Chapter 1492 - Self-destructing the Immortal Golden Body

Space collapsed as the dark-golden silhouette charged over. Looking at those emotionless pupils, Mu Chen’s face had also turned dark.

Although he had been prepared, he was still caught unexpected by Maha You’s move. That fellow could actually change the location of the dark-golden silhouette and teleport it before him…

This way, Maha You would break free from the dark-golden silhouette’s pursuit and come after him.

With all sorts of emotions in his heart, the phoenix wings flapped behind Mu Chen as he turned into afterimages and retreated…

That dark-golden silhouette locked onto Mu Chen and it exploded with a dark-golden radiance with the afterimages being continuously torn apart.

Even when Mu Chen pushed his speed to the limit, he still couldn’t break free from the dark-golden silhouette, and his face turned grim.

When Maha You watched as Mu Chen was being chased, a cold sneer rose on the corner of his lips.

While Mu Chen fled, his face was calm, despite the pressure closing in on him.

Both of his eyes flickered. He would occasionally sweep his gaze around in deep pondering.

According to that dark-golden silhouette’s speed, he would catch up in just around a dozen breaths, and the terrifying strength was something that he wouldn’t be able to resist.

That’s because his strongest defensive capability was also the Immortal Lotus, and it wouldn’t be much stronger than Tuoba Cang’s. Even the latter was slaughtered, and he would most likely end up in the same situation.

Facing this situation, he was in a dead-end, since he couldn’t fight or flee.

If it was an ordinary person, they would’ve panicked by now. But Mu Chen’s experience has given him a sturdy heart, and he knew that he couldn’t panic in this sort of situation. Otherwise, he would be doing himself in.

“What should I do?” Mu Chen’s blood circulated at high speed. A brief moment later, he looked at his surroundings with a flicker of insanity in his eyes.

A roar resounded along with a wave of terrifying pressure that caused him to tremble. Glancing with the corner of his eyes, he saw the dark-golden silhouette within his reach making a grab towards him.

At this moment, there was no way he could escape.

When Maha You saw this scene, there was a cold light flickering in his eyes. ‘I’ll see how you escape from this!’

Death enveloped over before Mu Chen suddenly joined his hands together. The massive Immortal Golden Body appeared behind him, which made the dark-golden silhouette look with greed in its eyes.

At this moment, Mu Chen stopped running and turned around while looking at the dark-golden silhouette. In the next instant, his hands joined together and a deep roar came from his mouth, “Explode!”

When the voice resounded, the Immortal Golden Body behind him was covered in cracks before it burst into a dazzling radiance.

When the explosion resounded, the purplish-golden radiance filled the entire world and an immense shock wave swept out that reduced everything in its path into ashes.

Even the dark-golden silhouette, which was pouncing towards Mu Chen, was sent flying back as it yelled in pain.

“He exploded his Immortal Golden Body?!” Ye Qing’s face changed upon seeing this. He never expected that Mu Chen would be so decisive and destroy his Immortal Golden Body. One must know that it was a genuine self-destruction of the Immortal Origin, and that meant that Mu Chen wouldn’t be able to summon the Immortal Golden Body anymore in the future unless he cultivates it from the beginning again.

“That fellow.” Maha You was also startled by Mu Chen’s decisiveness with his eyes squinted. He initially thought that Mu Chen would die here, but he never expected that Mu Chen would avoid the crisis by destroying his Immortal Golden Body.

But he did not overthink it. Although Mu Chen managed to save himself by destroying the Immortal Golden Body, he would suffer substantial injuries and was no longer a threat.

Now, he just had to deal with Ye Qing.

Thinking about it, a sneer rose on the corner of his lips and an ancient talisman appeared in his hand that permeated a terrifying fluctuation.

Their Ancient Maha Clan had done all the preparations needed for the Primordial Immortal Body. Although this situation was a little out of his control, that didn’t mean that he was helpless…

Naturally, he had to deal with all the remaining people beforehand.

“Chen’er!” When Qing Yanjing saw the Immortal Golden Body exploding outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, her face was pale. In the next moment, a terrifying storm of Spiritual Energy blew from her body.

Her face was cold with a freezing gaze as she charged towards the Primordial Immortal Pagoda.

“Qing Yanjing, you dare?!” Maha Tian hollered as he appeared before the Primordial Immortal Pagoda with a terrifying Spiritual Energy and the pressure of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign spreading out.

“Get lost!” Qing Yanjing abruptly formed seals and a massive Spiritual Array descended from the horizon. It was as if an entire realm has descended and encased Maha Tian.

It was a world of white magma with a terrifying temperature that could even reduce an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign into nothing. Magma, in the shape of a dragon, soared into the sky and pounced towards Maha Tian.

When Maha Tian saw this scene, his face sank, and a black and white aura was flung out of his sleeve and surrounded him. Every single time the magma dragon clashed with it, the black and white aura would crumble a little.

“Qing Yanjing, are you insane? You want to start a battle with my Ancient Maha Clan here?!” Maha Tian coldly questioned.

“Maha You schemed against my son, and you thought that I would let that go?!” Qing Yanjing’s voice also echoed out.

With a cold snort, Maha Tian responded, “In the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, you can only rely on your own capability. Mu Chen was careless, so no one can be blamed. Isn’t your action embarrassing the Ancient Buddha Clan?”

“Nonsense.” Qing Yanjing snickered before she controlled myriad magma dragon facing Maha Tian.

With a grim gaze, Maha Tian replied, “There’s a problem with the Primordial Immortal Pagoda now. Are you sure you want to fight now? Your son hasn’t died even after erupting his Immortal Golden Body. As long as Maha You deals with that dark-golden silhouette, he will be fine.

“If Maha You can’t deal with it, then none of us can save your son!”

Maha Tian’s words made Qing Yanjing stunned. Her gaze flickered before she coldly waved her hand and recalled the magma world.

“If anything happens to my son, I will start a war with your Ancient Maha Clan.” Qing Yanjing coldly threw out a comment before she returned.

Looking at Qing Yanjing, Maha Tian’s eyes also coldly flickered before he returned.

With the two Saint Heavenly Sovereigns stopping their fight, everyone outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda felt relieved and they wiped the sweat off their foreheads. The sudden confrontation from before had startled them.

“That Qing Yanjing has gone too far!” When Maha Tian returned, the Elders of the Ancient Maha Clan commented.

Narrowing his eyes, Maha Tian coldly replied, “Don’t worry about her. The Primordial Immortal Body is important, so we can deal with her later.”

The violent tornado wreaked havoc in this region for a long time before it gradually dissipated.

The entire ground was riddled with holes that looked terrifying.

In the sky, Mu Chen’s silhouette had disappeared. However, Maha You and Ye Qing did not bother about that, since they saw the dark-golden silhouette charging in their direction.

When Mu Chen exploded his Immortal Golden Body, the dark-golden silhouette did not get any of the Immortal Origin, since he had destroyed it. Thus, it was furious before looking at Maha You and Ye Qing.

Without any hesitation, the two of them turned around and started to flee.

At this moment, it was another round of cat and mouse.

As the storm consistently wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth, Mu Chen became covered in blood as he laid in the crater with a pale expression. Even the surrounding Spiritual Energy fluctuation was weakened, since he had suffered heavy injuries.

He had never been forced to the point of exploding his Immortal Golden Body, since that meant destroying the Immortal Origin. That meant that he would no longer be able to summon his Immortal Golden Body…

All his hard work has been destroyed, and even Mu Chen felt heartache about it.

However, he knew that it wasn’t the time for him to dwell in his heartache, since he had to break through this situation.

As Mu Chen’s chest raised, he let out a long breath and the pain coming from his body made him knit his brows. However, he wasn’t too bothered about that. He looked at this space and gradually closed his eyes.

Now, it was time for him to test his speculation.

If he guessed currently, then exploding his Immortal Golden Body wasn’t in vain…

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