Chapter 1493 - Purplish-golden World

When Mu Chen closed his eyes, his perception spread out as he sensed the Immortal Origin in this region after destroying his Immortal Golden Body.

The Immortal Origin belonged to him, but he couldn’t control it since he had destroyed his Immortal Golden Body. However, he could still sense its existence and location.

It was akin to countless sparkles as it spread out in this region…

“Coming…” Mu Chen’s heart suddenly trembled and he could sense a faint fluctuation in the space coming from the Immortal Origin as it was gradually being devoured…

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen’s Immortal Origin had entirely disappeared.

However, Mu Chen knew that the Immortal Origin did not wholly disappear, but was absorbed by the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, just as he had speculated…

Calming himself down, his perception was stained on the Immortal Origin. When the Immortal Origin fused with the region, the surrounding environment started to change and a purplish-golden world replaced it.

Countless purplish-golden flickers hovered in the world and Mu Chen’s body trembled as every single one of those purplish-golden flickers were Immortal Origins. Compared to the amount he obtained from his opponents, it paled in comparison.

“Such a massive amount of Immortal Origin, it should have been accumulated by the Primordial Immortal Pagoda over the past tens of thousands of years, right?” Mu Chen sighed as he sensed the world.

If he could absorb all of the Immortal Origin, then his Immortal Golden Body would have been strengthened to a terrifying level.

When Mu Chen sighed, the purplish-golden world suddenly moved. His perception was stained on the Immortal Origin, so he could sense a scan going through them that permeated with an ancient will.

“I was discovered?” Mu Chen was startled, but he didn’t dare to make any movements.

Suddenly, a purplish-golden radiance gathered over and formed into a blurred figure before him.

“It has been so many years, and finally, someone came…” Although that figure had a blurred feature, Mu Chen could tell from the ancient voice that it was directed at him.

Suddenly, his hidden perception gradually formed into his image and he carefully looked at the blurred figure, then cupped his fists. “I had no intention of intruding, please forgive me. May I know who you are?”

With a smile, the blurred figure responded, “I am the consciousness of this Primordial Immortal Pagoda… It looks like you’re pretty smart to guess this method to enter. I have to say that you’re courageous…”

Mu Chen naturally knew that the blurred figure was referring to destroying his Immortal Golden Body. If it was someone else, they surely wouldn’t have the courage to destroy the Immortal Golden Body that they have bitterly cultivated.

“I was forced at a crucial moment.” Mu Chen gave a wry smile before he continued, “But it’s all thanks to Senior’s reminder.”

“That variant is evil, and I can’t deal with it. So I can only give some hints when it was trying to seize the Immortal Origin.” The blurred figure sighed.

“Indeed…” Mu Chen felt relieved. He could sense that every single time the dark-golden silhouette devoured the Immortal Origin, it would permeate a strange sound. At this moment, he figured out that it was this being’s doing.

The blurred figure rippled and a scroll flew out, then opened up. When Mu Chen focused on it, he saw an azure-robed man. Although Mu Chen couldn’t see his appearance, he could sense an unprecedented mystery and pressure.

That azure-robed man descended from the horizon as he forged an ancient pagoda.

Mu Chen was familiar with that pagoda; it was the Primordial Immortal Pagoda!

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. He now figured it out. The azure-robed man in the scroll should be the strongest expert in the Great Thousand World, the legendary Immortal Emperor!

“Back then, when the Immortal Emperor constructed this Primordial Immortal Pagoda, he placed the Primordial Immortal Body here and spread the cultivation technique of the Immortal Golden Body throughout the Great Thousand World.”

“He wanted to find the most suitable owner for the Primordial Immortal Body, and also gather sufficient Immortal Origin to repair the Primordial Immortal Body.” The voice continued.

“Repair?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered.

“Back then, the Primordial Immortal Body was heavily damaged during the fight with the Heavenly Evil Monarch and fell into a slumber. This is the reason why it was left here, to be repaired.”

“So, that’s the case…” Mu Chen nodded his head before asking, “Then, what about that dark-golden silhouette? It’s not the Primordial Immortal Body, right?”

“How can it be considered the Primordial Immortal Body…?” The blurred figure smiled in disdain before sighing, “Over the years, many cultivators that cultivated the Immortal Golden Body entered here and provided Immortal Origin to quicken the repairing speed of the Primordial Immortal Body…

“But I never expected that there would be a variant.”


“Yeah, the Primordial Immortal Body gathered too much Immortal Origin that originated from different Immortal Golden Bodies. Although they have all been refined by me, there were still some leaks…

“Without me noticing it, a remnant will was concealed amongst the Immortal Origin and was secretly devouring the Immortal Origin. By the time I discovered it, it had already grown powerful. In the end, I had to use all my power to suppress it…”

“But after it devoured so much Immortal Origin, it resulted in the Primordial Immortal Body’s recovery process to stall.”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. When the dark-golden silhouette appeared, it came from a crimson mountain. Now that he thought about it, he should have been suppressed beneath the mountain.

“So that dark-golden silhouette wasn’t formed by the purest Immortal Origin.” Mu Chen instantly understood, and that was the reason why he could sense the dense immortal aura coming from that fellow.

“All of you have cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, which contains Immortal Origin. This is the reason why it has such strong killing intent for you guys.”

“It has already become a cancer, and if it’s not removed, it will seize even more Immortal Origin. In the end, it might even devour the Primordial Immortal Body and create a monster with a consciousness.”

“I was troubled by this matter, but I couldn’t directly contact you guys due to the rules. Thus, I can only give out hints and see if any of you can comprehend them and come here…”

After hearing that, Mu Chen squinted his eyes. If this variant devoured the Primordial Immortal Body that he has been chasing for years, then he would have no place to cry his tears.

“What can I do to help?” Mu Chen asked. His objective was the Primordial Immortal Body, so he had to stop this variant quickly.

The variant was too powerful, and he wasn’t its opponent. He was even forced to self-destruct his Immortal Golden Body. If he fought it again, he would probably lose his life.

“That variant has already grown, and unless there’s a Saint Heavenly Sovereign amongst you, it’s impossible to subdue it.” The blurred figure said.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen knitted his brows. “Is there another method?”

“There is.” The blurred figure was a little emotional as he spoke.

“What is it?”

“Wake the Primordial Immortal Body!” The blurred figure commented.

Mu Chen’s heart trembled with excitement bursting in his heart. Suppressing his emotions, Mu Chen said, “Can I try?”

With a smile, the blurred figure replied, “Naturally. You have proven your courage by coming here, and you are qualified.”

As he spoke, the blurred figure waved his hand before Mu Chen sensed the purplish-golden flickers here starting to disappear. Lowering his head, he could see a mysterious light flickering from the depths of this world…

His gaze was glued to that radiance, the scene had been imprinted into his pupils.

It was a silhouette that seemed to be formed from gemstones, with ancient runes engraved on every single inch of its skin. The runes emanated a primal fluctuation, as if it was created by nature.

An immortal aura also shrouded it and permeated eternity, as if not even time could corrode it…

Although it was small, the power and ancient presence was unimaginable. Despite being in a slumber, it permeated an incredible pressure that was even stronger than a Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

Looking at that silhouette, Mu Chen’s eyes blazed with excitement. At this moment, even his body couldn’t help trembling.

‘Primordial Immortal Body…

‘I’ve finally managed to see you.’

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