Chapter 1513 - North Desolate Grave

The North Desolate Grave was situated in the center of the Great Thousand World. Since ancient times, it was a vast supercontinent, known as the North Desolate Continent. In ancient times, the North Desolate Continent, unlike its name — desolate, was the most flourishing and powerful territory.

But when the Fiend Clans invaded the Great Thousand World, the Great Thousand World was constantly in defeat. In the end, the Immortal Emperor stood out and formed the Great Thousand Alliance Treaty and established the Great Thousand Palace to face the Fiend Clans.

In the end, the final battle between the Fiend Clans and the Great Thousand World, the earth-shattering battle between the Immortal Emperor and Heavenly Evil Monarch, took place in the North Desolate Continent. That battle itself shattered the continent and the remaining territory formed the North Desolate Grave.

After the battle, the Heavenly Evil Monarch was sealed, and the North Desolate Grave was sealed off by the direct subordinates of the Immortal Emperor, the Grave Guardians. This place prevented everyone’s entry. Even Heavenly Sovereigns did not dare to step their foot into it.

But when it’s time for the Great Thousand Alliance Treaty, once a millennium, the Great Thousand Palace would send out invitations to invite the Heavenly Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World over to the North Desolate Grave. Under everyone’s cooperation, they would trigger the seal left by the Immortal Emperor to extinguish the vitality of the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

But the Great Thousand Alliance Treaty had a high threshold, and it was beyond ordinary reach. Only those that knew the inside story understood how important this Great Thousand Alliance Treaty was.

It concerned the peace of the Great Thousand World, and if they failed, it would spell annihilation.

After all, the fear that was left in everyone’s hearts by the Heavenly Evil Monarch was so deep that even after so many years, it was still recorded in ancient records.

Back then, the Immortal Emperor sacrificed his life to seal him. If he escaped, there wouldn’t be another Immortal Emperor to stop him…

“This is the North Desolate Grave?” Three streaks tore through the spatial disruption and clouds before they saw a tattered continent in their view.

This continent was extremely damaged and was dyed scarlet. Even from afar, they could sense the faint brutality in the atmosphere.

As the three radiance retracted, Mu Chen, Qing Yanjing, and Luo Li appeared.

At this moment, Mu Chen was looking at this tattered continent with curiosity. Evidently, his interest was piqued by the story of the battle between the Immortal Emperor and Heavenly Evil Monarch.

Qing Yanjing gravely nodded her head as she looked at the North Desolate Grave with fear. She could faintly sense a terrifying aura lingering from this continent.

Even as a Saint Spiritual Array Ancestor, that aura made her feel fearful.

“What a terrifying place.” Mu Chen sighed as he stared at the crimson land. For some reason, he felt that his heart was throbbing. That’s because he could keenly sense the danger.

Only a trace of that aura alone left his scalp numb.

“This is the location that sealed the Heavenly Evil Monarch, and the aura comes from it. But fortunately, it was restricted by the Immortal Emperor. Otherwise, not even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would dare to set foot here.” Qing Yanjing explained.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen’s expression changed when he was about to speak. He sensed a sharp gale tearing apart before him with several steaks that permeated powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Evidently, those who received the invitation started to rush over as the time approached.

Those Heavenly Sovereigns have also sensed the three of them and they looked over with revere on their faces. Thereafter, they cupped their fists from afar before they made their way towards the North Desolate Grave.

“It looks like I’m pretty famous in the Great Thousand World now.” Mu Chen looked at their silhouettes and couldn’t help smiling. He naturally could feel their reverence. Clearly, they had guessed his identity.

“They're clearly respectful to Aunt Jing, what has it got to do with you?” Seeing how complacent Mu Chen was, Luo Li couldn’t help raising her lips and teased.

Mu Chen’s expression was briefly stunned before he glared at Luo Li. The latter wasn’t afraid. She chuckled with her voice that tickled Mu Chen’s heart.

Qing Yanjing smiled as she watched the couple flirt. “But Chen’er is now famous after the incident in the Ancient Maha Clan. I’m afraid that there are no Heavenly Sovereigns who don’t know you, who has inherited the Primordial Immortal Body and left even Maha Tian helpless.”

Mu Chen smiled. He wasn’t concerned with his reputation. He just wanted to tease Luo Li.

“Let us get going.” Mu Chen waved his hand and he headed towards the North Desolate Grave. While they continued their journey, Mu Chen briefly stopped and his expression turned grave.

He could faintly sense a terrifying pressure coming from the North Desolate Grave. It felt as if he would be killed by the boundless energy the moment he had a vile thought.

“Be careful. This is the seal left by the Immortal Emperor.” Qing Yanjing’s grave voice resounded. “Not only did this seal seal the Heavenly Evil Emperor, but it also forms into a barrier in the North Desolate Grave. This seal will annihilate any member of the Fiend Clans that approach.

“We just have to relax and protect ourselves with Spiritual Energy.”

Hearing his mother’s explanation, Mu Chen’s body surged with Spiritual Energy, protecting his body. A brief moment later, he felt the terrifying pressure on his body swiftly receding and sighed in relief.

“What terrifying power… With this protection, why would the Fiend Clans dare to invade?” Mu Chen sighed.

Shaking her head, Qing Yanjing did not agree, “The Fiend Clans are cunning. The seal might be powerful, but they’re not a group to underestimate.”

After nodding his head, they rose to the heavens and looked down, which Mu Chen was briefly stunned.

The mountains were used as graves that endlessly stretched to the end of one’s sight…

“They’re all powerhouses that fell during the war in ancient times.” Qing Yanjing said with a grave expression.

Mu Chen’s expression had also turned grave, since anyone buried here must have been famous in ancient times. With so many here, he could speculate how brutal the war was.

Everyone here sacrificed their lives to protect the Great Thousand World, and every single one of them was worthy of his respect.

As Mu Chen sighed, two grey beams shot over and appeared before them. They were two middle-aged men in grey robes.

The two’s figures were skinny and they had no expression. However, from the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emanating from them, the two of them were actually Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns.

“We greet the Grand Elder Qing Yanjing, Mu Abode’s Ruler Mu Chen, and Holy Maiden Luo Li.” The two of them wore stern expressions and cupped their hands together.

When Mu Chen swept his gaze over, he could see the embodiment of mountains on their chests, looking desolate. At the same time, Mu Chen and company could guess their identities. The guardians of the North Desolate Grave.

Legend had it that the Grave Guardians were actually descendants of the Immortal Emperor, and they remained in the North Desolate Grave after his death to protect this seal.

In terms of strength, not even the Five Ancient Clans could be comparable to the Grave Guardians. Not only did they follow the rules, they never stepped out of this place. Their dedication made even Mu Chen feel respect for them.

Cupping his hands, Mu Chen was courteous in his response.

“Follow us.” The two guardians maintained an indifferent expression. But when their gazes swept through Mu Chen, there was a peculiar fluctuation in their eyes.

But they did not speak much. They turned and headed towards the depths.

Along with them, Mu Chen and company immediately followed.

The mountains flashed beneath them, and they flew for roughly a dozen minutes before the guardians started to slow down and descend.

Looking down, Mu Chen saw a massive black field on the ground with enormous black pillars. As they got closer, Mu Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes. He noticed that those weren’t pillars, but massive coffins.

Those coffins were like nails as they pinned down to the field, faintly emanating an unusual fluctuation.

As Mu Chen’s gaze swept through the coffins, their location appeared in his mind and connected. Thereafter, a powerful diagram appeared in his mind.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen finally understood that these coffins were the seal that the Immortal Emperor left. That also meant that the Heavenly Evil Monarch should be sealed deep underneath this black field…

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