Chapter 1494 - Control and Awaken

A loud sound rang out as a purplish-golden sun soared with destructive fluctuation sweeping out.

Maha You stood in the air as he coldly looked at this scene with a sneer. That’s because it was another brilliant firework appeared that was Ye Qing’s masterpiece.

Relying on the Eight Heavenly Body Compass, he could mysteriously shift positions. So even if the dark-golden silhouette was powerful, it was at his mercy.

He had replayed the scene again and shifted the dark-golden silhouette before Ye Qing. Although the latter was prepared, how could he escape so easily when the dark-golden silhouette approaches?

Even Mu Chen was forced to self-destruct his Immortal Golden Body. Although Ye Qing was powerful, he had no choice but to make the same choice while facing the dark-golden silhouette.

As the purplish-golden firework spread out, Ye Qing fell with his body covered in blood. At this moment, he couldn’t budge as the violent Spiritual Energy rippled within his body and tore his body apart.

Thus, he could only lie in the crater as he looked at Maha You with hatred.

Facing his hate-filled gaze, Maha You wasn’t bothered, since Mu Chen and Ye Qing have already been crippled. Thus, there’s no one to compete with him.

“Now, it’s my turn.” Maha You looked at the dark-golden silhouette with greed in his eyes.

Regardless of whether this was the Primordial Immortal Body, the Immortal Origin in its body was genuine. As long as he obtained and refined it, his Immortal Golden Body would be raised to a terrifying level, even if he couldn’t obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.

It was so much so that it might even be on the same level as Primal Celestial Bodies.

Maha You’s gaze was locked onto that dark-golden silhouette. The latter was also looking at him impatiently, since its two preys have chosen to self-destruct. Hence, it definitely couldn’t let the last prey off.

Thus, it turned into a streak of light and flew towards Maha You.

But facing the dark-golden silhouette, Maha You did not flee. Instead, there was a sinister smile on his face.

Raising his hand, an ancient talisman appeared that permeated a terrifying fluctuation.

The talisman was covered in crimson runes that were refined from some blood with a violent fluctuation. It was the blood of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

“What a pity to this Saint Talisman…” Maha You looked at the talisman. This was something that was created by using a Saint Heavenly Sovereign’s blood essence and decades of time.

In the entire Ancient Maha Clan, there were only three such talismans. In terms of strength, it was comparable to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. But it was a consumable, so it was an important treasure.

However, Maha You could only resort to it while facing this dark-golden silhouette.

Raising his head, Maha You looked at the dark-golden silhouette before he flicked his finger without any hesitation. A drop of blood flew out and landed on that ancient talisman.

When the blood came in contact with the talisman, the talisman instantly ignited and turned into a lump of crimson flames that constantly rolled.

“Go.” Taking a deep breath, Maha You roared and the crimson flames appeared before the dark-golden silhouette after a few flickers.

The dark-golden silhouette had been invincible, but it felt threatened for the first time while facing these crimson flames and swiftly retreated.

However, the lump of flame was extremely peculiar, since it chased after the dark-golden silhouette before burrowing into its brows.

The dark-golden silhouette instantly froze before crimson patterns started to spread out. However, the dark-golden silhouette was also trying to resist and constantly cut off the crimson patterns…

However, the crimson patterns were extraordinary. They were slowly spreading out despite the resistance.

Once the patterns covered the dark-golden silhouette, then it would fall under Maha You’s control.

Looking at this scene, Maha You smiled. He would become the greatest winner this time.

On the other hand, Ye Qing and Mu Chen would suffer defeat in his hands.

While Mu Chen was seated before the silhouette that permeated a terrifying pressure, he was covered in sweat. Although he was only a will, the pain had been sent to his body.

“How can I awaken the Primordial Immortal Body?” Mu Chen wore a wry expression from the pressure, since he couldn’t touch it at all.

The Primordial Immortal Body was a few feet away from him, but he couldn’t take a step forth, since the pressure would tear him apart.

He couldn’t approach, nor was shouting useful. Instantly, Mu Chen fell into difficulty. He made so much effort and even self-destructed his Immortal Golden Body to obtain this opportunity. Was he really going to leave?

Thinking about this, Mu Chen shook his head with a pale expression. He couldn’t allow that to happen.

Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed on the Primordial Immortal Body as he ransacked his mind for an idea. All of a sudden, a thought suddenly popped into his head.

“The Primordial Immortal Pagoda said that one has to send a powerful impact to wake the Primordial Immortal Body up…

“…When the Five Primal Celestial Bodies were formed, they held the mission of protecting the world. If it’s regarding an impact, then it would be akin to the Great Thousand World suffering an invasion…”

With Mu Chen’s eyes flickering, he took a deep breath and sent images to the Primordial Immortal Body…

Those scenes were what he experienced in the Lower Plane of the White Dragon Sovereign. The Blood Fiend Clan had enslaved all lifeforms in that plane to extract their blood and kill wantonly…

Whenever those scenes appeared in Mu Chen’s mind, he would feel extremely enraged.

As those pieces of information were transmitted over, Mu Chen looked at the Primordial Immortal Body, but its eyes were still tightly closed.

It was as if the atmosphere had frozen as time gradually flowed.

As time passed, Mu Chen’s heart sank. Could it be that he still couldn’t wake the Primordial Immortal Body this way?

“Do I have to try it by force?” Mu Chen’s eyes flickered with disappointment as he bitterly smiled.

Just when Mu Chen gnashed his teeth and wanted to try another method, the Primordial Immortal Body suddenly trembled.

Although the tremble was subtle, it still did not escape from Mu Chen’s eyes and his heart trembled.

‘It was useful?!’

Mu Chen had joy on his face as the trembling of the Primordial Immortal Body grew more distinct. There were even halos being emanated from it that were both profound and ancient.

A halo that permeated an immortal aura was also gradually forming behind the head of the Primordial Immortal Body at this moment.

As the crimson runes gradually spread, they had already occupied most of the dark-golden silhouette. Looking at this scene, Maha You’s face had joy and thirst. Things have gone as he expected.

Although the dark-golden silhouette was powerful, it did not have any consciousness. Thus, it was helpless against the corrosive force.

The spreading of the crimson patterns lasted for ten-odd minutes before it completely covered the dark-golden silhouette. At this moment, Maha You had also sensed a unique link with it.

While he slowly stretched his hand out, the dark-golden silhouette lowered its head and allowed Maha You to place his hand on its head. At this moment, it was only a puppet, despite its ferocity.

“Hahaha!” At this moment, Maha You couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart and laughed out. The legendary Primordial Immortal Body was finally in his hands!

In this Primordial Immortal Pagoda, he, Maha You, was the biggest winner!

Regardless of Mu Chen or Ye Qing, both of them would eternally be beneath his feet.

While Maha You was rejoicing, Mu Chen was nervous as he watched the Primordial Immortal Body’s closed eyes gradually tremble before its eyes slowly opened.

In that instant, Mu Chen felt a genuine aura of immortality.

The Primordial Immortal Body has finally awakened!

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