Chapter 1519 - Heart Demon Seed

When the Saint Sky Monarch’s voice resounded, it left everyone baffled. No one had any idea what he was talking about.

The Great Thousand Palace was formed to resist the Fiend Clans. The Great Thousand Palace usually did not have a Palace Lord, but with the imminent battle, Qin Tian was naturally elected as the Palace Lord.

With his status, he truly possessed some control over the array. But everyone was baffled by the Saint Sky Monarch’s words.

Mu Chen was also startled, before he knitted his brows. Although he had no idea what the Saint Sky Monarch meant, there must be a reason to his words.

Under everyone’s baffling gazes, Qin Tian’s brows were locked together as he coldly looked at the Saint Sky Monarch. “What do you mean?”

With a mysterious gaze, the Saint Sky Monarch smiled in the direction of Qin Tian. “Back then, you intruded into our territory and killed so many of our Monarchs. You even slaughtered a Sky Monarch before escaping back to the Great Thousand World, am I right? This incident can be considered your glorious achievement in your lifetime.”

As the Saint Sky Monarch slightly turned his head, a ridiculing smile hung on his lips. “But did you really think that you can escape from us with you alone? At that time, you’re still not that capable yet.”

Qin Tian suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

Waving his hand, a demonic aura surged and formed into a demonic figure. That figure was pale and he was coldly looking at Qin Tian. “Qin Tian, do you know him?”

When Qin Tian’s gaze fell onto that demonic figure, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He was shocked to discover that this was the Sky Monarch he killed back then.

“How is this possible?! How is he still alive?!” Qin Tian’s heart was swept by turmoil.

“He’s the Heart Demon Clan’s Patriarch of our thirty-two clans. When you fought with him, you only obtained a slight advantage. Did you really think that you can kill him?” The Saint Sky Monarch ridiculed.

“The Heart Demon Clan?!” Qin Tian’s face drastically changed as he looked at the Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord. “Quick, seal me!”

The sudden changes had caught everyone by surprise. But the Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord weren’t ordinary people, so they made their moves without any hesitation.

Waving his hand, an azure sword tore through space with a sweep of the Azure Sword Saint’s sleeve and flew towards Qin Tian. As for the Undying Lord, there was a black beam that enveloped towards Qin Tian.

Although they weren’t clear about the situation, there seemed to be an incident with Qin Tian, so they had to take precautions.

“Haha. Qin Tian, you’re truly ruthless to even seal yourself.” But when the two lights descended, the Saint Sky Monarch’s chuckle resounded.

At the same time, a black and white fusion of flames descended from the horizon and clashed with the two beams. As they sizzled, the black and white flames incinerated everything.

The Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord both had a cold light flickering in their eyes.

“Azure Celestial Sword!” The Azure Sword Saint coldly barked and the azure sword in his hand flew up. As the radiance flew, it turned into a massive sword before turning into a beam of light that seemed like it could pierce through the heavens and earth. In the blink of an eye, it flew to the Saint Sky Monarch, stabbing downward.

The Undying Lord put his hands together and swiftly formed into a seal. As the black Spiritual Energy gushed out, it formed into a palm-sized greyish-black bead that appeared beside the Saint Sky Monarch. “Spiritual Hell Lightning!”

The two of them instantly brought out their full strength and even a pinnacle Sky Monarch would be killed if they were careless.

But facing the two of their attacks, the Saint Sky Monarch’s face was indifferent with black and white flames surging. “Saint Demonic Flaming Armour!”

As he hollered, black and white flames rose onto his body and formed into an armour.

When the armour was formed, the sword flew over. As for the bead, it suddenly exploded with boundless greyish-black lightning.

With the Saint Sky Monarch as the centre, a few myriad feet in radius was dyed black with countless spatial fragments flying out.

When everyone saw this scene, their faces were shocked. An attack from a pinnacle expert in the Great Thousand World was simply destructive.

However, no one had any idea how the Saint Sky Monarch would fair against the attacks.

Under countless nervous gazes, the collapsed space recovered to normal and everyone was astonished. They saw black and white flames surging with a demonic figure standing proudly within. Although the radiance on the armour had grown dim, he did not suffer from either attack.

In the North Desolate Grave, everyone took a deep breath with astonishment on their faces. No one expected that the Saint Sky Monarch would be so powerful.

Not even the Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord could do a thing to him.

“The two of you might be powerful, but you’re still lacking when compared to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.” The Saint Sky Monarch indifferently glanced at the two of them. “The show is just starting. Behave well and watch.”

As he spoke, black and white flames flew out in the form of halos and appeared on the Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord.

As the black and white flaming halos circulated, they sizzled with flames that trapped the two of them together.

“Heart Demon, make your move. Show Qin Tian how long I have been scheming for this day.” The Saint Sky Monarch smiled as he looked at the Patriarch of the Heart Demon Clan.

The Patriarch of the Heart Demon Clan nodded his head with a peculiar smile on his lips then looked at Qin Tian. “That demonic being you killed back then was my Heart Demon Seed. Although you’ve ruined my cultivation by destroying it, you had no idea that the Heart Demon Seed has been hidden within your heart. After such a long time, even you did not manage to sense it, despite reaching the Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

“Back then, you wantonly killed within our territory. Despite escaping, you have no idea that it’s just a scheme of our Fiend Clans. However, we were still surprised that you became the Palace Lord of the Great Thousand Palace. Hahaha!”

“But today, it’s time for you to show your worth.” The Heart Demon’s laughter resounded, then he abruptly formed seals with his hands. Millions and millions of black beams burst from his body.

Those beams had fused into space, connecting to the unknown.

Suddenly, Qin Tian’s body trembled and he was shocked as a peculiar power started to circulate within his heart.

In the path of that power, the Spiritual Energy within his body was being suppressed.

As a deep growl resounded from Qin Tian’s throat, his eyes turned red and he violently circulated his Spiritual Energy. But the more he resisted, the more he lost control of himself.

“Haha. My Heart Demon Seed, open the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array!” The Heart Demon issued a sharp cry.

Thus, under all the Heavenly Sovereigns’ shocked gazes, Qin Tian’s hands slowly rose and he started to form seals. The membrane beneath his feet was fluctuating and gradually disappeared.

When the Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, they felt a chill down their spines. No one expected that the Palace Lord of the Great Thousand Palace, Qin Tian, would have a ‘Heart Demon Seed’ planted in his heart a few hundred years ago!

The membrane formed by the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array started to dissolve, and in just a few breaths, a dozen layers had already been dissolved.

When the Saint Sky Monarch and other Sky Monarchs saw this scene, their eyes blazed. As long as the array opens, they would be able to launch their assault against the North Desolate Grave.

Qin Tian’s face distorted. He could only sense what he was doing, but he couldn’t control his body. Indignation rose within his heart and he even wanted to self-destruct at this moment.

As he looked at the dissolving membrane, his gaze was filled with despair.

But his hands were still forming seals.

Before he finished the seals, his body suddenly trembled. Then, a brilliant and mysterious flame suddenly ignited from within his body.

As the flame rose, it enveloped Qin Tian. The blaze was extremely unusual, and everyone could see that when it engulfed Qin Tian, there were strands of fading black smoke.

The Patriarch of the Heart Demon Clan trembled and a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth. His face had turned dark. He could sense that the Heart Demon Seed that he planted in Qin Tian’s body was incinerated.

The sudden change also caused the Saint Sky Monarch’s face to change as he looked at the mysterious flames blazing from Qin Tian’s body and he spat out one word at a time in a sinister voice, “The—Flame—Emperor? That damnable Flame Emperor ruined our plan!”

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