Chapter 1488 - Great Maha Tribulation

When the deadly ray descended from the sky, it pierced through time and space before it appeared above Maha You and Mu Chen’s voice resounded.

As the deadly ray shot over, even Spiritual Energy was erased. The destructive capability of it was terrifying.

At this moment, Maha You also wore a grave expression. He felt greatly threatened, making his entire body feel a stinging pain.

Taking a deep breath, his hands joined together and a torrent of Spiritual Energy swept out from his body.

“Heavenly Maha Bell!” A voice resounded from his mouth as the black and white radiance around him violently circulated before it formed into a massive black and white bell around him.

“That’s the Heavenly Maha Bell! It’s one of the top Peerless Divine Abilities of the Ancient Maha Clan.” When the spectators outside the pagoda saw this scene, they wore grave expressions. They could tell what danger Maha You was in for him to resort to this Divine Ability.

After reaching the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, Mu Chen’s strength has clearly undergone a great surge.

After all, Mu Chen had the amplification of the Three Pures, and even the slightest increase in his strength would be a great rise to his fighting capability.

Maha Tian wore a grave expression, and even the Elders of the Ancient Maha Clan were shocked. They never expected that Maha You would be in such a situation when he was holding the absolute upper hand earlier.

Under all the gazes, the deadly ray was shot at the black and white bell. In that instant of contact, there wasn’t a huge sound that was produced, but shockingly, the bell was slowly being dissolved…

Although the Spiritual Energy on the bell was resisting, everyone could tell that the black ray was still slowly dissolving the bell.

The black ray was akin to countless ants that spread out in every direction. Roughly a few breaths later, the bell had been turned black…

A deep sound echoed out as the bell shattered into ashes with Maha You’s pale expression revealed underneath.

When the black ashes drifted down, a remnant black ray shot over and was aimed at the center of Maha You’s brows.

The black ray was swift, but Maha You wasn’t slow. He took a step and the black ray brushed past his face…

It drew a wound with black blood on his face. But what made Maha You’s face change was that it was akin to a venom that slowly spread out and corroded vitality.

Maha You made a knife-hand and brushed it against his face. He had immediately sliced a piece of the flesh on his face to stop the spread.

But without that piece of flesh on his face, blood covered his face, making him look sinister.

Outside the pagoda, everyone was dumbfounded. They never expected that Maha You would be in such a situation when he held the advantage earlier.

“Well done!” Futu Xuan clapped. It was satisfying to watch Mu Chen’s attack.

Qing Yanjing also smiled. She knew that Mu Chen naturally had his confidence in fighting Maha You. With her gaze, she could tell that Mu Chen has already made preparations for a breakthrough. Thus, he made use of the pressure from Maha You to take that step.

However, she knew that it was too early to rejoice, since Mu Chen had even resorted to the Eight Divisional Pagoda. In the end, the outcome he achieved was only in making Maha You be in a terrible situation, but there weren’t any losses to his fighting strength…

It was still too difficult for Mu Chen to defeat a pinnacle Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign with his cultivation at the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Up in the sky, Maha You circulated Spiritual Energy on his face to stop the bleeding before he coldly looked at Mu Chen and a voice resounded from his throat, “Mu Chen, you’re courting death!”

At this moment, Maha You was feeling rage in his heart. He held the mindset of teasing his prey, so he did not expect that Mu Chen would be able to fight with him. Who could have expected that he would be in such desperate straits?

A pinnacle Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign like him had half of his face torn by a Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign!

He can imagine that it would be a joke to the Ancient Maha Clan after this matter.

Facing Maha You’s rage, Mu Chen’s expression was calm with a trace of pity. He initially thought that the Eight Divisional Pagoda would be sufficient, but who could have expected that Maha You would be so decisive in slicing half of his face to evade the deadly ray’s corrosion?

With a huge rumble, Mu Chen saw the crack on the mountain spreading faster with a mysterious and immortal aura gushing out.

The Primordial Immortal Body would soon make its appearance.

“Brat, don’t dream about it. I won’t let you wait till it appears!” A cold voice resounded. Maha You’s eyes had turned red, looking at Mu Chen filled with killing intent.

Seeing Maha You’s state, Mu Chen squinted his eyes as his body tensed up with preparation.

Maha You’s gaze was sinister as he coldly looked at Mu Chen. “Don’t think that my Ancient Maha Clan doesn’t have any of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities!”

Maha You bit his tongue and a mouthful of blood essence gushed out. After that, endless Spiritual Energy burst out from his body that was akin to dense clouds that covered the heavens and earth.

An incredible momentum engulfed this entire region, causing the earth to tremble.

When Qing Yanjing and Futu Xuan saw this, they squinted their eyes with unsightly expressions, “This is… one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities. The Ancient Maha Clan’s Great Maha Tribulation!”

Exchanging a glance, their gazes turned dark. Maha You was truly provoked. He wasn’t going to hold back anymore.

As clouds surged in the region with a terrifying pressure spreading out. Mu Chen also wore a grave expression. He also had some information about the Ancient Maha Clan and he naturally knew that this should be the Great Maha Tribulation of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

“It was foolish of you to provoke me.” Maha You stood pridefully in the world, fluttering in the wind as he stared at Mu Chen.

Above Maha You, black and white clouds gathered and gradually formed into a black and white tornado that rumbled with thunder, intending to destroy everything in its path.

“Break him!” Maha You sneered as his seals changed. Seeing the black and white tornado that connected the heavens and earth, it swept towards Mu Chen.

The ground below had also been torn apart.

Raising his head to look at the tornado, Mu Chen’s face turned grave. In the next moment, he took a deep breath and a bone mirror appeared in his hand.

It was the Immortal Rank Peerless Saint Artifact, the Ancient Divine Union Mirror he obtained from the Ghost Emperor.

When Maha You saw the mirror, he immediately felt a rage burning in his heart. It was something he loaned to the Ghost Emperor to deal with Mu Chen. But in the end, Mu Chen was using it against him.

Ignoring Maha You’s cold gaze, he gently tossed the mirror in his hand and it swiftly expanded.

With his hands joined together, a black and white Mu Chen appeared behind him and three boundless pillars of Spiritual Energy soared into the sky that combined together upon entering the mirror and permeated a terrifying fluctuation.

When everyone saw this scene outside the pagoda, they inwardly shook their heads. Mu Chen had truly hidden a trump card. But it was a pity that even with the amplification of the Ancient Divine Union Mirror, it was still impossible to defend against Maha You’s attacks.

Mu Chen also knew this, so he briefly hesitated before stomping his foot.

When his foot landed on the ground, an earth-shattering draconic roar resounded before everyone saw a golden dragon soar from Mu Chen’s body and emanate a terrifying Spiritual Energy. It was a True Dragon in the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

The dragon opened its mouth and a golden dragon breath gushing out and charged into the mirror.

With the power from this Immortal Heavenly Sovereign True Dragon, the strength contained within the mirror had reached a terrifying level.

However, Mu Chen did not stop, and his sleeves trembled.

A brilliant cry resounded along with a golden radiance. Everyone was dumbfounded once again as a massive True Phoenix flapped its wings and hovered around Mu Chen.

It was a True Phoenix in the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

Everyone outside the pagoda broke into a commotion. No one expected that Mu Chen would hide the True Dragon and True Phoenix in his body. Furthermore, they weren’t illusions but genuine ones!

When the True Phoenix emanated a brilliant cry and flapped its wings, it burst out myriad golden rays along with boundless phoenix flames that shot into the mirror.

With the terrifying power gathered within it, the mirror violently trembled, as if it was on the verge of collapsing. However, Mu Chen forcefully contained the violent power within it, causing space to collapse into black holes…

Looking at the mirror, Mu Chen let out a long breath. This was basically his strongest power with two of his clones and the True Dragon and True Phoenix…

Five different energies combined and amplified in the mirror has already reached a terrifying level.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the black and white tornado and gently tapped his finger.

The bone mirror violently trembled and a torrent of silver river gushed out of the mirror under countless shocked gazes.

At this moment, the heavens and earth changed colors.

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