Chapter 1487 - Breakthrough

High up in the horizon, Mu Chen and Maha You faced in a confrontation with cold gazes and killing intent that froze the surrounding space.

Mu Chen naturally riled his killing intent for Maha You, since the latter has urged the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns to surround his Mu Abode to cause him trouble. It was already sufficient for him to remember this grudge in his heart.

Furthermore, Maha You was also filled with killing intent for Mu Chen. The competitive relationship between them started with Mu Chen’s mother, and that alone was enough for Maha You to not let Mu Chen off.

While the two of them both had killing intent in their hearts, they naturally wouldn’t want to let the other one go…

“If you’re smart, you will leave the Primordial Immortal Pagoda now.” Maha You’s black and white robes gently fluttered in the wind without any fluctuation on his face as he coldly looked at Mu Chen.

“Say that when you obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.” Mu Chen smiled.

“I’m just afraid that you won’t be alive to see that…” Maha You sighed as a boundless tornado of Spiritual Energy swept out of his body and engulfed the entire heavens and earth.

Sensing the pressure, Mu Chen’s face had also turned grave. Maha You was, indeed, worthy of being the first ranker on the chart. The strength he displayed was even stronger than Shi Luo.

That fellow should be at the pinnacle of the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm and was qualified to make a try at the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As violent Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc, Maha You’s body gradually permeated a radiance before his body turned into a dazzling gem that caused the heaven and earth to tremble.

At this moment, the Spiritual Energy in Maha You’s body was extremely condensed. Just a casual fist contained a destructive prowess that could be comparable to a Peerless Divine Ability executed by a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

Looking at the pressure being emanated from Maha You’s body, Mu Chen’s face turned grave before he formed seals without any hesitation. Instantly, he summoned his two clones.

“Three Combination Realm!” The two clones entered Mu Chen’s body and the Spiritual Energy in his body violently increased. He had also converted into his Spiritual Physique and looked to have been made from glass, which cannot be underestimated.

“Do you think you can close the gap between us with the Three Pures?” Maha You smiled as he took a step forth. Space collapsed before he appeared before Mu Chen and threw a jab forth.

Although it seemed like an unremarkable punch, space collapsed when it fell with countless spatial fragments surrounding the fist. It was literally havoc.

Circulating the Spiritual Energy in his body to the maximum, Mu Chen also threw a fist out in retaliation.

When the two fists connected, a metallic sound exploded and a myriad feet in a radius around them collapsed into fragments, along with a hurricane that swept out. Maha You remained unmoving, but Mu Chen had been pushed back a few thousand feet.

When Mu Chen stabilised his figure, he looked at his fist and could see fine cracks. He was being suppressed from their previous confrontation.

“Now do you know the gap between us?” Maha You sneered, but he did not give Mu Chen the time to reply. His silhouette flashed out. His fists had turned into a barrage of afterimages that enveloped towards Mu Chen.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen had also triggered his Spiritual Energy and threw out a barrage of fists.

In just ten-odd breaths, they have clashed over a hundred times, and Mu Chen would be pushed back in every single collision.

When those outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda saw this scene, even they understood the gap between Mu Chen and Maha You’s strength.

“That Mu Chen is so stupid. He’s still going head-on despite knowing that it’s impossible for him to fight with Maha You with his Spiritual Physique…”

“Yeah, but the gap is too great. No matter what means you have, it’s nothing before Maha You’s absolute strength.”


After another ferocious clash, Mu Chen was blown away, creating a massive crater on the ground as he landed…

On the other hand, Maha You stood with his hands tugged together as he coldly looked at Mu Chen. “Arrogant fool. Did you think that by beating Shi Luo with luck, you would be able to fight with me?

“Looks like you’ve forgotten your own cultivation. Regardless of anything, you’re only a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, and I’m at the pinnacle Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”

Everyone nodded their heads outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda. If Mu Chen utilised other means to fight, he wouldn’t be so pitifully suppressed, even if he would be in a disadvantageous position.

But being beaten by Maha You to this degree, it was inevitable for him to suffer injuries, and his fighting capability might be decreased…

This time, this should be how far Mu Chen goes.

In the crater, faint Spiritual Energy radiance slowly rose up in the air before Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared. But this time, the radiance around the latter was dim, and even his Spiritual Physique showed signs of shattering.

But surprisingly, there wasn’t any defeat on his face, but a faint smile.

“Have you be beaten silly?” Maha You narrowed his eyes and mocked.

Stretching his neck, the intense pain coming from his body made him grimace the corner of his lips as he swept a glance at Maha You and smiled. “Although you went a little hard, I still have to thank you…”

Hearing his words, Maha You locked his brows. Mu Chen’s response made him feel that something was slightly amiss.

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to him and his hands joined together. His dimming Spiritual Physique suddenly burst forth with radiance along with a torrent of Spiritual Energy gushing out from his body…

When the spectators saw this scene outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, they could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from Mu Chen was sharply increasing.

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy has grown to another level!

“Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign!” Someone naturally sensed it and exclaimed, “He actually made a breakthrough at this timing!”

After a brief shock, there were those keener ones that understood Mu Chen’s actions and exclaimed, “So he’s purposely clashing with Maha You with his Spiritual Physique to try and use the latter’s pressure to force himself to break through!”

Everyone took in a cold breath. Mu Chen was truly ruthless. He even placed himself in desperate straits to break through.

As boundless Spiritual Energy surged and restored the cracks on his body, he showed a satisfied grin when he sensed the drastic increment of his strength.

The closed-door seclusion had filled his body with pure Spiritual Energy, and he just had to refine it to break through.

When he fought with Maha You, the threat coming from the latter allowed his body to be under pressure and absorb that pure Spiritual Energy, which was the reason why he managed to achieve a breakthrough at such a crucial time…

Compared to the shock in the outside world, Maha You’s face was pale as he looked at Mu Chen, who had grown stronger, with a grim gaze. He initially felt that Mu Chen was stupid to clash head-on with him, but the reality has slapped him.

That’s because Mu Chen was treating him like a pressure to uncover the potential in his body and achieve a breakthrough.

“Fine, I’ve underestimated you!” Maha You’s gaze was fixated on Mu Chen with coldness and laughed, “But I’ll see what can you do even if you’ve reached the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”

Without any expression on his face, Mu Chen clearly wasn’t in the mood to speak. A radiance flew out from his head. The crystal pagoda stood on the horizon before the pagoda trembled and eight demons separated themselves from the pagoda.

Facing an opponent like Maha You, Mu Chen had no intention of holding back and could only resort to the Eight Divisional Pagoda.

Along with the increase of his cultivation, the power of the Eight Divisional Pagoda he could bring out has also increased. In terms of lethality, it was comparable to the sixty-eight million Battle Runes.

As eight sinister demons stood in the horizon, the ferocity emanated by them made Maha You squint his eyes, he felt threatened.

With a simple seal, a wave swept out and Spiritual Energy soared into the sky before the eight demons devoured it.

Upon devouring the Spiritual Energy, the eight demons swelled with demonic runes on their bodies. They permeated a baleful aura along with earth-shattering roars.

From the brows of those eight demons, an eye split open that was filled with destructive power before they shot out.

Along with the increase of Mu Chen’s strength, he had also gradually gained control of the Eight Divisional Pagoda’s offensive form.

Eight rays of light shot out from the center of the eight demonic eyes before converging together into a deadly ray that pierced through space and caused Maha You’s eyes to narrow.

Along with the ray, a voice that gently resounded from Mu Chen’s mouth, “Eight Divisional Pagoda - Pagoda Death Ray!”

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