Chapter 1523 - One Punch Man

“Human-body Union!” When the voice resounded from within Mu Chen’s heart, the Primordial Immortal Body stepped into Mu Chen’s body. In the next moment, a radiance suddenly exploded from Mu Chen’s body.

Every single beam of radiance contained terrifying power.

The ocean of Spiritual Energy surged around Mu Chen with a terrifying pressure that caused space to shatter. The Spiritual Energy was extremely powerful, even the pinnacle of Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would have their countenances changed.

Outside the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord had also sensed this, so they slightly lowered their heads to glance at the North Desolate Grave. Their gazes were briefly stopped on Mu Chen with shock.

“He’s actually performing the Human-body Union… he’s too daring, not to mention that it’s the Primordial Immortal Body we’re talking about! It has been refined through the ages of time and contains the power of immortality. Even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign would not dare to perform the union so lightly.” The three’s countenance changed with concern. They knew how powerful the Primordial Immortal Body was, so they naturally knew that even Mu Chen’s Saint Physique would have great difficulty enduring it.

Under everyone’s worried eyes, the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body violently surged. At the same time, his body started to swell with lumps on his body that seemed like tumors. At this moment, he looked extremely terrifying.

As those lumps burst open, fresh blood dripped down from Mu Chen’s body, instantly being dyed in blood.

Cracks also started to spread out on his body, as if he was a cracked porcelain.

That was due to his body being unable to endure the expansion of Spiritual Energy.

“Mu Chen!” Qing Yanjing’s face turned pale at this scene and her surrounding Spiritual Energy fluctuated.

“Grand Elder Qing Yanjing, focus! Don’t be rash!” The Grand Underworld Ancestor bellowed. The five of them were leading the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World to annihilate the life force of the Heavenly Evil Monarch. If Qing Yanjing ran off at this time, there would surely be a loophole in the circulation of the array.

If a loophole appeared, then it might disrupt the entire situation.

Qing Yanjing knew this logic as well, so she could only gnash her teeth and force herself to divert her attention from Mu Chen.

As Mu Chen’s body continued to explode, it seemed like he would be blown apart. The expansion of Spiritual Energy within his body wasn’t stopping.

At this moment, his heart fluctuated due to the violent Spiritual Energy in his body, and he couldn’t control a strand of his Spiritual Energy. Hence, he could only gnash his teeth and try his best to control as much Spiritual Energy he could to circulate the art.

Just when Mu Chen tried his best to contain the situation within his body, Jiang Ya had also noticed this. With a sinister smile, the monster suddenly pounced forth.

“Everyone, please hold him off a little.” When Jiang Ya flew over, ten-odd silhouettes flew over with Luo Li leading the team, before she said to the other Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Alright, but we won’t be able to hold him off for long. So help King Mu recover as soon as possible.” Those Heavenly Sovereigns did not hesitate, since only Mu Chen could face the Patriarch of the Demonic Spirit Clan at this moment.

Nodding her head, Luo Li appeared before Mu Chen and her hands joined together. An ancient diagram appeared in her palm. It was the Saint Artifact of the Ancient Spirit Clan, the Ancient Spirit Diagram.

Luo Li could tell that Mu Chen was losing control over the Spiritual Energy within his body, and the Ancient Spirit Diagram could discipline Spiritual Energy. Under the diagram, even violent Spiritual Energy would be tamed.

However, the Spiritual Energy from the Primordial Immortal Body came from the Immortal Origin, so not even the Ancient Spirit Diagram could fully control it. But it could help Mu Chen relieve some of the pressure.

With a grave expression, Luo Li formed seals and the Ancient Spirit Diagram unfolded before hovering above Mu Chen’s head with a warming radiance that descended and engulfed Mu Chen’s body.

Under the radiance, the violent Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body started to weaken and traces of a chilled air poured in to offset the violent Spiritual Energy.

At this moment, Mu Chen grasped onto the opportunity and he poured his Spiritual Energy into a Divine Ability.

The Three Pures!

With a flicker, two clones appeared out of Mu Chen’s body and they stretched their hands towards Mu Chen’s shoulders. They instantly formed into a bridge and the explosive Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body started to distribute to his two clones.

The two clones originated from Mu Chen, so they could accept the Immortal Orgin’s Spiritual Energy as well. Otherwise, even a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign would not dare to absorb the Spiritual Energy into their bodies.

With the two clones helping him, the rampage within Mu Chen’s body started to die down. Although he was still feeling an ache from his physique, it was no longer as explosive.

As the radiance started to circulate on the surface of Mu Chen’s body, even his hair had started to turn transparent.

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen’s body was akin to glass as he stood in the sky, permeating an indescribable pressure akin to an ancient Buddha.

His body started to emit the appeal of an ancient, as if he had undergone the primordial age and survived the corrosion of time.

Qing Yanjing and the other Heavenly Sovereigns looked at this scene with shock, no one expected Mu Chen to achieve this.

“So that’s the case… He’s actually using the Three Pures to offset the Primordial Immortal Body’s power. Although it’s only for the time being, he still managed to do it…”

“At this moment, I’m afraid that he can even fight a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign.”

They exchanged glances and couldn’t help exclaiming in admiration. So it turned out that Mu Chen already had a plan, but that radiance was still shocking.

As Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes, his black pupils had turned transparent, looking abstruse, as if they were more unfathomable than the starry sky.

Turning his head, Mu Chen looked at the two clones. At that moment, he had a faint comprehension…

It was the third realm of the Three Pures, the legendary Three God Realm.

It was something that not even the Heavenly Emperor had reached.

Mu Chen initially also couldn’t reach it, but when he poured the Primordial Immortal Body’s energy to his two clones, the three of them had faintly touch something profound.

As Mu Chen pondered, he temporarily suppressed it for the time being and raised his head. His glassy eyes looked at Jiang Ya, who was facing the obstruction of ten-odd Heavenly Sovereigns. But he was ferocious, like a tiger in a flock of sheep. Waving his hand, he easily blew people away and they retreated.

But just when Jiang Ya was about to start his slaughter, his body suddenly froze. It felt as if he had been eyed upon by a ferocious beast, letting him know that he would suffer annihilation attacks if he made the slightest move.

Within his purplish-black pupils, he raised his head and looked at the transparent pupils. His eyes suddenly narrowed and felt a danger rising in his heart.

Mu Chen, who was under this state, made him feel fearful.

Looking at Jiang Ya, Mu Chen smiled before he disappeared in the next moment.

Jiang Ya’s body froze before he retreated without any hesitation. At the same time, a purplish-black Spiritual Energy swept out and formed into layers of defenses around him.

Mu Chen’s figure appeared before Jiang Ya and he indifferently looked at the latter’s defenses before clenched his hand into a fist.

When his jab descended, a transparent radiance gathered. The sky collapsed as Spiritual Energy accumulated in the direction of Mu Chen’s fist.

When the jab descended, it had turned into a massive sun. Jiang Ya’s defenses instantly collapsed as he issued a sharp cry. He circulated all his power into his arm and countless sinister runes appeared.

As the sun descended, it clashed with the demonic arm.

Countless beams gathered over. It was so much so that even Qin Tian and the Saint Sky Monarch outside the North Desolate Grave had directed their gazes over.

As a vast collision resounded, the sky collapsed and everyone witnessed the descending sun crushing the purplish-black demonic radiance. At this moment, Jiang Ya’s entire arm exploded…

As a shriek resounded, Jiang Ya was blown back and he crushed several mountains in his path. Those mountains collapsed before Jiang Ya was buried into a distant mountain, covered in blood. Half of his body even showed signs of shattering…

Everyone sucked in a cold breath at this scene, especially Maha Tian. His face was covered with astonishment that Mu Chen was so powerful.

If he couldn’t rely on the Yin-Yang Maha Gourd, he would be instantly killed by that fist.

“That fellow…” Maha Tian looked at the glass figure in the sky with the corner of his lips twitching. He helplessly sighed, since he knew that if he faced Mu Chen, who was growing in strength, there wasn’t any chance for their Ancient Maha Clan to retrieve the Primordial Immortal Body…

Because that fellow was approaching a legend, the strongest powerhouse of the Great Thousand World — the Immortal Emperor.

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