Chapter 1526 - They’re here

As the torrential demonic aura surged throughout the world, all the lives in the Great Thousand World raised their heads in fear as they looked in the direction of the North Desolate Grave. Although they had no clue what happened, they could vaguely sense a terrifying pressure engulfing the entire Great Thousand World.

For some reason, they felt terror.

Within the North Desolate Grave

The Heavenly Sovereigns were pale as they looked at the demonic aura. Even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns like Maha Tian and Qing Yanjing wore grave, uneasy expressions.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch had truly broken free, and trying to suppress him again wasn’t going to be easy.

For the Great Thousand World, this was undoubtedly a tribulation for them.

When the Saint Sky Monarch saw the Heavenly Evil Monarch, he immediately retreated and ignored Qin Tian and company. As numerous demonic beings stood before the Heavenly Evil Monarch, they respectfully bowed down.

“We welcome the return of the Deity!” Facing the Heavenly Evil Monarch,...

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