Chapter 1518 - That person

As the layer of demonic aura was torn apart, a gigantic purplish-golden dragon appeared with its golden scales radiating with a golden brilliance. As it spread out, the demonic aura was being dissolved by the terrifying draconic pressure.

Behind the giant purplish-golden dragon was a massive being that followed over. In the next moment, powerful Spiritual Energy swept out and the demonic pressure retreated.

“It’s the True Dragon Emperor, the Senior Grand Elder of the Dragon Clan!”

“The Pure and Real Phoenix Kings are also here!”

“That’s the Roc Ancestor and Titan Ape King!”


Cheers came from the North Desolate Grave as those colossal beings were famous Supreme Divine Beasts of the Great Thousand World.

Those that were mentioned were comparable to Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns, and they weren’t weaker than Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and the Undying Lord.

After all, there were too many life forms in the Great Thousand World. Aside from the human clan, there’s also the Divine Beast Clans. Amongst the Divine Beast Clans, the Supreme Divine Beasts were blessed by the heavens and their strength wasn’t weaker than the humans.

Although the two races usually had disputes, they’re still part of the Great Thousand World. So when facing the Fiend Clans, they had to stay united.

Everyone understood that if the Great Thousand World falls in the hands of the Fiend Clans, all of them would be enslaved.

Under everyone’s joyful gazes, the purplish-golden dragon and other beings started to shrink in size. The leader was a middle-aged man in a purplish-golden robe with boorish features. His eyes were akin to gold and they permeated a terrifying pressure.

Standing beside him were the Pure and Real Phoenix Kings, a man and a woman.

Mu Chen naturally met Huang Jin, the Real Phoenix King, in the past. Although the latter’s strength was only a Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, the Pure and Real Phoenix Kings could join hands together. At that time, they could even face two pinnacle Sky Monarchs.

Behind them, the powerhouses of the Supreme Divine Beasts all looked ferocious.

“Brother Qin, we’ve not come late, have we?” The True Dragon Emperor cupped his hands together.

Seeing the reinforcements, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and the Undying Lord sighed in relief. Although there were many Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave, they’re busy with the array and couldn’t move so easily. Furthermore, the three of them weren’t sufficient to face the entirety of the Fiend Clans.

With the Divine Beast Clans’ arrival, their pressure was suddenly relieved.

“Haha, those things really don’t give up, do they? Still yearning for our Great Thousand World!” The True Dragon Emperor’s golden pupils coldly flickered as he looked at the demonic beings.

Indifferently sweeping a gaze over, the Saint Sky Monarch said, “Nothing but a bunch of insects dares to speak with such arrogance? When my Fiend Clans dominate the Great Thousand World, we will use you beasts as our rides.”

“Bastard, you’re courting death!” The Titan Ape King violently roared as his pupils turned red. Clenching his hand, a staff appeared and space ruptured with his brandish.

“Shadow Demon, get rid of them. Don’t let those insects get close.” The Saint Sky Monarch declared.

“Hehe. These insects might be annoying, but their flesh is fragrant. It’s great nourishment for us!” The Shadow Demon Clan’s Monarch smiled as he looked at the Divine Beasts before waving his hand.

In the cracked space, torrential demonic aura gushed out and several massive demonic beings appeared. When their power was being emanated, everyone could sense that they were all Sky Monarchs.

Although there was a boundary in the Lower Plane, the Fiend Clans could use their greatest force to bring their forces through it.

“Haha. We’ve caught some insects in the past, and their flesh was delicious. But I’m afraid that they were inferior to all of you here.” The Shadow Sky Monarch smiled with his eyes narrowed as he looked at the True Dragon Emperor.

The True Dragon Emperor’s eyes turned grim as he replied, “I will tear you apart piece by piece later as a tribute to those clansmen!”

“I’m just afraid that you’re not capable of accomplishing that.” The Shadow Sky Monarch smiled as his eyes turned dark. He indifferently declared, “Kill them!”

Behind them, demonic beings suddenly exploded with a demonic aura that wreaked havoc in the region and enveloped towards the True Dragon Emperor. All of them were Sky Monarchs.

“Kill! Kill those assholes!” The Titan Ape King roared and brandished his giant staff. It turned into a massive staff that broke through space and swung towards a Sky Monarch.

The Roc Ancestor, Phoenix Kings, and other Supreme Divine Beasts also made their move. Boundless Spiritual Energy roared along with a pressure as they clashed with the opposing demonic beings.

This confrontation was earth-shattering, with massive Spiritual Energy and demonic aura clashing, even the stars in the sky were trembling.

The True Dragon Emperor did not make a move, but his eyes were fixated on the casual-looking Shadow Sky Monarch. From the latter, he felt an extremely dangerous aura.

“Insect, you’re still not going to make your move?” The Shadow Sky Monarch smiled with his eyes narrowed as he looked at the True Dragon Emperor.

The True Dragon Emperor’s eyes were grim. He had a high position in the Great Thousand World, and no one dared to call him in this manner. Even if this person made him felt threatened, the True Dragon Emperor’s eyes still beamed with a cold radiance.

“Since you’re not going to make your move, then die.” The Shadow Sky Monarch smiled as the vortices in his pupils spun, turning into black beams that shot out.

Those black beams were filled with a destructive aura. In the path of them, all vitality was erased. It was extremely terrifying.

When the black beams appeared, the True Dragon Emperor wore a grave expression, but he did not dare to neglect. A draconic roar resounded from his throat.

“True Dragon Claw!” He stretched his hand out and it formed into a giant dragon claw, covered in purplish-golden scales. With a brandish, space tore apart. Although the spatial fragments circulated around the dragon claw, they couldn’t leave any marks on the scales. On the other hand, it grew even more ferocious.

His claw could even tear through the Sovereign Immortal Body of an ordinary Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

As the dragon claw whistled, it collided with the black beams. However, the expected huge commotion did not occur. Instead, space swiftly collapsed into a huge black hole.

As the dragon claw disappeared, the True Dragon Emperor trembled. There was a trace of blood flowing down his claw.

The Shadow Sky Monarch smiled towards the True Dragon Emperor. In the next moment, he created afterimages and flew with the vortices in his eyes spinning faster.

As the True Dragon Emperor unleashed a roar, his body started to swell with scales. He looked like a Draconian at this moment and clashed with the Shadow Sky Monarch.

As the two forces clashed, every single confrontation would cause the ground to shake.

Looking at these groups that were delaying them from entering the North Desolate Grave, the Saint Sky Monarch turned to look at Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint and the rest, “When we appeared, our Fiend Clans have started invading the Great Thousand World. So don’t hope that you can receive any reinforcements.”

Qin Tian coldly replied, “That means that more of your Fiend Clans are being held up.”

Turning his head, Qin Tian looked at the North Desolate Grave. At this moment, there were over forty spears created by the array, after about fifty more, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s life force will be erased.

At this moment, they had to drag the time.

“If Brother Xiao and Brother Lin were here, why would these fellows be so arrogant?” Qin Tian sighed. Even he felt admiration for the two of them. Although they were also Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns, Qin Tian had a vague feeling that he couldn’t be a match for either of them.

Over the myriad of years, there were countless geniuses in the Great Thousand World, and he had his fair share of experience. However, he never had such a feeling before.

“The two of them are truly troublesome. Just to hold the two of them, we had to separate a portion of our pinnacle strength.” The Saint Sky Monarch sighed. “If they had more time, I’m afraid that the two of them would reach the Immortal Emperor’s height. But what a pity…”

An unusual smile rose on the Saint Sky Monarch’s lips. “You won’t have that chance.”

Qin Tian’s gaze turned cold. “That will have to depend on whether you guys are capable of destroying the array!”

Looking at Qin Tian, the Saint Sky Monarch’s gaze grew even more peculiar as his smile became sinister. “Qin Tian, I am truly unable to do anything to this array.

“But someone else can…”

Qin Tian’s pupils squinted as he exchanged a look with the Azure Sword Saint and the Undying Lord. The two of them were instantly engulfed by Spiritual Energy and their guard was up.

“I will see who’s capable of destroying the array!” Qin Tian smiled.

The Saint Sky Monarch smiled. His smile was sinister as he stared at Qin Tian and slowly said, “Since you want to know, then I will tell you… that person… is you… the Demon Slayer King, Qin Tian!”

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