Chapter 1517 - Reinforcements

As the demonic aura resonated throughout the region, the torrential demonic aura endlessly gushed out, practically turning the space in the North Desolate Grave into a demonic territory.

As demonic aura rose, powerful figures could be seen amongst them and their eyes were as cold as if they were looking at prey. They were looking at the Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave.

In the North Desolate Grave, the Heavenly Sovereigns looked at the torrential demonic aura in a panic with anxiety written on their faces. After all, this was the first time that they had seen the Fiend Clans. Furthermore, all the Fiend Clans here were powerhouses.

The countenances of Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and the Undying Lord were cold as they raised the heads and looked at the demonic figures. “Your Fiend Clans are truly bold to invade so deeply into my Great Thousand World. Aren’t you afraid of being slaughtered by the joined forces of the Great Thousand World?”

As the demonic aura surged and swiftly gathered, a black-robed figure was formed. That figure was enveloped in the boundless sinister aura as if he was the ruler amongst the demons. However, his expression was amicable, especially his eyes. Looking into his eyes, no one could raise any hostility in their hearts and even felt the urge to pay their respect.

“Haha, when we appeared, the North Desolate Grave was already sealed. So regardless of the commotion here, nothing will be sent out.” That black-robed figure smiled as his gaze looked at Qin Tian’s group of three and said in a friendly way, “My friends, if you guys are willing to release our deity, my Fiend Clans can retreat from the Great Thousand World and we will exist in peace.”

“Saint Sky Monarch…” Qin Tian looked at the black-robed figure and instantly recognised the latter’s identity. This was the king of the Fiend Clans, and his position was only beneath the Heavenly Evil Monarch. It looked like the Fiend Clans have truly brought out all their power to rescue the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

“Your Fiend Clans are brutal and view the lives of my Great Thousand World as weeds. It’s such a joke to hear the word ‘peace’ coming from you.” The Undying Lord replied, coldly.

Hearing the response, the Saint Sky Monarch casually smiled. “Under the law of predation, there’s a variant of truth. Our Fiend Clans naturally have to invade your Great Thousand World for us to exist and convert your disgusting Spiritual Energy into our baleful aura. As long as you guys are willing to submit, I am willing to convert all of your physiques to adapt to the new Great Thousand World.”

“Outrageous, your Fiend Clans actually dare to taint our Spiritual Energy?!” The Heavenly Sovereigns faces changed as they bellowed. Spiritual Energy was the foundation of the Great Thousand World, and if it was converted, they would encounter a lack of Spiritual Energy. That means that all their cultivation would be gone.

What the Fiend Clans wanted to do was to erase the foundation of Spiritual Energy in their Great Thousand World.

Holding onto the azure sword, the Azure Sword Saint looked at the Saint Sky Monarch and smiled. “Your Fiend Clans can stop dreaming. Go back to where you came from. We will not let you taint the Great Thousand World.”

Sighing in regret, the Saint Sky Monarch replied, “Looks like you’re not interested in my suggestion. Since that’s the case…”

After a brief pause, his amicable gaze suddenly surged with coldness. “Then we can only wipe all of you out.”

“Haha, you should’ve done that from the start, Saint Demon. What’s there to talk about with the aboriginals of the Great Thousand World? Just beat them into submission and turn them into our slaves.” Demonic aura surged around the Saint Sky Monarch and formed into a demonic being with torrential might. His pupils were akin to black vortexes. He was the Patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Clan.

At this moment, he was looking at the Heavenly Sovereigns in the North Desolate Grave with a smile while licking his lips. It was akin to a starving wolf seeing a rabbit.

“What arrogance. You think you can enter this array?” Maha Tian snickered.

The Fiend Clans came in a grandiose manner, but they never made a move, since they were fearful of this Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array, which was set up by the Immortal Emperor. This array contained a majestic power that could kill any member of the Fiend Clans that intrude.

Lowering his head, the Saint Sky Monarch looked at the massive array that enveloped the North Desolate Grave with his eyes flickering with radiance. A brief moment later, he sighed, “We never expected that the Great Thousand World would have a figure like the Immortal Emperor…”

Shaking his head, he indifferently continued his speech, “But this array is lifeless, despite the power. If you think that this array can protect the peace of the Great Thousand World, then I’m afraid that you guys are too naïve.

After he spoke, he waved his hand and his emotionless words resounded, “Corrosion Demon Clan, make your move.”

As he spoke, torrential demonic aura surged from the cracked space and countless seated demonic beings appeared. Their bodies were dripping with black liquid that could even leave corrosion marks in space.

The Corrosion Demon Clan had an innate corrosive ability that was extremely oppressive. Any power tainted by it would be gradually corroded.

As the multitude of demonic beings roared, a demonic radiance exploded from their bodies.

As the demonic light swept out, one demonic figure after another exploded. Along with the explosion of their bodies, droplets of dense black liquid slowly rose into the sky.

That liquid was extremely black, not even space was sustaining the corrosive characteristic. There was also a terrifying power permeating from it, as if it could corrode anything.

As the liquid combined, it formed into a black creek that descended from the sky and fell onto the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array’s membrane.

As the two connected, smoke rose and the membrane flickered with ripples. A mysterious and majestic force swept out that swiftly purified the black creek.

When the Heavenly Sovereigns saw this, they felt relieved, since it seemed like the defensive capabilities of the Great Thousand Extinguishing Demon Array has exceeded their expectations.

“Continue!” The Saint Sky Monarch’s face was unchanged as his indifferent voice resounded again.

“For the clan!” The Corrosion Demon Clan roared as they exploded. Instantly, black liquid soared into the sky and converged into creeks that flowed towards the Great Thousand Demon Extinguishing Array.

But no matter how terrifying the corrosive power was, it was still purified by the array without any traces of damage.

However, the Saint Sky Monarch ignored it and continued to order the Corrosion Demon Clan to self-destruct.

Mu Chen locked his brows at this scene and his eyes narrowed a brief moment later, then he hollered, “They’re trying to exhaust the power of the array and delay the timing of the spears being formed!”

Hearing Mu Chen’s voice, Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and the Undying Lord’s hearts trembled as they swept their gazes over. Indeed, it’s just as Mu Chen has said. The time it takes to create the spear in the array was gradually lengthened!

Before, it only took an incense’s time for the spear to form. But right now, it was dragged by almost half.

Naturally, the Fiend Clans did not expect to exhaust the array completely. They just wanted to delay the time.

“Everyone, infuse your Spiritual Energy!” Qin Tian bellowed.

Hearing his orders, all the Heavenly Sovereigns sat down and circulated their Spiritual Energy into the coffins.

The Undying Lord grimly stared at the torrential demonic aura. “The Fiend Clans are truly insane. To break the seal, they’re even willing to sacrifice an entire clan.”

The Corrosion Demon Clan was naturally treated as a sacrifice. The ruthlessness made everyone’s hearts turn cold.

“If this continues, it will turn into a battle of exhaustion. The Fiend Clans came in a ferocious manner, trying to invade our Great Thousand World, and we don’t have our strongest force gathered here.” The Azure Sword Saint continued, “If this drags on, there will surely be a flaw, and there might be unforeseen events.”

Qin Tian’s eyes flickered. “Regardless of anything, we have to maintain this till the 99th spear descends. The Fiend Clans will be finished when the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s life is extinguished.”

“They’re trying to exhaust the array to delay the spears. The three of us should join forces and buy time for the array.”

“Sure.” The Azure Sword Saint and Undying Lord nodded their heads.

The three of them suddenly soared into the sky and they came to the membrane.

As torrential Spiritual Energy swept over, it was akin to a tidal wave and three surges of the black creek dispersed.

“The three of you want to fight with my Fiend Clans by yourself?” The Saint Sky Monarch’s cold voice resounded.

When his hand waved down, demonic aura flew over and six demonic beings stepped forth, bringing along an endless might.

When Mu Chen and the rest saw the six demonic beings in the North Desolate Grave, their eyes changed. The six of them were akin Sky Monarchs that were comparable to Late Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereigns.

“We’ll help out as well!” Maha Tian turned to the four other Ancient Clans and said.

“No. We must maintain the infusion of Spiritual Energy into the array for the 99th spear to form!” Mu Chen’s brows locked together.

Qing Yanjing nodded her head as well. “He’s right. We can’t be rash!”

After a brief hesitation, the Great Underworld Ancestor of the Ancient Spirit Clan, Patriarch Hei Tian of the Ancient Terminal Clan, and Huang Qiu of the Ancient Desolate Clan nodded their heads as well. Right now, killing the Heavenly Evil Monarch was of utmost importance.

Maha Tian snorted, but he kept silent. He knew what was more important at this moment.

“Haha, we’ll use the lives of you three to welcome the reappearance of our deity!” The six demonic beings stood between the heavens and earth as their roars brought along an endless demonic might that engulfed towards Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord.

Behind them, countless demonic beings were coldly eyeing the three of them.

Seeing those demonic beings, the countenances of Qin Tian, the Azure Sword Saint, and Undying Lord turned cold without fear as they circulated their Spiritual Energy and caused the entire region to tremble.

“Kill!” The six demonic beings roared and flew towards Qin Tian’s group of three.

But when they made a move, an ear-deafening draconic roar resounded as a golden light tore through the layers of the demonic aura and formed into a purplish-golden dragon with its draconic pressure permeating throughout the region.

“Haha. Brother Qin, my Divine Beast Clan, is also part of the Great Thousand World. So how can we be exempted from this battle?!” A golden dragon that covered the sun was engulfed with a golden radiance as it flew over. It was a Supreme Divine Beast of the Great Thousand World.

In the North Desolate Grave, when Mu Chen and the Heavenly Sovereigns saw the Supreme Divine Beast, joy filled their expressions. That’s because the Divine Beast Clan was finally here!

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