Chapter 1522 - Human-body Union

As the demonic figure stood in the sky, he unleashed a terrifying pressure that caused the heavens and earth to turn dark. The Heavenly Sovereigns on the coffins all looked over with grave expressions. They were naturally startled by the demonic pressure.

Even some Saint Heavenly Sovereigns had their brows locked together in worry. Jiang Ya was extremely powerful, and even amongst the Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns, he’s definitely top-tiered.

Facing this person, even Maha Tian wouldn’t be able to obtain an advantage unless he uses the Yin-Yang Maha Gourd.

Standing in the sky, Mu Chen’s expression had also turned grave as he looked at the demonic being. He had also sensed danger.

As Mu Chen focused, Jiang Ya unleashed a roar and brandished his fists. Purplish-black radiance blew along with indescribable ferocity that flew towards Mu Chen like a meteorite.

Every single fist could batter an Initial Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign up.

Facing Jiang Ya’s assault, Mu Chen did not dare to hesitate and unleashed a roar. The Primordial Immortal Body behind him stood up and raised its palm and clashed with the ferocious fists.

The two constantly clashed, causing space to collapse with countless spatial fragments forming into a distortion. Even some Heavenly Sovereigns nearby had to retreat, fearing being swept in.

The two of them did not hold back in their attacks, and in just a few minutes, they clashed over a thousand times. However, it was still difficult for a victor to emerge.

As the battle continued, Jiang Ya grew even more enraged and roared. Through the purplish-black layer, his eyes were fixed on Mu Chen’s silhouette.

Raising his palm, the purplish-black eye was fully opened with an exploding radiance and terrifying fluctuation.

Looking at the purplish-black eye, Mu Chen felt a chill down his spine, it had threatened him. Evidently, Jiang Ya was getting impatient and was bringing out his ultimate move.

“Brat, die!” Jiang Ya roared. In the next moment, he raised his palm and the purplish-black eye fixed onto Mu Chen with a purplish-black radiance violently condensing, causing the surrounding space to collapse in the process.

“Demonic Spirit Eye - God-Killing Demonic Beams!” A roar resounded with killing intent as purplish-black beams shot out.

The instant the beams appeared, they disappeared without a trace.

Mu Chen felt a stinging pain on his skin from the hidden danger. His countenance turned grave with a light flickering in his eyes. Although the surroundings were silent, he could sense the beams hidden in the void. The moment he revealed the slightest flaw, he would be slaughtered.

“What a powerful ultimate move.” Mu Chen’s gaze turned solemn. The Demonic Spirit Clan was truly worthy of possessing the characteristics of the two clans. This attack was probably comparable to the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

Furthermore, it was invisible and hidden in the void. Hence, making it hard to guard against.

Mu Chen knew that if he tried to unleash an attack, even if he did manage to destroy some of them, his flaw would be revealed to the rest. Facing those beams, he didn’t dare to receive them, even with his Saint Physique.

“What omnipotence…” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. In the next moment, he took a deep breath and sat down in the sky. At the same time, the Primordial Immortal Body sat down as well.

“Primordial Immortal Sutra!” As the two of them sat down, both the Primordial Immortal Body and Mu Chen’s mouths opened at the same time and an ancient chant resonated throughout the region.

That chant was extremely ancient, as if it was the natural sound when the world was created.

The shock wave was substantial. With Mu Chen as the center, it spread out towards the surroundings.

The void started to fluctuate as the sound wave struck those beams, then started to collapse.

Under the armor, Jiang Ya’s face drastically changed with disbelief. He never expected that Mu Chen would resolve his ultimate move. One must know that aside from the Heavenly Sky Monarch and Shadow Sky Monarch, the Patriarchs of the thirty-two clans would be fearful.

But right now, he couldn’t do anything to Mu Chen, who was only an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign!

“Go!” Despite shock in Jiang Ya’s heart, he did not dare to hesitate and the beams hidden in the void shot towards Mu Chen.

As the sound wave expanded, there wasn’t any flaw revealed. So despite how the beams tried to attack, they were dissipated by the sound wave.

In just ten-odd breaths, the imminent danger disappeared from the sound wave.

The remaining part of the sound wave engulfed Jiang Ya from afar, causing his body to tremble and deep black lines spread on his armor. He was being sliced apart with blood oozing out. However, his gaze had remained calm, looking deep and unfathomable.

“The Great Thousand World is truly a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Even an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign is so powerful.” Jiang Ya looked at Mu Chen as his hoarse voice resounded.

Keeping a calm expression, Mu Chen’s indifferent voice resounded, “Leave the North Desolate Grave. The hostility of my Great Thousand World is with the Fiend Clans, not another third party.”

Jiang Ya shook his head. “You guys won’t be able to defeat them.

“You’re powerful, so I can only risk my life to defeat you.” Jiang Ya no longer spoke, but coldly stared at Mu Chen. His hands joined together, turning into a bizarre seal with his voice resounding into the void, “Demonic Spirit Transformation!”

An explosion resounded from within his body as two surges of power clashed together and exploded with more compelling power.

“You’re actually colliding the demonic aura and Spiritual Energy…” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. The clash between those two powers would create an even more terrifying force. But likewise, Jiang Ya would be heavily injured, and even his life might be threatened.

Jiang Ya’s body swiftly shrunk with explosions as he spat mists of blood out from his mouth.

In just ten-odd breath, the explosions stopped and a monster appeared in the sky. That monster had the size of a few myriad feet. His body was akin to the ground that split apart and had purplish-black pupils. There were also peculiar runes appearing on his body that flickered with Spiritual Energy and the sinister demonic aura.

A destructive fluctuation slowly permeated from that monster, causing the countenances of Maha Tian, Qing Yanjing and company to drastically change.

Even they felt fearful of that fluctuation.

Mu Chen’s face turned grave. He felt greatly threatened, making him feel death.

Under this state, Jiang Ya could probably even confront a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

“Under this state, you will definitely die today!” The monster formed by Jiang Ya ferociously looked at Mu Chen and roared.

Pursing his lips together, Mu Chen took a deep breath, and his expression calmed down.

“Since you’ve started to risk your life, then what do I have to be afraid of?” Staring at Jiang Ya, his calm voice permeated with boundless killing intent.

“I feel unfortunate for your Demonic Spirit Clan’s encounter, but if you want my relatives and friends to be in the same position as you, then today… I will annihilate you first!”

When the last sound of his voice resounded, Mu Chen suddenly joined his hands together. At the same time, the Primordial Immortal Body stood up and took a step forth before merging into his body at this moment.

When Qing Yanjing and the Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, they were shocked, before Qing Yanjing hollered, “That’s the Human-body Union technique? Mu Chen, stop now! That’s something that only a Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign can tolerate!”

Closing his eyes, Mu Chen cut all the voices out with a voice resounding from his heart, “Human-body Union!”

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