Chapter 1483 - Sacred Buddha Palm

As the two of them stood in a confrontation on the ocean, they permeated a terrifying momentum that exploded from their bodies, lifting shocking waves on the ocean. Even the ocean beneath his feet was trembling.

Shi Luo’s skinny frame had grown into a giant that was covered in golden bumps and filled with destructive power.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, a crystallised radiance circulated from the three Mu Chens.

“I’ve long heard of the Three Pures’ fame. Today, let me give it a try!” Shi Luo’s voice became robust, booming like rumbling thunder.

The crystallised radiance on the three Mu Chens’ bodies also grew denser as they circulated the Spiritual Energy in their bodies without any hesitation.

Facing this sort of opponent, Mu Chen clearly had no intention of going lenient.

When the two of them exchanged looks, Shi Luo suddenly made a move and stomped his foot. The ocean beneath his feet collapsed as he flew out in a streak of light and appeared before Mu Chen.

Along with a destructive fluctuation, the golden fist descended and space collapsed, shattering akin to glass.

Facing Shi Luo’s ferocious attack, the three Mu Chens made a move at the same time, brandishing their fists covered in crystallised Spiritual Energy towards the golden fist.

An explosion resounded along with a massive crater that was created on the ocean before the ocean water violently poured in. However, it couldn’t fill the crater up for a long time.

Mu Chen and his two clones trembled as they retreated. But this time, Shi Luo did not have it as easy as before either. After all, he was facing three enemies, so he was forced a hundred steps back from the violent Spiritual Energy.

“Good! Truly the Three Pures! The power combined isn’t something that three people are comparable to!” Shi Luo’s eyes blazed with fighting intent. With his strength, not to mention three Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns. Even three Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns couldn’t contend against him. However, he was at a disadvantage in their previous confrontation, and it was clearly the profundities of the Three Pures. The combination of the main body and two clones wasn’t as simple as three people combining their strengths together.

When Shi Luo charged forth, the three silhouettes also flew over with afterimages as they clashed with Shi Luo.

Facing the attacks of three Mu Chens, Shi Luo wasn’t afraid, but was radiating with golden light. He unleashed explosive strength with his body, and his fists and legs had also drawn countless afterimages as they clashed.

Four silhouettes were swiftly tangled in a fight on the ocean that the spectators couldn’t clearly entirely see. But they could sense how terrifying the confrontation was from the shock wave.

Outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, everyone was dumbfounded, they never expected that the battle would be so climatic…

Maha Tian was looking at this confrontation with indifference as he said, “The Three Pures truly deserves its reputation.”

“Yeah, it is the Divine Ability that the Heavenly Emperor used to gain his fame. With the Three Pures, the Heavenly Emperor became a formidable figure in ancient times.” The Elders of the Ancient Maha Clan sighed with dense envy.

“Although the Three Pures is powerful, there’s a huge gap between Mu Chen and Shi Luo. This battle won’t last long.” Maha Tian’s gaze was sharp. Perhaps others couldn’t tell, but he could tell that the two of them have exchanged over a thousand moves in just a few minutes. However, Shi Luo was still holding the advantage with Mu Chen and his two clones being on the lower hand.

‘If that is the extent of Mu Chen’s ability, then he won’t last till the last layer.’

Thinking about it, a ridiculing smile rose on Maha Tian’s lips as he glanced at Qing Yanjing. In the past, he was meant to marry Qing Yanjing, but who could expect that she would leave the Ancient Buddha Clan and fall in love. Although that matter was a long time ago, he still felt humiliated.

It was just that he didn’t want to mention the past so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed. So if he could see Qing Yanjing’s son embarrassing himself here, he was more than happy.

Another collision clashed as four silhouettes were separated. But this time, Mu Chen did not charge forth. He knew that he couldn't win in this manner from their previous confrontation.

“Your physical body is powerful, and you can be considered the strongest that I’ve met beneath the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.” Spiritual Energy flickered around Mu Chen as he looked at Shi Luo and sighed.

“It is also unprecedented for me that the Mu Abode’s Ruler could force me to this far with your strength in the Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.” Shi Luo chuckled, his laughter roaring.

He wasn't modest, but he was shocked that Mu Chen could achieve this despite the great difference between the Middle Phase Spirit and Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realms.

Naturally, this was also because Mu Chen had the amplification of the Divine Pagoda and the rapport with his two clones.

“But, I’m afraid that it’s insufficient to defeat me with the Three Pures alone.” Shi Luo permeated radiance, looking like a deity.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen smiled and his hands joined together, forming a profound seal.

“Three Pures - Three Combination Realm!” A voice resounded from Mu Chen’s heart and his two clones took a step forth before entering his body.

When the three of them combined, a tornado that was formed of pure Spiritual Energy exploded from Mu Chen’s body.

Flickering with radiance, the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen started to turn into gems along with Mu Chen’s body.

Sensing the terrifying Spiritual Energy exploding from Mu Chen’s body, Shi Luo narrowed his eyes with a grave expression.

He could sense that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy has grown to a terrifying height at this moment!

“I never expected that the Three Pures would have such a realm…” Shi Luo said with a grave expression. He did not dare to hold back anymore.

Opening his eyes, Mu Chen’s black pupils had also turned into gems. He felt the boundless Spiritual Energy in his body. At this moment, it was as if he could shatter the sky with his palm.

His Three Combination Realm was stronger than when he faced Huang Xuanzhi. It was the enhancement he had after four months of secluded cultivation.

“Why don’t you give it a try now?” Mu Chen gave Shi Luo a grin before he disappeared.

Squinting his eyes, Shi Luo threw a jab forth without any hesitation and a terrifying power gushed forth, causing the space before him to collapse.

When space collapsed, a silhouette flickered and threw a punch forth that clashed with Shi Luo’s golden fist.

When the two clashed, it was akin to a collision between metals with an ear-piercing noise and a shock wave swept out. But this time, Mu Chen wasn’t suppressed. His body merely trembled before he dissolved the rebound.

On the other hand, Shi Luo was caught unexpected and every single step he took back would create a massive crater on the ocean down below…

In this confrontation, Shi Luo was in a disadvantageous position.

Outside, the area around the Primordial Immortal Pagoda had also broken out into a commotion as everyone was shocked that Mu Chen actually managed to force back Shi Luo from this confrontation.

“This should be another higher realm of the Three Pures. Mu Chen has already reached that level…” Maha Tian knitted his brows. After combining with his two clones, Mu Chen was now comparable to a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

‘It’s no wonder why that brat dares to come to the Primordial Immortal Assembly.’

“Now, it will have to depend on Shi Luo’s means…”

Looking at Shi Luo, Mu Chen wore a grave expression. He has used several amplifications to be on the same level as him right now.

So if he wanted to win, he would have to bring out his trump cards.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Luo’s hands joined together with the ocean beneath his feet violently roaring with a divine light that spread out from his feet and covered a few thousand miles in radius.

The ocean was suddenly torn apart and everyone was shocked to see a huge hand covered in ancient runes along with a divine aura that stretched out from the ocean.

When this hand appeared, even the space beneath it was frozen.

It had already reached a level that even a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to take it head-on.

Raising his head, Shi Luo looked at Mu Chen as he said, “Mu Abode’s Ruler, this is a Divine Ability of my Grand Spirit Mountain, the Sacred Buddha Palm… Please advise me.”

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