Chapter 1485 - Sixty-eight million

As the space fluctuated, the ocean roared with a massive dragon of Battle Will coiling in the sky. Sixty-eight million Battle Runes were flickering on its body as the Battle Will permeated, causing space to tremble…

A total of sixty-eight million Battle Runes!

Looking at the sheer amount of Battle Runes, many people outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda sucked in a cold breath with shock on their faces. No one had imagined that Mu Chen would be able to achieve this…

“That brat…” Maha Tian also had darkness in his eyes at this scene. Facing sixty-eight million Battle Runes, even a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would have to retreat.

Facing this power, not to mention Shi Luo, but even Maha You would have to retreat.

At this moment, Mu Chen truly posed a threat to Maha You.

“He actually still had a trump card in his hand?” Futu Xuan was shocked at this scene. He initially thought that Mu Chen would be in danger. However, he never expected that Mu Chen would make a comeback.

“However, the degree of Battle Will has exceeded his control, and it looks like Shi Luo has forced him to bring out his trump card.” Futu Xuan naturally saw the tears of blood falling from the corner of Mu Chen’s eyes. this was because the Battle Will was too violent and powerful. As a result, Mu Chen couldn’t gain complete control over it. But fortunately, he had high attainments in it, or he would’ve died from the Battle Will.

Gently nodding her head, Qing Yanjing lightly sighed and felt a little heartache. She knew that before meeting her, Mu Chen has forced himself in various battles by challenging his limits.

It was also precisely because of this that he could obtain such achievements.

As the ocean roared, Shi Luo raised his head in shock and looked at the dragon. The pressure it permeated was something that even made him feel a stinging pain on his skin.

“I never expected that you could bring this out…” Shi Luo sighed.

With a smile, Mu Chen wiped the tears of blood on his cheeks. His face was a little terrifying. “My opponent is too powerful, so I have to utilise my full strength.”

This was initially something he kept for Maha You, but he had to bring it out after facing such a strong opponent like Shi Luo.

“Then, it’s my honor instead.” Shi Luo smiled before his face gradually turned grave. Despite facing such pressure, he did not give up, and his hands joined together. “Since that’s the case, then let me test the strength of sixty-eight million Battle Runes.”

Mu Chen did not speak any further but slowly closed his eyes and put his hands together.

The dragon roared and the eyes radiated like two stars staring at Shi Luo. in the next moment, the tail of the dragon was brandished with space collapsing. Its massive silhouette had turned into a surge of Battle Will and was aimed at Shi Luo.

As the surge swept down, it shattered everything in its path.

A vast crater had also been formed on the ocean below and couldn’t be filled with Shi Luo standing at the center of the crater.

Looking at the dragon diving down, Shi Luo took a deep breath. “Great Vajra Art!”

Instantly, the blood in Shi Luo’s body boiled with dazzling radiance and he started to swell. In just a brief moment, he had turned into a hundred foot-tall giant covered in ancient golden runes with even golden blood seeping out of his pores.

“That’s the strongest Divine Ability of the Grand Spiritual Mountain, and it is rumored to be comparable to the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities!”

Looking at the golden giant, a commotion broke out outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, with many people being riled up. Evidently, no one expected that Shi Luo would succeed in cultivating the strongest Divine Ability of the Grand Spiritual Mountain.

Evidently, that was Shi Luo’s trump card, which was forced by Mu Chen to use it.

The golden giant roared and a massive golden wheel was formed between his hands. As it revolved, it emanated a terrifying pressure that was akin to the strongest shield.

The Battle Will rumbled across the horizon before it crashed down against the golden wheel.

Everyone outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda could see a terrifying shock wave spreading out with a golden radiance covering the sky. Even those standing outside could sense the terrifying confrontation…

This confrontation could even kill Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Who won?” But their eyes were glued to the mirror as the dazzling golden light lasted for ten-odd minutes before it gradually dissipated. Everyone’s eyes were glued to it without blinking.

The ocean had already collapsed with a massive crater, and the water was akin to a waterfall as it fell from the sky…

In the crater, they could see a silhouette covered in blood. His bald-head was the symbol of his identity, it was Shi Luo.

But at this moment, the Spiritual Energy around him had declined. He had been heavily injured.

Far away, the ocean was also thin and a youthful silhouette could be clearly seen sitting down…

The Primordial Immortal Pagoda was silent, but the outcome was evident.

Over the boundless ocean of Battle Will, Mu Chen looked at Shi Luo, who had lost his consciousness, with a pale expression. In the next moment, he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood out.

“King Mu, the 15,000 warriors of the Black Dragon Army have been heavily injured, and it will take at least a few months to recover.” Commander Jiang Long’s voice resounded as he directed his gaze over with a pale expression, and traces of blood were hanging on the corner of his lips.

This time, the Black Dragon Army has paid a great price, despite defeating Shi Luo.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen waved his sleeve and a jade bottle flew towards Jiang Long. “There are 300,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in there. Distribute them and allow everyone to swiftly recover.”

“Yes!” Commander Jiang Long wore a joyful expression. The Black Dragon Army could recover much faster with all of that Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Waving his hand, Mu Chen recalled the Black Dragon Army, then he stood up and looked at the silhouette floating on the ocean.

Shi Luo was truly powerful, but fortunately, he won in the end.

Space distorted around Shi Luo, encased his body and brought him out of the Primordial Immortal Pagoda.

Along with Shi Luo’s disappearance, his Immortal Golden Body also shattered with a massive purplish-golden beam flying out.

Mu Chen’s Immortal Golden Body unleashed a roar of thirst before it sucked and devoured that beam of light.

This time, it wasn’t the same as the previous times. There was a golden radiance on the forehead of the Immortal Golden Body before it raised its head and stared at the heavens and earth.

Looking at this scene, Mu Chen had also obtained some comprehension. It wasn’t his misperception, he could feel an urge from the Immortal Golden Body. It was trying to break apart and fuse with the intent of the heavens and earth…

That sensation only lasted for a brief moment before it disappeared. Mu Chen soon recovered and looked at the Immortal Golden Body’s body. Golden runes that were akin to a layer of indestructible golden armor wriggled on its body.

Sensing the changes on the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen smiled before he waved his hand and he recalled the Immortal Golden Body.

He could sense that the surrounding space was starting to distort again.

That represented that he has passed through this elimination round and would enter the next layer, which he would be able to see the genuine Primordial Immortal Body!

The Primordial Immortal Body!

How long has he waited for this day?

Ever since he cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, he was yearning for this day. But at that time, he was too weak, and he could only hide his desire in his heart.

After so many years, the fledgling has finally grown and soared the horizons.

At this moment, he has finally become a pinnacle expert of the Great Thousand World, and he also possesses the qualifications to express the desire in his heart…

Hence, Mu Chen gradually closed his eyes and allowed himself to be encased by the distorted space and gradually disappeared. “Primordial Immortal Body, here I come.”

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