Chapter 1525 - The Evil Monarch Freed

When the howl resounded, it created a storm that blew out, causing clouds to shuttled as they covered the light.

In the North Desolate Greave, the Heavenly Sovereigns raised their heads in despair and fear as they looked at the demonic deity. They could feel an indescribable horror coming from the other party.

Even someone at Maha Tian and Qing Yanjing’s level had their countenances turning pale with fear.

After all, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s fame was too great. In ancient times, the Fiend Clans were under his leadership, causing a series of defeats to the Great Thousand World. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Emperor, the Great Thousand World might have been leveled…

Back then, the Immortal Emperor sacrificed his life to seal the Heavenly Evil Monarch, but who could’ve thought that 49,000 years later, the Heavenly Evil Monarch would be released at the final moment.

“Only three spears left!” The Grand Underworld Ancestor’s voice trembled with reluctance. They’re only three spears away from destroying the Heavenly Evil Monarch, but all their efforts have gone down the drain.

“Is it really the fate of my Great Thousand World?” Many Heavenly Sovereigns griefed.

Outside the North Desolate Grave, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lords felt the terrifying demonic aura and their complexions had also turned ugly.

“49,000 years! The 49,000 years of hard work of my Grave Guardians has gone down the drain!” The Undying Lord trembled as he howled.

He was feeling reluctant, since they’re only a few hours away. If they had managed to last till the last spear descended, this greatest threat to their Great Thousand World would have been destroyed.

But the Heavenly Evil Monarch broke free, so who in their Great Thousand World can stop this fiend?

Qin Tian and the Azure Sword Saint’s countenances were also gloomy with weak lights flickering in their eyes. They had already done all they could, but who could have expected that the Fiend Clans would have so many backup plans today…

However, Qin Tian wasn’t an ordinary person, so he soon calmed his mood and his holler echoed throughout the North Desolate Grave, “Everyone, heed my orders. Control the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array to kill this fiend! He has just broken free, so he’s still frail!”

When those Heavenly Sovereigns, who were in despair, heard his voice, they instantly jolted awake and they exchanged a glance, before gnashing their teeth and circulated the Spiritual Energy in their bodies, then poured them into the coffin.

Through the various records, they knew how terrifying the Heavenly Evil Monarch was, and they couldn’t allow the latter to leave, since it would spell destruction for the Great Thousand World if he recovered.

Along with the circulation of the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array, countless ancient runes joined together before forming into an extremely ancient rune that permeated with a mysterious power.

The demonic being raised his head with the extremist of evil in his eyes. Looking at the array, his howl resounded once again, “The Immortal Emperor has already fallen. Did you guys think you can seal me with the World Array he has left behind? How naïve!”

He flew into the air and a demonic aura swept out from his body, emanating a terrifying power. Even Heavenly Sovereigns caught in it would be instantly killed.

“Stop him!” Maha Tian and company bellowed.

The ancient runes were triggered as they flew and surrounded that demonic being who was trying to escape from the North Desolate Grave.

“Get lost!” Seeing the ancient runes coming over, that demonic being unleashed a faint holler and a demonic aura that could easily kill any Heavenly Sovereigns surged.

As the ancient runes radiated with dazzling radiance, it formed into a sphere that enveloped the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

When the demonic aura clashed with the radiance, sizzling sounds emitted that were akin to snow encountering lava; it swiftly dissolved.

Seeing the result, Maha Tian and company instantly got energised, since it seems that the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array was effective against the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

A cold light flickered across the demonic being’s eyes as his voice resounded, “Even at my weakest state, did you think that you can make me stay with these runes?

“Apocalyptic Demonic Beam!” A roar resounded between the heavens and earth as the demonic being opened his mouth and a demonic beam shot out. That demonic beam’s size was roughly a hundred feet, and when it appeared, the heavens and earth split apart with Spiritual Energy swiftly retreating.

That hundred foot-long demonic beam clashed against the barrier in the sky before the two collided. That demonic beam emitted an indescribable fluctuation as space cracked. Even time had become sluggish under the demonic beam.

Those ancient runes constantly emanated radiance as they strengthened the barrier, trying to resist.

However, the demonic beam was too terrifying. After ten-odd breaths, the barrier started to fade with cracks appearing on the runes.

“Even if the Immortal Emperor revives today, he can only dream about stopping me!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch laughed. The demonic beam expanded, and in a flicker, it pierced through the barrier.

With the demonic beam leading the way, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s demonic figure flew into the sky and shot out of the North Desolate Grave.

Outside the North Desolate Grave, the membrane formed by the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array was down to the last. At this moment, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord looked at the demonic figure with their faces drained of color before they watched as the Fiend Clans charged over. If they charged through this membrane, then the Heavenly Evil Monarch would be free.

“We have to stop him. Otherwise, once the Heavenly Evil Monarch breaks free, I’m afraid no one will be able to subdue him anymore!” The three of them spoke at the same time.

“Haha. How can we allow you to disrupt the emergence of the Heavenly Evil Monarch? Stay to the side and watch!” But when the three of them were about to make a move, a burst of laughter resounded and the Saint Sky Monarch coldly looked at them. With a wave of his hand, he personally led a few Patriarchs and charged over.

Torrential demonic aura surged as they enveloped towards the three of them.

However, there was nothing the three of them could do other than come to a stop and go up to face those Fiend Clans.

At the same time, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s silhouette appeared beneath the membrane and the demonic beam shot out. When it touched the membrane, it caused a violent fluctuation, but it did not penetrate through and gradually disappeared.

“If I’d recovered to my full strength, I could destroy this with a palm. But at this moment, I can only resort to exhausting my Demonic Origin.” There weren’t any ripples in the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s eyes as he looked at the last membrane.

When he finished, strands of black aura separated from his body and formed into a fist-sized black crystal before him.

Although the black crystal’s size was unremarkable, it permeated a destructive fluctuation when it was formed.

Behind the black crystal, the demonic being that was a myriad feet high had shrunk down to half that height, since he had exhausted a great deal of energy.

“Go.” The demonic being flicked his finger and the crystal flew out, clashing with the membrane.

When it contacted, there wasn’t any great commotion. The black crystal was permeated with halos of black fluctuation…

The fluctuation seemed to contain an extremely mysterious power; the membrane started to fluctuate, but had stood firm despite the endless assault from the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

As the vibration grew intense, the membrane started to thin.

The black crystal was also swiftly being exhausted and shrunk. When it was at the size of a grain, that patch on the membrane finally started to fade.

Looking at the hole, everyone in the North Desolate Grave turned pale.

Looking at the hole, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s indifferent eyes fluctuated before he turned around and looked at the North Desolate Grave. “Immortal Emperor, you’ve exhausted your life 49,000 years ago to seal me. But this time, who in the Great Thousand World can stop me? I’ve said back then that this Great Thousand World was mine…”

With a move, the torrential demonic aura flew out of the hole. Instantly, his demonic aura started to spread out after being freed from the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array’s restraints.

At this moment, everyone in the Great Thousand World felt fear surging within their hearts.

At this moment, the Evil Monarch was free.

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