intent, can they engrave their spirit in the Great Thousand World and trigger the world energy. That realm is one that exceeds the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s voices resonated, causing the Heavenly Sovereigns to be intoxicated by it.

So that’s the legendary realm that exceeds the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“Triggering the world’s energy…” Mu Chen’s heart was covered in shock. Even if Saint Heavenly Sovereigns can control and link with the Spiritual Energy in the Great Thousand World, it’s nothing compared to controlling the entire Great Thousand World.

They couldn’t imagine how powerful they would be after having the world’s energy supplemented into their bodies. How powerful would that be?

The Flame Emperor looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch, who had a grim expression outside the North Desolate Grave. “Back then, the Immortal Emperor had relied on the Great Thousand World’s energy to seal you.”

After briefly staring at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Heavenly Evil Monarch said, “I never expected that the two of you would know this secret. But it’s useless, even if you know about it!

“Since the creation of the Great Thousand World, only the Immortal Emperor managed to trigger the World Intent.

“So, no matter what the two of you do, the Great Thousand World is doomed for destruction.”

When his last words were spoken, destructive demonic aura swept out from the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body, even the nearby continents were engulfed in it.

Facing the demonic aura, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor maintained a calm expression as they exchanged a glance and closed their eyes at the same time.

As they closed their eyes, the hearts of the other Heavenly Sovereigns trembled. They could vaguely sense a fine tremor coming from every single corner of the Great Thousand World…

After that, the Spiritual Energy in the Great Thousand World exploded and all the Heavenly Sovereigns raised their heads. They could sense an incredible Spiritual Energy gathering towards the North Desolate Grave.

That Spiritual Energy was so potent that even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign would feel fearful.

When Mu Chen and company raised their heads, the torrential demonic aura fluctuated, as if it was being torn apart…

Beams of Spiritual Energy descended from the sky and pierced through the demonic aura. In just ten-odd breaths, the torrential demonic aura that engulfed the various continents was riddled with holes…

Those beams were entirely different from ordinary Spiritual Energy. They seemed to contain a terrifying power, and just one strand had caused the various Spiritual Energies to tremble.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor closed their eyes with coldness as they looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch. At the same time, their voices resonated throughout the heavens and earth, “Since you don’t believe, then we’ll let you witness it for yourself. Even with the death of the Immortal Emperor, my Great Thousand World is no place for you to humiliate us…”

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