Chapter 1489 - The Primordial Immortal Body appears

Piercing through the heavens and earth, the silver river clashed with the black and white tornado a few breaths later under countless astonished gazes.

In that instant, when they connected, an indescribable shock wave swept out that leveled the ground. Only the crimson mountain stood unmoving, with everything else being destroyed from the shock wave…

Everyone focused their gazes on the point of collision as space collapsed with fragments and an incredible shock wave of Spiritual Energy.

Under the terrifying shock wave, even the revolution speed of the black and white tornado had turned slow. It was being exhausted by the silver torrent.

The silver torrent was swiftly shrinking in size, and a few moments later, the power that combined Mu Chen, the True Dragon, and the True Phoenix had been exhausted…

Thus, the torrent shattered down into sparkles. But when the torrent disappeared, the tornado also emanated a piercing creaking noise and gradually slowed down. At this moment, it only seemed like a whirlwind of black and white.

Suddenly, cracks appeared and swiftly spread out before the tornado collapsed under countless shocked gazes…

“He… actually resisted…”  Astonished voices resounded from outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda with disbelief on everyone’s faces. With Maha You’s strength, that Divine Ability was practically invincible beneath the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. But surprisingly, Mu Chen still managed to resist it.

Up on the stage, Maha Tian’s face was pale at this scene with a grim gaze. The Elders of the Ancient Maha Clan were also filled with disbelief at the brutal reality.

But even if they’re unwilling, facts were placed before them.

“Your son is truly formidable…” Futu Xuan was stunned before letting out a sigh.

Qing Yanjing also had shock on her face, since he had exceeded her expectations. But when she heard Futu Xuan’s voice, she couldn’t help smiling.

“How is this possible…?” Maha You’s face was grim at this sight as veins wriggled on his forehead. This move of his could even defeat the likes of Ye Qing, but it couldn’t do anything to Mu Chen?!

“Bastard!” Maha You clenched his hand with creaking noises. Back in the Ancient Buddha Clan, Mu Chen had relied on the Protective Spiritual Array to defeat the Mo and Xuan Bloodlines. But in just under a year, he can already manage to face his strongest attack.

When Maha You’s eyes changed, Mu Chen’s face was also somewhat pale. However, he raised his head and looked at Maha You with a calm expression. “Still want to continue?”

With a cold light flickering in his eyes, Spiritual Energy surged around Maha You once more. Although he had exhausted a great deal of Spiritual Energy when he executed his finishing move, he was still a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign. Thus, he could still fight.

Just when Maha You still wanted to fight, an ear-deafening noise echoed out. Maha You narrowed his eyes and saw the crimson mountain crumbling with a gigantic pillar of light soaring into the sky…

In the ancient pillar, there was a vague figure that tainted Maha You’s eyes with greed.

“The Primordial Immortal Body!” Maha You felt his heart beating wildly before sweeping a glance at Mu Chen, then he ignored him. He descended onto the ground and looked at that pillar with a blazing gaze.

Looking at Maha You, the fist Mu Chen clenched had also loosened up. He also felt relieved, since his body was practically exhausted of Spiritual Energy, and he no longer had the energy to fight with Maha You.

When he was facing Maha You’s Great Maha Tribulation; he had practically drained all the Spiritual Energy in his body.

If Maha You launch another attack, then he could only retreat. But if that’s the case, then he would lose the initiative for the Primordial Immortal Body.

Fortunately, Maha You couldn’t be distracted with the appearance of the Primordial Immortal Body.

“In the end, I’ve underestimated Maha You. Even if I’ve stepped into the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, I can barely fight with him. If I want to beat him, I will have to step into the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

Letting out a sigh, Mu Chen flung out millions of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and devoured them into the body and the Divine Pagoda in his body radiated with brilliance as it swiftly refined and absorbed…

Sensing the Spiritual Energy in his body gradually recovering, Mu Chen relaxed his tense body and landed on a faraway hill.

He swept his gaze out and saw that aside from Maha You, Ye Qing and Tuoba Cang had also maintained a distance apart. Evidently, the two of them couldn’t take each other down, either.

Sensing Mu Chen’s arrival, Ye Qing and Tuoba Cang cast a curious gaze over, since they had watched the battle from before. Thus, their eyes also contained a trace of graveness and fear.

“The Primordial Immortal Body is finally emerging?” Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the gigantic pillar that permeated an ancient and mysterious aura. Within the pillar, an ancient silhouette could be vaguely seen.

Seeing that figure, Mu Chen’s body trembled and the Immortal Golden Body appeared behind his back as if it had been summoned. There was a trace of excitement in Mu Chen’s eyes.

Even the three others were boiling with such excitement that seemed like it could light the atmosphere.

Outside, the Primordial Immortal Pagoda was silent. Everyone was looking at that pillar with fire in their eyes. That was the Primordial Immortal Body, one of the five Primal Celestial Bodies in the Great Thousand World. Anyone who obtained it would undoubtedly become a pinnacle existence in the Great Thousand World.

That gigantic pillar lasted for a long while before it started to shrink. When it shrank, a silhouette sat in the center of it…

It was as if that ancient silhouette was absorbing the Spiritual Energy contained in the pillar.

As the pillar continued to shrink, it was ultimately absorbed by that ancient silhouette. At this moment, that silhouette was also eventually revealed under everyone’s blazing gazes.

Everyone had their eyes widened. After all, it wasn’t easy to catch a glimpse of a Primal Celestial Body.

While those gazes were focused over, a silhouette that was roughly ten feet tall stood between the heavens and earth. It was dark-gold in color with mottled traces as if it had undergone millions and millions of battles.

The marks on its body were natural runes, and every single one of them was incredibly profound and seemed to contain unimaginable power.

Despite not moving, everyone could feel a heart-stirring fluctuation.

“That’s the Primordial Immortal Body?” Mu Chen looked at that silhouette and muttered in perplexion.

While he felt doubtful, Maha You had turned into a streak and appeared before that silhouette and reached out, “Haha, Primordial Immortal Body. Come with me, I am your new owner!”

Ye Qing, Tuoba Cang, and Mu Chen’s countenance changed before they shot forth as well.

But just when Maha You’s hand was about to touch the silhouette, that dark-golden silhouette suddenly opened its eyes without any emotion in it.

After looking at Maha You, it stretched its hand out and swung it at Maha You. Naturally, the hand that didn’t seem to contain any power had caused space in a myriad foot-radius to collapse.

Maha You’s face drastically changed before he unleashed a deep roar. He immediately summoned his Spiritual Physique and immediately activated his defences.

But all of the defenses were instantly shattered before that palm and it landed on Maha You’s chest without any obstruction.

As fresh blood gushed out, Maha You was sent flying and he drew a long mark that was a few myriad feet long on the ground. Even his entire chest had caved in.

Mu Chen, Ye Qing, and Tuoba Cang instantly stopped as they looked at Maha You and sucked in a cold breath with astonishment as they looked at the dark-golden silhouette.

They could sense a fine and chilling killing intent permeating from that dark-golden silhouette.

They were shocked as the dark-golden silhouette raised its eyes once again and fixed on the three of them before opening its mouth and a mechanical and indifferent voice resounded.

“Stay… and merge with this place…” When its voice resounded, it suddenly burst out and turned into a golden ray that shot towards the three of them.

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