Chapter 1490 - Mysterious Dark-golden Silhouette

When the dark-golden silhouette streaked through the horizon, it approached Mu Chen, Ye Qing, and Tuoba Cang with incredible speed, causing nearby space to collapse…

Looking at the dark-golden silhouette, the three’s countenance changed and they burst in retreat. The dark-golden silhouette was too unusual, and they could tell the power of it since even Maha You was defeated in a blow.

But regardless of their speed, the dark-golden silhouette was faster.

As space flickered, the dark-golden silhouette appeared before Tuoba Cang and it gently patted its hand out.

Seeing that it was unavoidable, Tuoba Cang could only unleash a roar and a boundless golden radiance emanated from his body, he summoned his Immortal Golden Body. Countless Divine Immortal Runes gathered and formed into a lotus. “Immortal Lotus!”

That was the strongest defensive capability of the Immortal Golden Body, and facing the dark-golden silhouette, even Tuoba Cang did not dare to treat it lightly.

Patting on the lotus, it briefly froze before cracks spread out on it and exploded.

When the lotus exploded, Tuoba Cang was sent flying out with astonishment on his face. His strongest defense was something that not even Maha You could destroy. But it was so fragile before the dark-golden silhouette.

After sending Tuoba Cang flying with a single palm, the dark-golden silhouette flew towards Ye Qing.

“Asura Domain!” Ye Qing looked at the dark-golden silhouette and gnashed his teeth before the crimson spear in his hand trembled. Instantly, a torrential killing aura soared into the sky. He was using offense as defense. The spear turned into a beam of light and it tore through the horizon, bringing countless afterimages and charged towards the dark-golden silhouette.

Ye Qing’s attack had brought out a killing move.

Millions upon millions of afterimages shot out. It was something that not even Maha You would dare to receive, but the dark-golden silhouette wasn’t bothered about it. When the spears clashed on his body, they instantly ignited an explosion of flames, but they couldn’t even hold the dark-golden silhouette for an instant…

Clenching its fist, the dark-golden silhouette threw out a jab. Space collapsed from the radiance as it landed on the crimson spear.

A metallic collision resounded and Ye Qing’s body violently trembled before he was blown away. The veins on his arm had erupted with blood flowing down. Even the crimson spear in his hand was mourning and seemed to have suffered severe damage as well.

When Mu Chen saw the dark-golden silhouette defeating Tuoba Cang and Ye Qing with a move, his face also couldn’t help changing and he tensed up. He could sense that after defeating the two of them, the indifferent gaze of the dark-golden silhouette was directed at him.

It was only a contact that made Mu Chen squint his eyes and he saw a golden radiance before him. The dark-golden silhouette had approached and made a grab for his throat with incredible speed.

A sharp gale blew over, and Mu Chen’s body suddenly trembled. A dazzling pair of phoenix wings unfolded behind him and flapped. He left an afterimage before appearing a myriad foot away.

The golden hand crushed the afterimage and briefly paused, as if it was shocked that its attack had missed…

Mu Chen could feel the sweat dripping down his back. If he was slightly later, he would’ve been heavily injured by the dark-golden silhouette. But fortunately, he made use of the True Phoenix’s wings, and his speed was boosted to the fastest amongst the four and he escaped.

Everything happened in an instant, and when everyone saw Mu Chen avoiding the dark-golden silhouette’s body, they reacted and exclaimed. This scene made them feel bizarre.

‘Isn’t the Primordial Immortal Body going to select its master? Why did it start a massacre as if it wanted to kill the four of them?’

“How is this possible?!” Qing Yanjing’s face changed. How could she not tell that the dark-golden silhouette was extremely terrifying, and that the four of them were nothing in its eyes?

“Maha Tian, what did your Ancient Maha Clan do?!” Qing Yanjing looked at Maha Tian and questioned.

At this moment, Maha Tian’s face was unsightly before he glanced at Qing Yanjing. “I also have no idea what’s going on. In the past, that dark-golden silhouette never showed itself!”

He was also fuming with rage. He did not know why there would be a dark-golden silhouette in the Primordial Immortal Pagoda. But judging from the looks of it, it didn’t seem to be the legendary Primordial Immortal Body.

“Is the Primordial Immortal Body trying to use this method to choose its master?” An Elder behind him guessed.

“That dark-golden silhouette is filled with killing intent without the slightest intention of leniency. Even Maha You isn’t its opponent, and it’s not choosing its master. It’s a massacre.” Maha Tian locked his brows together.

The Elders all exchanged a look. They were at a loss. After all, the moment the Primordial Immortal Pagoda closes, not even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign could enter. At this moment, they could only sit and watch.

While the outside of the pagoda went into an uproar, Maha You was recovering from his wounds and rose into the sky with a pale expression. Looking at that dark-golden silhouette, he had a trace of fear in his eyes. If he hadn’t reacted fast enough, he would’ve been slaughtered by that dark-golden silhouette.

“Damn it, what the fuck is going on?!” Maha You grew impatient in his heart. He got into the last layer with great difficulty, and he had no idea why this thing started killing without any words. It was as if it wanted to slaughter all of them here.

At this moment, the dark-golden silhouette turned over with a dark-golden radiance on its body. It wanted to make a move once more.

Seeing this, Maha You’s eyelids twitched as he hollered, “Guys, this fellow is extremely abnormal, and none of us are its opponent. I suggest all of us work together!”

Ye Qing and Tuoba Cang hesitated before nodding their heads. That’s because, in that brief confrontation, the power from the dark-golden silhouette was too terrifying.

Not a single one of them was its opponent.

Pursing his lips, Mu Chen felt that even if the four of them did join forces, they couldn't confront it. But there wasn’t any better option right now, and they could only give it a try. Thus, he nodded his head.

As they discussed, the dark-silhouette shot over and charged towards them.

“Great Maha Tribulation!” Maha You’s face was grave as he brought out his strongest attack without any hesitation. Instantly, a black and white tornado appeared once more.

“Eight Divisional Pagoda!” Mu Chen also did not dare to hold back.

“Heavenly Asura!”

“Terminus Blade Art!”

Tuoba Cang and Ye Qing had both brought out their strongest moves. With the four of them executing their ultimate moves, the entire region darkened and four terrifying attacks swept towards the dark-golden silhouette.

Facing the four attacks, the dark-golden silhouette still showed no signs of dodging and threw out four jabs that seemed to contain immortal radiance.

When the four jabs flew forth, four dark-golden suns flew out and clashed with the four terrifying attacks.

A series of explosions resounded and everyone outside the pagoda was shocked to see that the dark-golden silhouette had easily destroyed the attacks of Mu Chen and company. Regardless of the black and white tornado or the Pagoda Death Ray, everything shattered under the impact of the dark-golden suns…

Everyone outside the pagoda was silent with shock. The power from the four of them was unimaginable, but they were still easily destroyed by the dark-golden silhouette…

Both parties weren’t on the same level!

Probably only a genuine Saint Heavenly Sovereign could suppress that dark-golden silhouette.

When Mu Chen and company saw this scene, they wore unsightly expressions. Even their strongest attacks did not achieve any effect. Thus, they could determine how powerful the dark-golden silhouette was.

“Fuck!” Maha You cursed. Even the four’s ultimate attacks couldn’t stop the dark-golden silhouette, so how were they going to fight?

Mu Chen had also locked his brows together. The dark-golden silhouette was too powerful. Could it be that they had to defeat this dark-golden silhouette to obtain the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body?

But unless a Saint Heavenly Sovereign appeared, none of them could defeat it.

Suddenly, the dark-golden silhouette unleashed a roar and brandished both its hands, tearing space apart with purplish-golden radiance.

Next, the dark-golden silhouette opened its mouth and a suction force could be felt that wanted to extract the purplish-golden radiance. However, the radiance briefly resisted before it was forcefully dragged over and devoured.

Looking at the radiance, Mu Chen squinted his eyes. He could feel a familiar fluctuation from it. It’s the Immortal Origin!

‘That Immortal Origin should have been gathered by the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, so why is this dark-golden silhouette trying to devour it?’ Mu Chen had this thought cross his mind. If that dark-golden silhouette was the legendary Primordial Immortal Body, then the pagoda should send the Immortal Origin over to it, and would not resist.

‘Is this dark-golden silhouette not the genuine Primordial Immortal Body?’

‘If this is not the Primordial Immortal Body, then what is it?’ From the dark-golden silhouette, Mu Chen felt a dense immortal aura that was somewhat chaotic.

As the dark-golden silhouette devoured the radiance, the brilliance on its body grew deeper and the pressure it emanated grew stronger as well.

Raising its head, the dark-golden silhouette looked at the four of them and they could sense greed in its eyes along as a blurred will spread out, “I… will eat all of you…”

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