Chapter 1524 - Blood Sacrifice

As the glassy Mu Chen stood in the sky, he indifferently looked at Jiang Ya, who was embedded into the mountain. The latter’s right arm had shattered, and he looked extremely pathetic.

However, Jiang Ya’s vitality was robust. Despite his injuries, he was still alive and a painful groan escaped from his throat.

When the Heavenly Sovereigns of the North Desolate Grave saw this scene, they felt massively relieved before looking at Mu Chen with revere in their eyes.

That punch from Mu Chen was endlessly close to the Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Aside from Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and the Undying Lord, even the Patriarchs and Grand Elders of the Five Ancient Clans would have to resort to the Saint Artifacts of their clans to resist.

In another battlefield, the Heavenly Sovereigns who had surrounded the Demonic Spirit Clan, had controlled the situation with their advantage in numbers. They had forced the powerhouses from the Demonic Spirit Clan into a corner and prevented them from approaching the North Desolate Grave.

“What a bunch of trash.” The Saint Sky Monarch coldly commented at this scene.

“You’re right. A low-life clan like that isn’t reliable.” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch continued, “After this battle, give me the Demonic Spirit Clan for me to refine into corpses of my Corse Demon Clan.”

The Saint Sky Monarch’s eyes flickered with brutality. “I initially thought that they could accomplish their mission and show that the Demonic Spirit Clan could be part of the Fiend Clans. It looks like they’re not fortunate.

“Since that’s the case, then we can only have them make contributions for the rise of the Fiend Clans.” A cruel smile suddenly rose on the Saint Sky Monarch’s face as he formed seals with a single hand.

When the Saint Sky Monarch formed his seal, a black rune suddenly appeared on the center of Jiang Ya’s brows. As the rune wriggled, it pierced into Jiang Ya’s mind.

Intense pain came from Jiang Ya’s mind as his body started trembling and veins appearing in his eyes. At this moment, he had horror on his face, since he knew what was going on.

“Jiang Ya, get your clansmen and make the last contribution. I will remember your contributions, and if you succeed, I will promise you that the Demonic Spirit Clan will no longer be part of the lowly clans,” The Saint Sky Monarch’s voice indifferently resounded within Jiang Ya’s mind.

Jiang Ya tried to struggle, but he still closed his eyes with despair in the end, since he knew that when the Saint Sky Monarch imprinted the Demonic Seal into him, he had lost the right to retaliate.

But what could he do? With the Fiend Clan’s strength, annihilating the Demonic Spirit Clan was easy for them. For his clansmen, he had to bow down.

“Lord Saint Demon, I hope that you can fulfill your promise.” Jiang Ya replied.

“That’s for certain.” Along with his indifferent voice, the Demonic Seal in the center of Jiang Ya’s brows wriggled, as if it became countless demonic worms that were burrowing into the latter’s brows.

In just a few breaths, his eyes had turned black without any consciousness.

At the same time, many experts of the Demonic Spirit Clan froze as a Demonic Seal appeared in the center of their brows as well.

Jiang Ya’s body slowly detached itself from the mountain and he hovered in the sky without any consciousness in his eyes.

Watching this scene, Mu Chen’s brows locked together and vaguely felt uneasy. There was a boundless radiance gathering into his fist. He was prepared to destroy Jiang Ya.

But just when he wanted to make a move, he suddenly heard a commotion and was shocked to see the powerhouses from the Demonic Spirit Clan flying over, arriving beside Jiang Ya. Their hands joined together, forming into a circle with Jiang Ya standing at the center of it.

“Everyone, make a move and destroy them!” Mu Chen squinted his eyes as he hollered at the Heavenly Sovereigns that flew over without any hesitation.

When his voice resounded, he was the first to make a move and threw a jab forth. A sun flew out and enveloped the powerhouses of the Demonic Spirit Clan.

Just when Mu Chen unleashed his attacks, the Demonic Seals on the bodies of those Demonic Spirit Clan burrowed into their bodies and their figures started to violently expand.

At the same time, a wild fluctuation also permeated his body.

“They’re going to self-destruct!” Those Heavenly Sovereigns that approached were terrified at this scene. The Demonic Spirit Clan’s powerhouses were comparable to Heavenly Sovereigns, along with Jiang Ya, who was a Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

If they self-destructed, how terrifying would be explosion be?

Even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign would have to avoid it!

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. He never expected that the Demonic Spirit Clan would be so insane.

At this moment, he couldn’t afford to deal with other matters. All of a sudden, demonic beams shot out from those Demonic Fiend Clans and their bodies exploded…

An enormous black mushroom cloud rose into the sky, enveloping the heavens and earth with a terrifying shock wave sweeping out. Even if Mu Chen and company had swiftly retreated, they weren’t in a good state.

As the mushroom cloud rose, a demonic beam descended onto the ground and drilled into the ground, unleashing a terrifying power that leveled the mountains…

“Shit!” Mu Chen’s heart trembled at this scene as he saw that the beam was tearing a huge hole on the net, and also obstructed it from recovering.

“Quick! Quick! Circulate the array. The Heavenly Evil Monarch is going to escape!” When Maha Tian and the other Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, their faces immediately changed.

Boundless Spiritual Energy exploded, pouring into the array. A spear was gradually formed once again and descended, striking at the loophole in the net.

A demonic howl resounded once again as the demonic mist rose up into the air. As it distorted, it formed into a massive skull that clashed with the spear.

With a vast collision, the entire region trembled as the skull cracked. But the spear had turned more transparent before it descended. However, it was much weaker than before.

“Mhm, what’s that?!” Mu Chen’s face changed as he suddenly narrowed his eyes. In the cracked ground, there was blood flowing towards the depths of the earth.

Within the blood, it was permeating a demonic aura.

“That’s the Blood Essence of the Fiend Clans! Shit, the Demonic Spirit Clan was carrying a large amount of the Fiend Clan’s Blood Essence!” Seeing this situation, the Heavenly Sovereign’s faces turned pale.

“They’re trying to use the Blood Essences to restore the Heavenly Evil Monarchs strength!” Mu Chen’s face turned grim as he flew downwards. At the same time, he opened his mouth and violet flames gushed out, before they started burning the Blood Essences.

But when Mu Chen made a move, an evil eye appeared in the abyss that fixed onto Mu Chen.

“The smell on you, insect, disgusts me. Get lost!” A sharp demonic voice echoed out along with a terrifying demonic aura that crashed against Mu Chen’s body.

Suffering a heavy blow, Mu Chen flew out with traces of blood on the corner of his lips. His face was plastered with astonishment. He never expected that after fusing with the Primordial Immortal Body, it’s still impossible for him to receive a demonic breath.

As the cold demonic gale blew, it swiftly extinguished the violet flames. At the same time, those Blood Essences have burrowed into the earth and a gigantic mouth was devouring it all.

As the Heavenly Evil Monarch devoured the Blood Essences, the North Desolate Grave violently trembled, as if it was on the verge of collapsing.

“Strengthen your Spiritual Energy! Don’t let the Heavenly Evil Emperor break free!” Maha Tian roared as his face was covered in sweat.

As their roars calmed down, an enormous demonic pillar soared from the flaw in the net and a demonic aura wreaked havoc along with an indescribable demonic pressure that spread out.

Some bronze coffins were caught up in it and they exploded. The demonic aura also swept the Heavenly Sovereigns seating on them along as they shrieked. Their Blood Essences were sucked dry and they crumbled into bags of dust…


The Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces were drained of color as the demonic aura in the pillar condensed into a vague figure. Standing in the sky, that blurred figure caused the entire heavens and earth to turn dark, along with an indescribable pressure that engulfed everything. Looking from afar, he looked like a demonic deity.

As the laughter resounded throughout the region, that figure looked at the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array, and his voice resounded through the North Desolate Grave and spread to the surrounding continents as well…

“Immortal Emperor, all your efforts have gone down the drain after 49,000 years. In the end, I’m the winner!”

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