Chapter 1521 - Jiang Ya

The dozen figures stood in the sky with greyish-black Spiritual Energy that roared behind them like an ocean, permeating a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure.

Especially the eyes in their palms, which were emanating a peculiar fluctuation.

“The Demonic Spirit Clan…” Mu Chen’s gaze was grim as he looked at the dozen figures in the North Desolate Grave. This scene has exceeded everyone’s expectations. No one expected that the Fiend Clans would create a new clan, combining the Fiend Clans and life forms of the Great Thousand World together.

The new clan possessed the characteristics of two clans. Not only can they cultivate the demonic aura, but they can also cultivate the Spiritual Energy of the Great Thousand World, which was unbelievable.

However, the truth was before their eyes, regardless of how they refused to believe it.

“Heavenly Sovereigns of the North Desolate Grave heed my orders! Kill the intruders!” Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord’s countenances were pale. However, they did not dare to move right now, since they had to prevent the assault from the Fiend Clans. Thus, they could only echo their voices throughout the North Desolate Grave.

As the five Ancient Clans exchanged a look, they said, “We can’t leave right now as killing the Heavenly Evil Monarch is of utmost importance.”

They had already seen that amongst these invaders, the strongest was in the Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, and the rest were various realms of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen stood up. “Leave the Demonic Spirit Clan to me. Everyone, please continue with the seal.”

As he slowly rose into the sky, a beam flew over and arrived beside him. It was Luo Li, who was wearing a smile. “I’ll go with you.”

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. Luo Li possessed the Ancient Spirit Diagram, and she can rely on it to face Initial Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realms.

At the same time, streaks of light flew over and gathered around them. “We’re willing to follow King Mu to slaughter the demons!”

Gently nodding his head, Mu Chen no longer spoke and his body moved. Along with a dozen Sovereigns, they appeared before the Demonic Spirit Clan and obstructed their path.

“Gentlemen, return to where you came from. Your bodies are also flowing with the bloodline of the Great Thousand World, so don’t be manipulated!” Mu Chen’s eyes turned sharp as he looked at the leader of the Demonic Spirit Clan. It was a man with grey hair who possesses a bearing.

“The Great Thousand World’s bloodline?” When that man heard Mu Chen’s words, he ridiculed, “Even if that’s the case, then where was your Great Thousand World when we lived a life of slaves?”

Mu Chen locked his brows together. It seems that the Demonic Spirit Clan didn’t possess a high status amongst the Fiend Clans. There must be stories behind it, but he didn’t have the time at this moment. Regardless of anything, he had to expel the Demonic Spirit Clan.

“The Fiend Clans are brutal and ruthless. Since you already know about it, why are you guys still working together with them?”

The grey-haired man coldly said, “Then, are we going to work for you guys instead? In that case, I’m afraid the clansmen of my Demonic Spirit Clan will be slaughtered. At that time, can you guys save them?”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and responded, “Since that’s the case, then there’s no need for us to chatter.”

Powerful Spiritual Energy surged around him and the space beneath his feet showed signs of collapsing.

“I am the Patriarch of the Demonic Spirit Clan, Jiang Ya. Today, let me experience how weak the Great Thousand World is after it failed to defend their own territory and allowed the Fiend Clans to taint the life forms here and brutally slaughtered them!” The grey-haired man roared with dense hatred.

Behind Mu Chen, the Heavenly Sovereigns kept their silence, feeling somewhat ashamed. The appearance of the Demonic Spirit Clan was due to the amount of territory that the Fiend Clans seized from the Great Thousand World, allowing the life forms of the Great Thousand World to be treated with brutality.

“Don’t be distracted and engage the enemy!” Mu Chen’s voice resounded. This Demonic Spirit Clan might be pitiful, but it’s not the time for them to take compassion at the moment. Since they have chosen to stand together with the Fiend Clans, that means that they’re the enemies of the Great Thousand World. The moment their objective was fulfilled, they would lose the entire Great Thousand World.

At this moment, they can only die.

“Kill!” Jiang Ya hollered as the dozen silhouette flew out with surging greyish-black Spiritual Energy. Although they’re using Spiritual Energy, it’s incredibly unusual, with a powerful corrosive capabilities. It was similar to the demonic aura of the Fiend Clans.

Mu Chen’s eyes surged with a chilling aura as he waved his hand, commanding the Heavenly Sovereigns to charge forth. They separated and engaged the Demonic Spirit Clan.

On the other hand, he appeared before Jiang Ya and threw a jab without any expression.

The jab had shattered space. With Mu Chen’s Saint Physique, a casual jab from him contained an extremely terrifying power that even an ordinary Saint Heavenly Sovereign would be battered.

“This person is only in the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so why is his strength so powerful?” Looking at the jab coming in his direction, Jiang Ya squinted his eyes. He could sense the terrifying power behind that fist. Immediately, he did not dare to hesitate and opened his palm. The eye in his palm was black with hints of purple in it that looked extraordinary.

The purplish-black pupil swept out with radiance that enveloped Jiang Ya’s palm, which instantly turned purplish-black and formed into a layer.

That layer was akin to black steel, looking terrifying. It was like a sharp killing weapon.

As Mu Chen and Jiang Ya’s fists clashed, a visible fluctuation swept out that shattered space.

The two of them trembled before they retreated a few steps.

“Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames!” Mu Chen’s eyes flickered as he opened his mouth and purple flames gushing out, which engulfed Jiang Ya.

The sizzling purple flames had blazed with a high temperature, as if they wanted to consume Jiang Ya. Even space had distorted from the high temperature.

But as the purple flames flickered, a purplish-black silhouette flew out like a giant. He teleported before Mu Chen, and with a roar, his fist covered in a purplish-black layer flashed and flew towards Mu Chen’s arms, which were crossed together.

Along with a deep clash, Mu Chen was blown a thousand feet back. When he raised his head with a grave expression, he saw a giant covered in a purplish-black layer standing in the sky.

That figure seemed to have a layer of armor on his body that engulfed every single inch with protruding spikes that flickered with sharpness.

At this moment, Jiang Ya was akin to a ferocious beast and every single inch of his body was covered in lethality.

“What an interesting combination between demonic aura and Spiritual Energy.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he looked at the ferocious Jiang Ya.

“A mere Immortal Heavenly Sovereign wants to obstruct me? Is there no one else in the Great Thousand World that can stand out?” Under the envelopment of the purplish-black layer, Jiang Ya’s gaze coldly flickered as he looked at Mu Chen.

“Heh, it looks like I am being underestimated.” Mu Chen smiled before his face turned cold. Forming seals with a single hand, a radiance suddenly burst out from his body.

An ancient figure was also formed behind him.

Through the previous confrontation, Mu Chen sensed that this Patriarch of the Demonic Spirit Clan was powerful, and he wasn’t inferior to Maha Tian. Hence, he couldn’t hold back anymore and summoned the Primordial Immortal Body.

“Primordial Immortal Palm!” When that figure appeared, it had immediately thrust its palm out. Instantly, a radiance burst out with ancient runes that shuttled through space and appeared above Jiang Ya.

When the palm descended, a primordial river appeared that contained the power of immortality.

When the hand appeared, Jiang Ya’s face changed. He clearly felt threatened. He immediately retreated back, forming countless afterimages with a fast speed that was invisible to the naked eyes.

But no matter how he tried to dodge, that palm would always appear above his head, as if the descent of that palm would claim his life.

When the palm landed on Jiang Ya’s body, a terrifying explosion erupted and he was blown back like a fly and crash into a mountain.

The mountain collapsed with rocks flying out. Mu Chen stood in the sky and looked at the mountain with a cold gaze. “Since you’ve chosen to stand by the side of the Fiend Clans, then I can only start the slaughter today and kill all of you here.”

The rocks suddenly exploded as a purplish-black beam soared into the sky and swiftly expanded. In the blink of an eye, it had formed into a sinister demonic being with a towering pressure that permeated out. Even some of the Saint Heavenly Sovereigns had changed their countenances.

At the same time, Jiang Ya’s voice, covered in killing intent, echoed out, “A brat like you wants to speak those blasphemous words? Today, I will use your head to welcome the ascension of the Heavenly Evil Monarch!”

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