Chapter 1520 - Demonic Spirit Clan

As the brilliant flames blazed from Qin Tian’s body, it enveloped him and the flames permeated a towering pressure It was as if they were the Emperor of Flames.

“That’s Emperor Flame, the flames of the Flame Emperor. Why is it on Qin Tian?” When the Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, they looked at the brilliant flames, baffled. This scene was too shocking.

Qin Tian could sense that he was regaining control over his body, due to the flames. Looking at the flames that enveloped his body, he softly muttered, “Brother Xiao is truly formidable.”

No one knew where the Emperor Flame came from, but he was more than clear about it. A few hundred years ago, when he returned to the Great Thousand Palace, he met the Flame Emperor.

At that moment, the Flame Emperor briefly looked at him with his brows knitted before gifting him a fire pearl for him to take with him at all times. He initially felt unsure about it, but at this moment, he knew that the Flame Emperor probably sensed something back then. However, the Heart Demon Seed was buried too deeply, and the Flame Emperor couldn’t do anything about it before it broke out. Thus, the latter gifted him an Emperor Flame Bead.

However, no one could imagine that this little gesture from the Flame Emperor would save him from nearly becoming the sinner of the Great Thousand World.

The flames around the Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord also retreated and they broke free from the Saint Sky Monarch’s restraint, then anxiously looked at Qin Tian.

When they saw the Emperor Flame on Qin Tian’s body, they were briefly stunned before they understood what was going on and sighed in relief.

At this moment, the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array was down to the last defense, and if it was opened, the Fiend Clans would be able to invade the North Desolate Grave. If they managed to free the Heavenly Evil Monarch, it would be a huge disaster.

“Damn it!” The Saint Sky Monarch’s gaze was grim. He did not expect that it would fail. Dense killing intent engulfed him.

“Qin Tian, control the array, and restore the defenses!” The Undying Lord hollered.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Tian started to form seals and the array started to fluctuate once more with the defenses restoring.

“Attack! Tear that array apart!” The Saint Sky Monarch waved his hand with his eyes coldly flickering.

Immediately, demonic aura surged behind the Saint Sky Monarch as demonic figures surged forth. In the next moment, demonic aura soared as they charged towards the membrane.

“Everyone, circulate your Spiritual Energy to the array!” Qin Tian’s face turned grave as he bellowed.

Seeing the Fiend Clans launching an attack, every one issued a roar and their bodies surged with Spiritual Energy. Their Sovereign Immortal Bodies were instantly summoned and countless currents of Spiritual Energy poured into the coffins.

As the demonic smoke flew over, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord exchanged a glance before Spiritual Energy exploded from their bodies and poured into the membrane beneath their feet.

The membrane suddenly exploded with radiance and clashed with the charging demonic figures.

In that moment of contact, the radiance displayed a terrifying lethality. In the path of the radiance, the demonic figures couldn’t even howl as they were purified.

The Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array was created at the life of the Immortal Emperor, and it was resistant to the demonic auras. Hence, it would launch attacks upon sensing it. Only those that cultivated Spiritual Energy could pass through safely.

“Onward!” The Saint Sky Monarch’s cold voice resounded, but his face did not change despite a large number of his subordinates being slaughtered. 

Thus, another roar resounded and the demonic figures were akin to fireflies diving at the fire, fearlessly charging towards the array.

“What a cold-blooded fellow. The Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array counters the demonic aura, and even if he sacrifices a few more fold, it’s impossible to break through the defenses.” Qin Tian coldly said.

The Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord nodded their heads with their expressions turning grave. “We can’t afford to lower our guard. The Fiend Clans have waited for myriads of years, so this won’t be easy.”

The Saint Sky Monarch coldly looked at this scene. In just a short dozen minutes, they had no idea how many of them have died. There were even nearly a hundred Monarchs.

But even when facing such a significant loss, they still couldn’t shake the thin membrane.

“This array left by the Immortal Emperor is truly the bane of my Fiend Clans.” The thirty-two major clan’s patriarch said with fear and hatred.

The Saint Sky Monarch indifferently looked at the Fiend Clans. All of a sudden, he coldly muttered an order.

A dozen demonic beams charged into the demonic aura and approach the membrane.

“Is the Saint Sky Monarch insane? He wouldn't be able to break the array even if all of them charged in!” Qin Tian couldn’t help furrowing his brows as he looked at the Fiend Clans being sent to their deaths.

The Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord were also baffled. This was too unusual.

While they were perplexed, another group turned into demonic radiances and charged towards the weak spot of the membrane.

The radiance from the array swept at the dozen demonic figures. 

But something unexpected occurred. The ten dozen demonic beings were only briefly stopped. They weren’t purified like the other members of the Fiend Clans. They increased their speed and charged towards the membrane.

“What?!” Sensing this, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord were shocked. These demonic beings actually resisted the purifying radiance?

“Stop them!” The three of them felt uneasy and hollered.

But nearly ten of the thirty-two major clan’s patriarchs made a move and a torrential demonic aura swept towards the three of them.

As the heavens and earth were torn apart, Qin Tian and company were briefly obstructed. At this moment, it was too late for them to make a move.

Hence, the dozen demonic beings charged towards the last layer of the membrane.

“There’s no need to panic. The array rejects all demonic aura, and they will be instantly purified…” The Undying Lord consoled. But before he could finish his sentence, the dozen demonic beings came in contact with the membrane.

All of a sudden, the demonic aura around the dozen silhouettes disappeared and was replaced with boundless Spiritual Energy from their bodies.

“Spiritual Energy?! Impossible?!” At this moment, Qin Tian’s group of three widened their eyes in shock as they saw the demonic aura around the dozen silhouettes being converted into Spiritual Energy. Furthermore, all of them have reached the Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

“How did the Fiend Clans cultivate Spiritual Energy?!” The North Desolate Grave was also in chaos as everyone looked at this scene with disbelief.

Judging from the demonic aura from before, they were clearly the Fiend Clans, and the strength revealed by them wasn’t inferior to any of them.

As the dozen silhouettes touched the membrane, Spiritual Energy erupted, but the array did not pose any obstruction, allowing them to enter the North Desolate Grave.

“Hahaha! Qin Tian, how can you possibly imagine what my Fiend Clans have schemed for a few myriad years?!” The Saint Sky Monarch’s laughter roared.

“All of you must be curious, how can my Fiend Clans cultivate Spiritual Energy, right?

“It’s simple. They’re not genuinely from the Fiend Clans, and they’re life forms from the union of the Fiend Clans and the Great Thousand World. They’re a new clan that we’ve nurtured. They’re called the Demonic Spirit Clan, and they’re able to cultivate both demonic aura and Spiritual Energy by birth! Hahaha!”

Everyone was silent in the North Desolate Grave as their countenances paled.

The Fiend Clans occupied nearly half of the Great Thousand World’s territories and even countless Lower Planes. So they generally had a sufficient amount of population to do that, since they’re not bothered by the deaths of the life forms originating from the Great Thousand World…

Most importantly, they’ve succeeded.

The faces of Mu Chen and the Heavenly Sovereigns were pale as they raised their heads. They looked at the dozen silhouettes that passed through the membrane. As the Spiritual Energy radiance around them disappeared, their figures were revealed.

They looked exactly the same as any human from the Great Thousand World, but everyone noticed a demonic eye on their palm that slowly opened.

Instantly, powerful Spiritual Energy swept out from their bodies.

‘These people… are the so-called ‘Demonic Spirit Clan’?’

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