Chapter 1482 - Fighting Shi Luo

Everyone who was focused on the battle was greatly astonished. No one expected that this battle would end so swiftly…

Qin Donghai was not a pushover, and they could tell that his strength was amongst the top in the Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

But even so, he was completely suppressed by Mu Chen.

Thus, they could see how ferocious Mu Chen’s strength was.

“It’s no wonder why he could defeat five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns… His fighting ability is simply extraordinary…”

“Looks like a genuine Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign is needed to suppress him.”

“That’s not for certain. Mu Chen has tons of trump cards, and we have no idea what he’s hiding…” Some looked at Mu Chen with grave expressions.

“How is it?” Qing Yanjing chuckled as she looked at Futu Xuan.

With a stern expression, Futu Xuan snorted, “What’s there to celebrate for defeating Qin Donghai? The real opponent is those four fellows.”

Nodding her head, Qing Yanjing replied, “Those four have forged their fame a long time ago, and they can be ranked amongst the top in the Great Thousand World. Chen’er has indeed encountered a tough enemy this time.”

However, her speech soon turned around, “But since Chen’er was confident to come to the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, that means that he must be confident.”

Looking at the firm confidence that Qing Yanjing had for Mu Chen, Futu Xuan shook his head. He did not share the same opinion as her. After all, even if Mu Chen wasn’t weak, did that mean that those four were pushovers?

Today’s battle was still impossible to unravel.

After defeating Qin Donghai, Mu Chen continued without resting and searched for other opponents.

He easily defeated a few more opponents and obtained three immortal origins to strengthen his Immortal Golden Body.

Suddenly, space distorted once again, with another half of the competitors eliminated, so those remaining would naturally go into the next layer.

Mu Chen wasn’t caught by surprise, but continued to dominate his opponents.

In the next two incense’s time, the space around him changed twice. The opponents he encountered also decreased and those he met slowly grew more powerful. It was so much so that they were even more potent than Qin Donghai.

That meant that the ranking on the chart wasn’t right.

As space trembled, a violent surplus of Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc in the region and drilled holes into the ground…

A dazzling Immortal Golden Body gradually crumbled along with one person being sent out of the Primordial Immortal Pagoda. At the same time, a thick immortal origin flew out and was devoured by the giant standing behind Mu Chen.

After devouring the immortal origin, the giant behind Mu Chen grew more refined with mottled and ancient traces appearing on it.

It was as if it was formed at the beginning of time, being dominant and mysterious.

“My Immortal Golden Body right now isn’t inferior to the Heavenly Emperor back then.” Mu Chen was excited as he felt the power of his Immortal Golden Body.

Back then, the Heavenly Emperor shouldn’t have come to the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, since the Immortal Emperor was still alive back then.

As this thought flashed in Mu Chen’s mind, space distorted and he gradually narrowed his eyes along with his body tensing up.

Only eight competitors were remaining in the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, which meant that he might encounter the top four.

“Finally, to the last stage…” Space distorted and he appeared in a massive ocean.

As Mu Chen looked at this ocean, he gradually breathed out a mouthful of air. The opponents he would encounter would be powerful. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get through the elimination process.

“I wonder who I will encounter…” Mu Chen muttered. If he encountered Maha You, then the finale would be unfolded beforehand.

Stepping on the ocean, Mu Chen’s every step would be a myriad foot out…

After ten-odd minutes, he stopped and sharpness gathered in his eyes.

He saw a wave surging before him, along with a silhouette sitting down.

That silhouette wore a golden robe and his bald head was reflecting light. His skinny frame was akin to a massive beast that permeated a terrifying pressure.

“Golden Vajra King ⁠— Shi Luo.” Looking at that person, Mu Chen’s eyes gradually turned grave.

“Mu Chen and Shi Luo bumped into each other.” The spectators outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda blew up. There were only four mirrors left, and in those four mirrors, there were eight people. Everyone was focused on the mirror with Mu Chen and Shi Luo as they exclaimed.

Everyone’s expression turned grave. Shi Luo was ranked third, and had a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm cultivation. His battle capability was also terrifying, and all of his opponents never forced him to use his Immortal Golden Body. He practically relied on his own physical body to face his enemies.

Likewise, Mu Chen was also invincible along the way. Thus, their confrontation attracted everyone’s attention.

“Shi Luo…” Qing Yanjing’s expression had also turned grave, since she had heard of this Shi Luo.

Even Futu Xuan had locked his brows together. Although he held a grudge with Mu Chen, he hoped that Mu Chen could win. But encountering Shi Luo would undoubtedly be troublesome.

He might even be stopped due to this. “It’ll be a fierce battle… I hope that he manages to make it through…”

Mu Chen stopped a thousand feet away before Shi Luo slowly opened his eyes and smiled. “I never expected to encounter the Mu Abode’s Ruler.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen replied, “It’s indeed unfortunate to encounter the Golden Vajra King.”

Facing him, even Mu Chen felt a trace of danger and couldn’t be careless.

Shi Luo smiled. “Mu Abode’s Ruler has stunning achievements. But I won’t be defeated since the Primordial Immortal Body is in the next level.”

“Likewise.” Mu Chen smiled.

When Shi Luo stood up, his feeble body caused space to tremble and his hands joined together. “Since that’s the case, then I can only seek for guidance from the Mu Abode’s Ruler.”

The crystal pagoda flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes before he instantly converted his body. Crystallised Spiritual Energy flowed into his limbs, and even his skin had become crystallised.

“Please guide me.” Mu Chen’s expression was grave since he had encountered a fierce enemy. Thus, he had given his enemy respect.

Shi Luo’s body gradually radiated with a golden light with runes on his body that lifted waves in the ocean, along with an oppressive pressure that enveloped outward.

Mu Chen’s gaze turned sharp as he made his move. He opened his mouth and violet flames swept out towards Shi Luo.

In the path of the flames, the ocean boiled.

But facing the flames, Shi Luo did not dodge; instead, he allowed the fire to envelop him.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, his eyes squinted. The Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames were so powerful that not even an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would dare to approach it. However, Shi Luo was bold.

Suddenly, the flames exploded. Shi Luo had relied purely on his physical body to resist the violet flames.

The Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames devoured Spiritual Energy to strengthen itself. But Shi Luo had sealed his pores and did not emit any Spiritual Energy. Thus, the flames couldn’t stay on.

Charging out of the flames, Shi Luo radiated with golden light as he appeared before Mu Chen and threw a punch over.

With his eyes flickering, Mu Chen’s crystallised Spiritual Energy had also formed into a glove as he circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body to throw a punch out.

He wanted to test the strength of a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As the two fists clashed together, the ocean beneath the two of them collapsed with a shock wave that lifted a myriad foot-high wave.

The two bodies trembled, and Mu Chen was at the disadvantageous position. He flew out a thousand feet, dragging a long mark on the ocean beneath his feet.

“Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign is truly powerful.” Mu Chen stomped his foot with a solemn expression as cracks appeared on his crystallised glove before it fell and dissipated.

If it wasn’t for Shi Luo fearing his crystallised Spiritual Energy and not daring to use his full power, that jab might have caused Mu Chen to be injured.

“Looks like I can’t hold back…” Mu Chen took a deep breath and formed seals. Two silhouettes flew out from his body and formed into two of his clones.

Looking at the two silhouettes, Shi Luo’s expression turned grave. He knew how powerful the Three Pures was for it to be one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

Facing an opponent like him, Shi Luo did not dare to slack, even though Mu Chen was only a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign. His hands joined together and a torrential golden light gushed out from his body. At this moment, his feeble structure had also started to expand.

In a few breaths, he had turned into a giant that was standing on the ocean.

A boundless and terrifying power also exploded like a gale from Shi Luo’s body.

Standing outside the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, everyone looked at this and was inwardly shocked that the two of them were finally going to bring out their true abilities…

However, they had no idea who would hold the last laugh in this battle.

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