Chapter 1514 - Gathering of Powerhouses

The black field stood between the mountains of graves, permeating an oppressive aura from those black coffins that were standing in the field.

The faces of Mu Chen and company grew grave, especially Qing Yanjing. She was a Saint Spiritual Array Ancestor, and her attainments in Spiritual Arrays could be ranked amongst the top, even in the Great Thousand World. She could tell that these coffins constructed a terrifyingly powerful Spiritual Array.

A Spiritual Array that exceeded the Saint Rank.

“If such a massive Spiritual Array is to be triggered, even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign would be extinguished.” Qing Yanjing sighed with deep respect in her tone. Back then, the Immortal Emperor was a true legend that managed to make a comeback and saved the entire Great Thousand World.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen replied, “We can infer from this that the Heavenly Evil Monarch is so powerful that 49,000 years is required to extinguish his vitality completely.”

A grave light flashed within Qing Yanjing’s eyes as she sighed, “That also means that we can’t allow that disaster to be free.”

As they spoke, the two grey-robed guardians descended on a mountain near the edge of the field. The enormous palace on the mountain was akin to a gigantic beast.

As Mu Chen and company landed before the palace, they saw the three cursive words when they raised their heads ⁠— Great Thousand Palace.

Looking at the Great Thousand Palace, Mu Chen could vaguely feel a dangerous feeling permeating from the pavilion, as if it was a living thing.

“This Great Thousand Palace is a Peerless Saint Artifact and the treasure of the Great Thousand Palace. It can travel through space, and in terms of power, it’s comparable to the Ancestral Pagoda of our Ancient Buddha Clan.” Qing Yanjing explained.

Mu Chen understood at this moment and he smacked his lips. He had seen the Ancestral Pagoda of the Ancient Buddha Clan and the Yin-Yang Maha Gourd of the Ancient Maha Clan. He knew how terrifying those Peerless Saint Artifacts were,  even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would be fearful of them.

It looked like the Great Thousand Palace was serious this time, since they even brought this treasure here.

When the Great Thousand Palace opened, Mu Chen exchanged a glance with Qing Yanjing and the three of them stepped in.

When they stepped in, there was a whole new scenery — the palace was brightly lit with lamps. There were round seats up ahead that formed into a circle. It was akin to a training field.

However, the further it went down, the fewer seats there were. The seats were also differentiated into grey, silver, and gold. They represented three different statuses, the higher it went, the higher the status.

There were many silhouettes seated there and all of them were engulfed in powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Every single one of them was a Heavenly Sovereign.

Heavenly Sovereigns that could be considered a Dao Ancestor in the Great Thousand World were common in the Great Thousand Palace and all of them had kept their arrogance.

Mu Chen’s gaze looked at the circle of golden seats and saw a familiar figure, the Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace ⁠— Qin Tian.

“Haha, Grand Elder Qing Yanjing, King Mu, Holy Maiden Luo Li, welcome. I apologise for not receiving the three of you personally.” When Mu Chen and company entered, Qin Tian had sensed them and he warmly said.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen, Qing Yanjing, and Luo Li also bowed in return to this Demon Slayer King, who was famous throughout the Great Thousand World.

“Three of you, please have a seat.”

Qin Tian smiled and pointed at the golden seats beside him.

His words instantly caused a commotion and everyone focused their attention over. Although the seats didn’t look remarkable, they represented a status in the Great Thousand World.

According to the rules, Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns were only allowed the ordinary seats, while silver seats were for Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns. As for the golden seats, they were only meant for Saint Heavenly Sovereigns or rulers of a pinnacle supreme force.

Amongst Mu Chen’s group of three, Qing Yanjing was a Saint Spiritual Array Ancestor, and at the same time, the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan. Hence, she was naturally qualified to have a seat. On the other hand, Luo Li was the Holy Maiden of the Ancient Spirit Clan, and she represented the Ancient Spirit Clan. So naturally, she was also qualified.

However, Mu Chen’s Mu Abode might have dominated the Greatlaw Continent, but the foundation was still feeble. Although his battle in the Ancient Maha Clan has spread out, many people here were in seclusion for a long time. Hence, they weren’t aware of this matter, which was the reason why they were shocked when they heard that his seat was a gold seat.

Seeing the commotion in the palace, Qin Tian smiled. “Don’t bout. Not only is Mu Chen the Mu Abode’s Ruler, he is also the Demon Slayer King of my Great Thousand Palace. In terms of strength, he is comparable to a Middle Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Most importantly… he is the second owner of the Primordial Immortal Body, so he’s naturally qualified.”

A commotion instantly broke out within the palace and everyone stared at Mu Chen with shock.

“I never expected that after a hundred years of seclusion, there would be such a figure in the Great Thousand World. The younger generations have truly surpassed us…” An old Heavenly Sovereign sighed.

Facing those exclamations, Mu Chen wasn’t too affected. He allowed Qing Yanjing to walk first while he and Luo Li followed behind. They ascended the stairs and took a golden seat each.

But when he passed through, he suddenly stopped and saw a familiar figure. When that person sensed Mu Chen’s gaze, that person froze.

“Haha, West Heaven Battle Emperor, it has been such a long time since we last met. I never expected that you’d also reach the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. How are you lately?” Mu Chen smiled as he looked at this figure on the golden seats.

This was the West Heaven Battle Emperor that once had enmity with Mu Chen.

Back then, the West Heaven Battle Emperor wanted to take Luo Li as a Holy Maiden, which started a conflict with Mu Chen. In the end, Mu Chen had to invite the Flame Emperor over. Not only was that matter resolved, he even seized a quota from the West Heaven Continent.

Back then, the West Heaven Battle Emperor was only in the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, and Mu Chen never expected that he would reach the Initial Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm upon their reunion.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face turned pale with awkwardness. Back then, Mu Chen was only an ant in his eyes that he wouldn’t pay attention to.

But he never expected that in less than ten years, that brat that merely reached the Earth Heavenly Sovereign Realm would reach the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm with his fame resounding throughout the Great Thousand World.

Although he has reached the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he was clear that he wasn’t Mu Chen’s opponent. After all, he knew what happened in the Ancient Maha Clan.

Not even Maha Tian could do anything to Mu Chen, so how could he, an Initial Phase Saint Heavenly Sovereign, do anything to Mu Chen?

Thinking about their enmity from before, the West Heaven Battle Emperor grew uneasy with a grim expression.

Sweeping a glance over, Mu Chen smiled. “Our enmity from the past was resolved, and you’ve never done tricks to the Luo God Clan since then. So I will naturally not seek trouble with you.”

When he finished speaking, he sat on the golden seat nearest to Qin Tian.

Looking at Mu Chen’s silhouette, the West Heaven Battle Emperor gnashed his teeth before helplessly shaking his head. Mu Chen was no longer that ant from before, and he had to treat the latter seriously.

It was best that the hostility from the past could be resolved.

When Mu Chen sat on the seat, he closed his eyes and ignored the surrounding gazes.

As more Heavenly Sovereigns arrived, the Ancient Desolate Clan, Ancient Terminal Clan, and Ancient Maha Clan have also arrived.

Maha Tian naturally represented the Ancient Maha Clan. When he saw Mu Chen, his face turned unsightly, but he knew that this wasn’t the place to resolve their personal grudges. Thus, he cupped his hands to Qin Tian before sitting down.

Mu Chen also did not pay any attention to Maha Tian, but he looked at the robust man that was on a golden seat. His complexion was yellow with veins wriggling on his arms that permeated a terrifying fluctuation.

The reason why Mu Chen was interested in this man was because this was the Patriarch of the fifth Ancient Clan, the Ancient Desolate Clan, Huang Qiu.

It was known that the Ancient Desolate Clan excelled in cultivating their physiques, and within Mu Chen’s perception, Huang Qiu’s physique has reached the Saint Physique, just like him.

As time passed, more seats were filled up. Looking at this formation, even Mu Chen was startled, since every single one here were Overlords in the Great Thousand World. Yet, all of them were gathered here.

While Mu Chen was sighing at the formation, his heart suddenly moved as strands of a black gale appeared in the sky and descended towards the seat beside Qin Tian.

When the gale dissipated, there was an old man with white hair, and his eyes hung low. It was as if he was asleep in his seat.

That old man permeated an aged aura, as if his life would be extinguished at any time. But it was also under this tottering manner that he emanated an incredible pressure.

Sensing the pressure, even Mu Chen’s heart trembled.

Looking at the old man, Qin Tian’s face turned solemn and cupped his eyes. “Qin Tian greets Senior Undying.”

The palace immediately went into an uproar as everyone directed their respectful gazes over. Evidently, that old man was the leader of the Grave Guardians that guarded the North Desolate Grave, the mysterious Undying Lord.

While everyone was looking at that old man, a crisp cry of a sword echoed and everyone saw an azure sword flying over before it descended on the seat beside the Undying Lord.

When the azure radiance dissipated, a man with sharp eyes wearing azure clothes appeared.

Raising his head, he looked at everyone and smiled. “Please forgive me, Qing Yu, for being late.”

His voice caused another uproar as everyone looked at him. It was another figure that was on the same level as the Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Demon Slayer King, and the Undying Lord.

Qing Yu, the Azure Sword Saint!

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