Chapter 1491 - The Blade Saint’s Fall

As the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation exploded, five silhouettes got tangled up together. Every single clash would cause the entire region to tremble, as if the horizon was about to split apart.

But tangling wasn’t the right word for it. It was practically four silhouettes trying to flee with a dark-golden silhouette chasing after them with all of their attacks being torn apart…

The four silhouettes were naturally Mu Chen, Maha You, Ye Qing, and Tuoba Cang.

They had already wasted an incense’s time with the mysterious dark-golden silhouette, which they tasted terrible defeat. Aside from running, there wasn’t anything they could do to the dark-golden silhouette. Even Maha You felt a fit of anger rising in his heart from the pursuit and launched his strongest attack. In the end, he had an arm chopped off by the dark-golden silhouette…

After that incident, no one dared to confront it and could only flee. But fortunately, the dark-golden silhouette would occasionally tear space apart and extract Immortal Origins from the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, which gave them time to catch their breaths.

But they knew that it wasn’t a long-term plan.

That because, whenever the dark-golden silhouette was absorbing the Immortal Origin, the fluctuations it was emanating would grow even more terrifying…

Evidently, that dark-golden silhouette was constantly growing stronger.

At this moment, the four of them wore wry expressions. Although they could choose to leave the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, they knew that they would lose the opportunity to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body if they leave. Thus, they were naturally feeling reluctant.

The dark-golden silhouette absorbed another batch of Immortal Origins from space and its radiance grew darker. Even the pressure permeated from its body has caused the surrounding space to crack like glass.

Letting out a roar, its pupils flickered with chaos and an emotionless voice resounded, “Stay behind and merge with this place!”

His voice was also heard by the four of them before they immediately started to flee.

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. In this period, the dark-golden silhouette would unleash similar roars after absorbing the Immortal Origins.

Although the roar was directed at them, for some reason, Mu Chen felt that it wasn’t something that the dark-golden silhouette wanted to say. Mu Chen could even sense a trace of resistance in its mind.

“Merge with the heavens and earth… is it implying the Primordial Immortal Pagoda?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he muttered.

Suddenly, an explosion resounded behind him and Mu Chen swept a glance over before instantly being startled upon seeing a dark-golden ray streaking across the horizon.

“It became faster!” The phoenix wings behind Mu Chen flapped before his silhouette disappeared and brought his speed to the limit.

When Mu Chen disappeared, a dark-golden hand pierced through the chest of his afterimage with a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

The dark-golden silhouette unleashed a roar after seeing that it had missed and flew out once more. But this time, it did not chase after Mu Chen but the slowest amongst them, Tuoba Cang.

“Immortal Lotus!” Tuoba Cang’s face changed before countless Divine Immortal Runes spread out and formed into a massive lotus that protected him within.

But this time, the Immortal Lotus could no longer obstruct the dark-golden silhouette. It had gently tore through the lotus with unimaginable power.

When the Immortal Lotus exploded, Tuoba Cang tried to retreat, but a golden hand-stretched over and grabbed ahold of his head.

Fear flickered in Tuoba Cang’s eyes as he roared, “I withdraw!”

According to the rules of the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, the participants can withdraw, and the Primordial Immortal Pagoda would send them out. Initially, Tuoba Cang was feeling reluctant, but he couldn’t be bothered about that, since his life was more important.

After shouting out, Tuoba Cang relaxed his body and waited for space to distort. But suddenly, he saw a sinister smile on the dark-golden silhouette’s lips, and the distortion of space did not occur.

A chill suddenly dashed from Tuoba Cang’s foot to his head. In the next moment, he wanted to unleash the Spiritual Energy in his body.

But when he circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body, an incredible violent Spiritual Energy charged into his body that practically exploded his head in an instant…

With two muffled sounds, Tuoba Cang’s body exploded into a blood mist and the Immortal Golden Body behind him also issued a mournful shriek before it exploded into purplish-golden sparkles…

Making a suction motion, the dark-golden silhouette devoured the purplish-golden sparkles.

This was too sudden, and when Mu Chen, Maha You, and Ye Qing saw this scene, they had astonishment on their faces.

They could sense that Tuoba Cang was genuinely killed!

“Why didn’t he leave the Primordial Immortal Pagoda?!” Ye Qing’s face was unsightly as he heard Tuoba Cang shouting his withdrawal. However, the Primordial Immortal Pagoda did not send him out.

Maha You’s face was also grim as he looked at the dark-golden silhouette with a trace of fear in his eyes.

“I’m afraid… that there’s a problem with the Primordial Immortal Pagoda.” Mu Chen said. The situation was out of lost control when the dark-golden silhouette appeared. Perhaps because of it, the Primordial Immortal Pagoda couldn’t send anyone out.

Hearing his words, Maha You and Ye Qing squinted their eyes. If they couldn’t leave the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, then wouldn’t they die here?

Thinking about it, the two’s faces grew even darker.

At the same time, a commotion erupted outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda. Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched Tuoba Cang get killed and their hearts went cold.

That was a pinnacle Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, but he was killed?

When Qing Yanjing saw this scene, her face had also changed. She could tell that Tuoba Cang’s withdrawal failed… Shortly after, her sharp gaze swept at Maha Tian. “There’s a problem with the Primordial Immortal Pagoda?”

At this moment, Maha Tian’s face was unsightly before he nodded. “Don’t look for me. My Ancient Maha Clan isn’t in control of the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, so I can’t do anything.”

Qing Yanjing clenched her fist with an ominous light flickering in her eyes. That dark-golden silhouette was powerful, and Mu Chen couldn't fight with it. If this continued, then Mu Chen was bound to die.

“Then destroy the Primordial Immortal Pagoda!” Qing Yanjing coldly said.

“Impossible!” Maha Tian objected as he continued, “The Primordial Immortal Body will be affected if the Primordial Immortal Pagoda is destroyed. Who will take responsibility for that?”

“If the Primordial Immortal Body is so easy to destroy, then it wouldn’t be a Primal Celestial Body!” Qing Yanjing sneered.

“No! My Ancient Maha Clan has protected it for tens of thousands of years, so we can’t allow anything to happen to it!” Maha Tian did not budge.

“Then, I can only do it myself!”

“Hmph, this is my Ancient Maha Clan, not your Ancient Buddha Clan!”

“Then, we’ll try it!”

The two Saint Heavenly Sovereigns stood in confrontation with a terrifying fluctuation that caused the heavens and earth to turn dark. Everyone trembled at this scene. If the two of them fought, then everything within a million miles would be reduced to ashes…

After the dark-golden silhouette devoured Tuoba Cang’s Immortal Golden Body, the radiance on it grew deeper before it turned to look at Mu Chen, Maha You, and Ye Qing.

Its body trembled before it flew towards Maha You, who was the strongest. It knew that it could obtain more benefits from the latter’s Immortal Golden Body.

When Maha You saw this, his face had also changed as he retreated.

But at this moment, the dark-golden silhouette swiftly expanded. Regardless of how Maha You tried to run, the distance between the two of them steadily decreased…

A few breaths later, Maha You could feel a sharp gale behind him.

Seeing the dark-golden silhouette approaching him with the corner of his eye, Maha You swept a cold glance at Mu Chen before a compass covered in profound runes appeared in his hand.

“Eight Heavenly Body Compass - Great Shift Art!”

The compass permeated a radiance as it enveloped the dark-golden silhouette.

When Maha You brought out the compass, Mu Chen was already on high alert, since he felt uneasy. He instantly retreated and wanted to leave.

But just when he wanted to retreat, the dark-golden silhouette that was chasing after Maha You disappeared. Soon after, Mu Chen squinted his eyes to see space split before him and a dark-golden silhouette charged out looking at him.

Looking at the dark-golden silhouette close to him, Mu Chen’s face turned dark.

‘That son of a gun, Maha You actually schemed against me!’

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